Top 8 Git Online Courses for Beginners to Learn in 2024 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you want to learn Git and Github and looking for the best resources then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared free Github courses and free websites, and in this article, I am going to share the best online courses to learn Git from Udemy, Pluralsight, and other online portals. There is no doubt that both Git and Github have become standard source control and code repository for software developers. There was a time when multiple version control rules the world like CVS, SVN, VSS, Mercury, and TFS, but slowly and for better, everything has converged to Git. Now, almost 70 to 80% of programmer uses Git for version control and Github repository, both public and private, for storing their source codes. 

Top 5 Free Courses to Learn React in 2024 - Best of Lot

React.js, React JS, or React is one of the most popular frameworks or JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces. It's backed by Facebook, and it's often viewed as an alternative to the tremendous Angular framework by Google. React is also very flexible, fast, easy to learn, and fun to work with. It is designed to make the process of building modular, reusable user interface components simple and intuitive and that's why most of the modern GUI and web applications are build using the React framework. It is developed at Facebook and it focuses on the 'View' aspect of MVC in web applications. The component-based development is one of the biggest advantages of the React library which is both rich and extensible.

Top 8 Online Courses to Learn Go or Golang in 2024 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you want to learn the Go programming language in 2024 and look for the best Golang online courses, you have come to the right place. Earlier, I shared the best JavaScript Courses, and today, I will share the best online lessons to learn one of the modern programming languages called Go or Golang. This popular, next-generation, highly efficient programming language is created by none other than Google, creator of Angular, Android, Flutter, and Dart, to make their software development process smoother and better. 

Top 10 Websites to Learn JavaScript Coding for FREE in 2024 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you want to learn JavaScript and are looking for the best websites to learn JavaScript programming for FREE, you have come to the right place. Earlier, I shared the best free JavaScript courses and paid JavaScript courses, and in this article, I will list down the best websites to learn JavaScript for FREE. We live in a world of the internet, which is full of resources. You can know whatever you want and that too, without spending too much money. If you're going to learn JavaScript, there are plenty of websites where you can learn JavaScript online for FREE

10 Best Practices for Handling Null in Java

Hello guys, Dealing with null is an inevitable part of Java programming, but following best practices can help you manage it effectively and write more reliable code. In this article, we'll explore ten best practices for handling null in Java to improve code quality and avoid common pitfalls. If you can handle null then you will sure write better code as null is often the cause of Runtime errors in Java, you may heard of NullPointerException? No. If not then I can say that you have not coded enough in Java because it was the first error I got when I start writing Java program in my college days. At that time I don't know how to handle null better so it's long painful debugging until we find the cause and then do some workaround or fix but if you know how to handle null better then you can write code which can withstand test of time in production.