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Top 6 Spring Security Online Training Courses for Java Developers in 2024

Security is one of the most important aspects of a modern web application, be it a Java web application, .NET, or writing using any other web technology. In the Java world, Spring Security rule the security space. It's one of the rare frameworks which provided many security features, like authentication, authorization, session management, remember me, and several other useful features out-of-the-box. Since there was no competition for Spring security and it does its job very well, it soon becomes the de-facto standard for implementing security in both Java web applications, REST APIs, and core Java applications. The rise of the Spring framework certainly helps it to cement its place as well.

Nowadays, Spring security is listed as one of the most important skills for experienced Java developers, and in many cases, it is also the differentiating factor between two Java web developers with similar skills and experience.

Given the importance of Security and the popularity of Spring security, many Java developers are learning this useful framework, but it's not that easy.

You need to spend a reasonable amount of time to understand both Security and how you can implement those aspects using the Spring security framework; that's where a good book or an excellent online training course helps.

I learned Spring Security on my own, and it took me a lot longer than I expected. I also had several gaps in my knowledge because my learning wasn't comprehensive or methodical, but gone are those days.

Nowadays, there are a lot of good Spring security online courses like Eugen's Spring Security Masterclass, which not only teaches you basics but also the advanced feature of Spring security and how you can customize based on your organization's needs.

6 Best Online Training Courses to Learn Spring Security in 2024

In this article, I am going to share some of the best online Spring security training courses from popular learning websites like Pluralsight, Udemy, and Baeldung.

The list contains Spring Security courses for both beginners and experienced Java programmers. Based on your experience with Spring Security, you can choose the classes to enhance your knowledge and fill the gaps in your knowledge.

    1. Spring Security Zero to Master along with JWT and OAuth2 [Udemy]

    This is another excellent course on Spring Security from Udemy. Created by Eazy Bytes, this is a great hands-on course to learn Spring security in depth.

    In this course, you will build up the necessary knowledge with hands-on practice and learn about various Spring Security features you can use to secure your web application. You will also learn about things like what is CSRF, CORS, JWT, OAuth2. Method level security in web/non-web applications and much more. 

    Overall a great online course to learn Spring Security in depth.  It covers most common security-related topics like CORs, CSRF, JWT, OAuth2, password management, method level security, user, roles & authorities management inside web applications.

    Best Spring Security Courses

    2. Learn Spring Security: The Certification Class by Baeldung

    This is my favorite resource for learning Spring Security today. It's also one of the most advanced and comprehensive courses you can get. The author, Eugen Paraschiv, shares his real-world experience with securing REST APIs and Java Web Applications using Spring Security. The best part of this course is that it's always up-to-date.

    Eugen is very diligent about keeping this course most up-to-date, and that's why he is re-writing several of its sessions based upon new features introduced in Spring Framework 5 and Spring Security 5 release.

    On the cons side, the course is slightly expensive, and if you are paying from your pocket, i.e. your company is not sponsoring or reimbursing the course of this course, then you may find out about your budget, but if you can afford it, then this is undoubtedly the best course to learn Spring security in quick time and excellent detail.

    Also, if affordability is an issue, you may check a little bit less comprehensive Spring Security MasterClass course, which will cost you less money. If you can afford, by all means you should go for certification class, not just to receive the certification but also to learn better. 

    Top 5 Spring Security Online Training Courses for Java Developers

    3. Spring Security Fundamentals by Pluralsight

    I first come to know about Pluralsight when one of my readers gifted me the Pluralsight annual membership; big thanks to him. From then on, I am hooked to this site because of several high-quality courses.

    The Spring Security Fundamental course is one of the classes from the Spring series by Bryan Hansen. You might have seen his Spring Fundamentals and Introduction to Spring MVC course already, two of my favorite resources to learn core Spring and Spring MVC.

    This course is based on getting started with Spring Security. You will learn the anatomy of secure applications and the risk they have.

    Slowly you will be introduced to crucial security concepts, like authentication and authorization, and you will learn several of Spring security essential features, like  LDAP authentication and Role-based access control in this course.

    Best Spring Security courses for Java Developers

    You can also get this course for free because Pluralsight provides a 10-day free trial which is more than enough time to finish this course; btw, Pluralsight's annual membership is undoubtedly worth every penny if you follow the principle of at least spending 5 hours a week to learn and upgrade yourself.

    4. Spring Security Core: Beginner to Guru [Udemy]

    Udemy is another great platform to learn online by yourself. As a programmer, I have learned many new frameworks and technologies myself by just reading books, blogs and attending these online courses, and Udemy has played a big part in it.

    This site has the world's biggest collection of online training courses. You will find a course on whatever you want to learn. I have used this site in the past to determine the Spring framework and Spring Boot as well.

    This course is an introductory course of Spring Security hence best suited for any Java developer who is starting from scratch. It will teach Java programmers to add robust security to their web applications. 

    This course is taught by John Thompson, one of the popular Udemy instructor when it comes to teaching Java and Spring. He has many amazing courses not just to learn Spring security but also to Spring MVC, Core Spring, Maven, and even Java. 

    Online Spring Security Courses for Experienced Java developers

    Just like Facebook requires you to log in before you can access your profile page, I will teach you how to stop unauthorized users from accessing the protected pages in your Java web application.

    The best part of the course is that no prior Spring Security experience is needed, and Udemy is offering a 90% discount on this course now, which means you can get in just $10.

    5. Spring & Hibernate for Beginners (includes Spring Boot)

    This is another best Spring course to learn Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Data JPA, and everything on the Spring framework which matters to Java developers, including Hibernate. That's why it's no surprise that this is the best Spring Framework course on Udemy and is trusted by more than 225,000 Java developers. 

    Created by Chad Darby this 41 hours long Spring Course is one of the best you can get to learn Spring online. You will not only learn about the pros and cons of Spring Framework but also of Spring Boot and Spring Security

    Chad is an interesting and enthusiastic instructor which makes learning simpler and easier. His examples are also to the point and mimic real-world tasks which you often need to perform as a Java developer like implementing authentication and authorization and security of your web application, implementing REST API, and more. 

    If you want to learn Spring in-depth, including Spring Security, and just need one course to learn them all then this is the course, I highly recommend this to all kinds of Java developers, beginners, intermediate and experienced. 

    6. Spring Security Fundamentals (OAuth ,JWT,CSRF and more) [Udemy]

    This is another amazing Spring Security course on Udemy which will not just teach you Spring Security but also OAuth 2.0 and JSON Web Token, two of the key web security technologies a Java developer should learn.

    This course focuses on more intermediate and advanced concepts of Spring Security. I suggest you go through any of the above Spring security course before attending this one because you won't get much if you don't know the Spring security basics.

    By the time you finish this course, you should be able to understand most of the problems related to Spring Security 5 like how to protect your web pages, how to implement authentication and authorization using Spring security, social logins and much more. 

    You will understand how to approach various issues related to security in web app development and how to utilize the power of Spring Security to solve those issues.

    Spring Security Online Training Courses for Java Developers

    That's all about some of the best courses to learn Spring Security for Java developers. These courses will give you enough knowledge and experience to secure your Java web application and launch it in the real world. Security is a critical topic, and even if you are not running your own startup and working for some company, it is one of those skills which is valued very high.

    Good knowledge of Spring security goes a long way in application development, and you will often be rewarded with a better career opportunity and pay in the future.

    Other Useful Spring Resources for Java Developers

    Thanks for reading this article; if you like these best Spring Security online courses, then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a comment.

    P. S. - If you like books more than courses, then you can also check out my list of some Spring Framework Books experienced Java developers should read this year. It contains the best books on advanced Spring topics like Spring Boot, Microservices, and Spring Cloud.


    1. There is any text based (non video) course about Spring Security?
      Of course except official documentation.
      Official Spring's documentation is very well, but only for Spring Security isn't very clear.

      1. You may want to check platform, it has some exciting text based course but not sure about Spring Security. Anyway, I'll update when I got one. I Agree that it faster to learn from text than videos.


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