10 Easy Ways to Create and Sell NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) in 2024

First, you have to know or understand what NFTs are before getting to know how you can create and sell them. NFT is the short form of Non-fungible Tokens. NFTs are digital assets with a unique identity kept and verified on a blockchain (a digital ledger). Each NFT is non-fungible, meaning it can’t be readily exchanged for another asset of similar value. Common NFT assets include images, video, music, GIFs, and collectibles. 

NFTs hold value because there is only one version of the assets made. In other words, an NFT can only have one owner at a time—no one can alter its ownership or mint the same NFT on the blockchain. Given this scarcity, creators/owners of NFTs hold the ability to set their own rates for their assets.

You don’t have to worry much about how NFTs work because you are about to know. NFTs require the creation of digital tokens, through a technique called cryptography. In the crypto world, this token creation process is referred to as minting.

10 Easy Ways to Create and Sell NFTs in 2024

Typically, to mint NFTs, you have to pay for creating smart contracts using cryptocurrency. Let’s dive into how you can create and sell NFTs. The following are the 10 easy ways to create and sell NFTs.

10 Easy Ways to Create and Sell NFTs in 2022

1. Decide the type of NFT you want
You have to be sure that you know what exactly you want. You will have to make a decision first on what type of NFT you want. This is a very important step or stage and you have to go through it before thinking of anything else. After this step you will now proceed to the next one.


2. Choose the art that will be your NFT
The very first thing that you have to do is to have at hand the art that will serve as your NFT. There is now way you will avoid that. It is either you create or look for it. Any piece of art can be useful here. You don’t need to worry if the piece of art is not new because even the old pieces or art that you have had for some time can still work. There is no too much restriction here. All you have to keep in mind is that the piece of art you select should be original and yours as well.


3. Create your Ethereum wallet
The NFT market majorly deals with cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is a good example of the cryptocurrencies used here. For that reason, you will be required to set up a digital wallet and more specifically an Ethereum wallet if you want to operate smoothly in this market. This digital wallet will enable you to pay the hosting fees for your NFT and will also make it possible for you to receive payments whenever someone buys your art.


4. Purchase a small amount of ETH
The third step is buying a small amount of Ethereum for your wallet. Don’t be surprised because of that since there is a reason why. Many of the marketplaces available, charge some fees in relation to selling your NFTs on their NFTs platforms and so you will be required to have at least a little ETH for selling. Now I think you get the reason why you should buy a small amount of ETH for your wallet. In most cases you will buy the ETH directly so you don’t need to worry about maybe using a separate exchange platform to buy your ETH.


5. Find an appropriate NFT marketplace
After you have completed setting up your wallet and buying ETH, the next thing that should cross your mind is how you will be able to sell your NFT. A market for your NFT is a very crucial thing that you must put all your focus on. You will therefore be required to find a marketplace for your NFT before you can even start to think of how you will make profits. 

One thing you have to know is that there are several platforms which you can use to market. Some of them include; SuperRare, Rarible and OpenSea. You can look for this market platforms and I believe you will like the services that you will get there.


6. Link your wallet to the marketplace
One crucial step that you should not even think of missing is connecting your wallet to the marketplace. The platform that you will use as your marketplace will give you the option to link your wallet to the marketplace. This will indeed ease transactions as you go about selling your NFTs through the platform.


7. Go ahead and upload your digital file
Once you have finished the above procedures, you will be now ready to start uploading your digital files. There is a “create” button on the marketplace which you will need to use in order for you to add your digital file to the marketplace. Remember the file that you want to use should be supported by the marketplace because if it is not supported you will not be able to add it to the site. 

To avoid all these problems make sure that you are very keen in selecting a digital file that is supported by the marketplace you are using. It is in this uploading process or step that you can also decide whether to mint NFTs as one-of-a-kind pieces or to make each one part of a more extensive collection. The choice is yours.


8. Create a title for your NFT
The title of your piece is very important because that is what will make people want to closely look at your NFT. Some artists usually don’t pay attention to this. They just skip this process and expect to reap big. I urge you not to follow their route. Your title should be very clear and eye-catching.


9. Add a description
After you have put the title, you should also consider adding a description. The description will add the necessary information about your NFT and will make buyers fall in love with it even more. Don’t miss out on any necessary details. Make sure you include all the important details in the description so that your NFT can stand out.


10. Set your NFT price
The very last step is to set your price. Every NFT in the marketplace must have a price which the buyers will have to pay. Different platforms have different ways of setting prices for NFTs but mostly, many NFT marketplaces have two ways which are either selling at a fixed price or as an auction model.

Selling at a fixed price means that your NFT will not sell until a buyer is willing to pay the exact listed price. On the other hand, auctions are more conducive and appealing because here buyers can make bids and the highest bid eventually becomes the buyer.

After observing all the above steps, you will be impressed with what you will see. Do not listen to those who try to discourage you. Just keep your head high up. Having confidence in what you do is something great that can change you from nothing to something within a very short time. Be focused and do what is required of you and everything will fall into place in the best way possible. I wish you good luck as you try your luck.

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