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Hello guys, if you want to become a full-stack Java developer and are looking for free online Java Full-stack development courses to kickstart your career, you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best Java full-stack development courses, and today, I will share 10 of the free online courses you can join to become a full-stack Java developer. The long journey of becoming a full-stack Java developer is not easy. You need to know all the details, from the front end to the backend. Not only these, but you also need to know how things function in databases and connectivity.
This process involves many detailed studies, and there is no single course that can make you a full-stack developer. Instead, you need to go through multiple online courses to learn essential frameworks and technologies like Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Reactjs, Angular, and other full-stack development skills.

It's not easy to find free courses to learn all these skills, so we have picked the courses that can help you along the way. These courses are picked after taking reviews from professionals and learners alike. These courses that we have listed are best in their respective domain to provide you in-depth and practical knowledge where ever necessary.

Before starting the course, you must know that you can’t become a full-stack developer in java if you don’t know about HTML and CSS, for starters.

Those two are essential for complete certification, and if you’re looking to fight an exam for such, this might put you in trouble if you don’t know them.

Btw, if you don't mind paying a few bucks for learning a useful skill like full-stack Java development, then I also recommend you to check out the Go Java Fullstack with Spring Boot and React course by Ranga, a fellow Java blogger and one of the best Udemy instructors. You can buy this course for just $10 on Udemy.

10 Best Free Online Courses for Full-Stack Java Developers

We recommend these 10 free online training courses that can help you become a learned man to get certified as a full stack developer in Java. The list includes courses to learn core technologies a full-stack Java developer should know like core Java, JDBC, Servlet and JSO, Spring Boot, Spring, JavaScript, JSON, React, and Angular for frontend.

1. Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners [Udemy Free Course]

This course will provide you with a great start with in-depth learning in java, which will help you in the further mentioned courses. It’s going towards a great end if you do the right start. This course is for beginners who are looking forward to being a full-stack developer in the future.

This course is designed for absolute beginners who have no knowledge of programming. To start this course, all you need is the will and basic fluency in computers. This course is divided into topic-wise lectures, which are further separated into short videos.

Content of Course:
  • Introduction to core java
  • Collections framework
  • Tests
  • Appendix
  • Source code and practice
You’re going to get descriptive learning and quizzes to keep track of your progress.

Free Courses to learn core Java

2. Introduction to Spring Boot 2 and Spring Framework 5 [Free Udemy Course]

This is an introductory course on Spring Boot 2 and Spring Framework 5, two of the most important framework for any full-stack Java developer. 

In this 2-hour free Udemy course, you will learn important skills like creating a Spring boot application, storing and retrieving data using Spring Data JPA, and using Thymeleaf to display data from tables to the web pages. 

The course is completely free, and I highly recommend this to not just full-stack Java developers but all Java programmers, from beginners to experts.

free Udemy course to learn Spring Boot and Spring 5

3. Developing Cloud-Native Apps w/ Microservices Architectures [Free]

Today, most software development is shaping in the cloud, and Microservice architecture nicely fits into Cloud. That's why any full-stack Java developer needs to know about how to create Cloud Native apps using Microservice architecture, and that's where this course helps. 

In this 2.5 hours free Microservice course, you will understand the basics of Microservice architecture and deploy using the DevOps pipeline. The course is completely free on Udemy platform and you just need an Udemy account to join this course. 

free course to learn Microservice and Cloud Native Apps

4. Java Servlets and JSP - Build Java EE(JEE) app in 25 Steps [Free Udemy]

This course is focused on providing project-based learning. To start this course, you need to have knowledge and experience in java; if you have completed the first course, we expect you’re well-acquainted to start this course.

This course will provide you with learning by taking you through the step-by-step process of application development. You’ll be learning a lot about Java Servlets and JSP.

This is one of the crucial courses that will help you with the connectivity and working of web applications. You’ll be working on new technologies like Maven and Tomcat.

Content of Course:
  • Basic of web application architecture
  • Forms, requests, and response
  • Basics of using Maven, Tomcat, and Eclipse
  • Web application features.
Designing the first application and learning java applications while in the learning phase is like having a head start for the full-stack developers.

free Udemy course to learn Java EE

5. Java Database and Connection [Free Udemy Course]

By the time you reach this course, you have covered a significant part of the journey to becoming a full-stack developer; you know how to design the front end, and now we will see how things work in the backend.

In this course, you’ll be learning how to connect MySQL with Java. By the end of the course, you could easily configure the database connection with files.

To start this course, you’ll need the knowledge from the above-mentioned courses of java programming and JSP. Basic experience with MySQL will further help in learning as well.

This course treats beginners and advanced learners alike, which will provide you with great insight from other learners in the query section.

Course Content:
  • Introduction to JSBC
  • Basic operations and working on metadata
  • Database configuration

6. JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON [Free Coursera Course]

This course will help you to learn the JavaScript language and its applications. This tutorial doesn’t involve much video-based learning, but you’re going to get an in-depth understanding of concepts and their uses.

You’ll know about the unique approach of Java to Object-Oriented Programming. jQuery libraries will be introduced, and you’ll be learning a lot about them too. jQuery is very useful in the in-browser manipulation and document object model.

Content of Course:
  • Working on JavaScript
  • JavaScript libraries and functions
  • jQuery and JSON
It is assumed that the learner already has experience in web application development and operating with the database. You’ll also learn about JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), which provides a secure and reliable exchange of data between code running on the browser and code running on the server-side.

free course to learn JSON and JavaScript for Java developers

7. Full Stack Web Development with React Specialization [Coursera]

The main focus of this course is to provide you with multi-platform specialization. This is a multi-course combination that involves the first two courses that work on the front end. On the server side, you’ll be working on NoSQL, and it’s working on MongoDB. Which will further take you through Node.js and Express framework

To start on this, you need to have prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Learners will be working throughout the courses on hands-on exercises and using that knowledge to develop a fully working application at the end of each course.

Content of course:
  • Front-End Web Frameworks
  • Web Development (front end) with React
  • Using React Native to develop a multiplatform mobile app
  • Server-side development
There will also be a project available to develop certain skill sets. We recommend this course to people who are looking for a one-stop solution. 

By the way, why you won't get any certificate if audit Coursera course for free. If you need Coursera certificate then you need to either enroll into the specialization or take a subscription plan like Coursera Plus which provides unlimited access to more than 5000+ Coursera courses, projects, and professional certificates.  

It cost around $399 per year but worth it because you get access to professional certificates created from Google, Facebook, AWS, Microsoft etc. 

free online course to learn React.js

Best Free Courses to learn Spring and Spring Boot to become full-Stack Java developers

These are some of the best free courses to learn Core technologies and frameworks required to become a full-stack Java developer. I also intend to include more courses on this list to make it even more useful and complete, but for now, you can use this to start your full-stack Java developer journey.

Once you have gone through these courses, you can also look at the following advanced courses to learn Spring, Spring Boot, REST API, and Microservices for free:

8. RESTful Web Services with Spring Framework - A quick start [Free Udemy]

This is another great free course to learn RESTful Web Services with Spring Framework. REST is a core technology for developing API and is essential for any full-stack Java developer. 

This course provides a good overview of REST APIs and how to implement them using the Spring Framework.  It's also completely free, and more than 20K students have taken this course on Udemy.

free Udemy course to learn RESTful web services

9. Spring Boot Restful Web Services Tutorial [Udemy Free Course]

This is another awesome free course on Udemy to learn about how to build RESTful web services using Spring Boot. This course is created by Ramesh Fadatare of Java guides. 

You can take this 1 hour 51 minute long free online course on Udemy to learn full-stack web development with Java, Spring, and REST. This is one of the most popular Java stacks for full-stack development along with Spring boot and REST

In this 2-hour long free course, you will create a full-fledged Java web application with a Database and using frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, and Angular for the frontend.  Again, more than 25K students have benefited from this course, and it's completely free.

free udemy course to learn RESTful Web service for java developers

10. Master Spring Microservices with Spring Boot & Spring Cloud! [Free]

If you are looking for free Udemy course to learn Microservices with Java and Spring Framework then this free course is great place to start with. In this 1 hour long free course, Karthikeyan, a fullstack Java developer and instructor has explained how you can use Spring boot and Spring Cloud to create production grade Microservices using Java. 

You will first learn about Monolith and Microservice architecture and what are pros and cons of Microservice architecture then you will learn how to create simple hello world program using Microservice. Once you understand basic building blocks of Microservice pattern then you will build a mini Microservice app using Java and Spring boot. 

More than 16K Java developer have already joined this free course and it has on average 4.4 rating which is great. Karthik also offer his premium Java Developer course for just $3 (U.P $99) to our readers. If you want you can join it for just $3 using the special ink above. 

11. Spring Boot and AWS S3 [Free Udemy Course]

This is another free online course you can take to learn how to work with spring boot applications in AWS. In this 2-hour, hands-on free course, you will learn to work with Spring Boot, React, and AWS. You will build APIS and store photos to Amazon S3 using AWS. 

The course is completely free at Udemy. You just need a Udemy account to join this course.

5 Free Courses to learn Full Stack Development in Java

That's all about the free online courses to become a full-stack Java developer in 2024.  We have taken into account the response of professionals and learners worldwide on the best courses that can help you become a Full-Stack Developer in Java. 

These are the best courses that can help you reach your goal. It would be beneficial for you if you check and go through them individually.

Other Free Online Courses for Fullstack Developers you may like to explore

Thanks for reading this article so far. If you find these courses useful for learning Full-stack Java development, please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P. S. - If you are serious about becoming a full-stack Java developer in 2024 then I also recommend you to check out the Go Java Fullstack with Spring Boot and React course by Ranga, a fellow Java blogger and one of the best Udemy instructors. This course is not free but it's very affordable and you can buy this course for just $10 on Udemy.

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