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Why Every Developer should learn Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure or GCP) in 2024

Hello guys, if you are wondering whether you should learn Cloud Computing in 2024 then my only advice to you is just learn it. It doesn't matter whether you are a Developer or DevOps, sooner or later you will have to learn Cloud, there is no escape here and learning now is your best option. Now most of the job description for Java developers list that they will prefer candidates with familiarity and experience working in cloud platforms like AWS or Azure and if you don't have them then you will be left behind. Nowadays, whenever I open LinkedIn, I see people on my network getting AWS certified or Azure Certified or Google Certified and its not a coincidence, they are doing because their job need Cloud skills and their companies are also encouraging them to learn Cloud and become a certified Cloud Developers and that's the main reason I suggest every programmer and developer to learn about Cloud computing. 

Most likely many of you already familiar with Cloud and Cloud computing platforms like AWS (Amazon Web Service), Microsoft's Azure, and GCP (Google Cloud Platform), if you are not, make sure you learn one of them. 

If you are wondering which cloud platform to learn then Ideally you should learn the one which your company is adopting. For example, if you are company is investing on Microsoft Azure, you should learn that to excel in your team and company by pioneering in migrating your project into cloud.

Similarly, if your company is migrating into GCP or Google Cloud platform then you should spend sometime learning GCP. It's a great cloud platform, particularly for Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data companies. If your work has anything to do with Python Pandas, TensorFlow, neural network etc, learn GCP.

If you are a freelancer or your company is not pushing for any cloud, learn AWS, it's the best general purpose cloud platform and I believe, every web developer should learn it. AWS or Amazon Web Services it the biggest public cloud platform and if not millions, thousands of companies, both big and small uses AWS to host and run their application. 

Btw, if you are wondering what is Cloud Computing and what benefit it offers, let me give you a brief overview of Cloud computing and various cloud platform. Cloud is nothing but a network of computers owned by big companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft which allows you to use them for a fee. 

The beauty of cloud is that you don't need to own any hardware, you can just order whatever you need in real-time based upon your need like servers, networking tools, virtual machine, CPU, memory etc. This means most company will only focus on Software and business part leaving managing hardware and System to these Big companies.

This has brought new revolution on software development as more and more companies are switching to cloud for cost saving, time to market, and ease of development.  

5 Reasons to learn Cloud Computing, AWS, GCP, and Azure in 2024

Now, that you are familiar of what is Cloud Computing and what benefit it offers, its time to see more concrete reasons for a developer to learn Cloud Computing and public cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, including certifications. 

1. Jobs

The first and foremost thing is jobs. If a software developer job demand cloud skills and you don't have it then it would be difficult to qualify and clear interview. In Software development industry, programmers are not just code but also responsible for many other task like packaging and deployment. while things are changing, I don't think that you can only code and survive, you need to give end-to-end support as a Software developer.

Since most of the application will be deployed into Cloud, it make sense for developers to learn Cloud computing so that they can effectively support it, and troubleshoot and fix issue when needed. Knowing Cloud Computing may not give you the job but soon, not knowing Cloud Computing means recruiter will filter your resume before it reaches to Hiring managers.

Cloud computing also brings new jobs and market and learning Cloud means you can also switch your career into Cloud and earn more salary as they are paid handsomely

2. Upgrading skills

As a programmer and developer we always need to upgrade ourselves. Learning is the second name of Programming and we have to learn new technology every year. Cloud Computing is one of them, its now became a mandatory skill like SQL, Linux, and Coding and if you want to succeed as a Software developer, you need to learn Cloud Computing.

If you want to become freelance developer or a true Software engineer who can develop and deploy his own web application on internet then knowing Cloud is must for you. I really like people who can create their own application and deploy into internet and then showcase in their resume or Github repo. 

Believe me it works and work really well when it comes to impressing your interviewer. Learning Cloud computing also enable you to learn new Tech skills like Machine Learning, Blockchain, Data Science, Big Data and others.

3. Cloud Native application development

As I said, most of the companies are switch for cloud native development which means you need to create application which is designed to run in cloud and take advantage of what cloud provides. This means easier to scale using cloud services. 

It can also mean creating Serverless applications which can run as Function in Cloud like AWS and Azure. If you don't know about Cloud you cannot create cloud native application, hence its imperative for Software developer to learn Cloud computing and get themselves familiar with AWS, Azure or GCP. Even better if you can become a certified Cloud Engineer. 

4. Cost Saving

If you run your own company or a CTO who also have your own server and hardware to run application then you must learn Cloud as it can save tons of money for you. Most of the proprietary hardware are underutilized and you can save that much cost by simply moving to Cloud. 

Cloud services are also cheap because of economy of scale so the same CPU which cost you X amount when you buy, you may get same computing power for a fraction of cost in Cloud. 

5. Career Growth

Everybody want to grow in career and many people I know who are aging they want to move away from Coding and Software development as they are very mind intensive job and with growing age its not sustainable. 

Those senior developers and lead can learn Cloud computing to become Software architect and Solution architect and grow in their career.

If you want to become a Software architect, you need to be familiar with many technologies so that you can do the analysis and find the best solution in terms of cost, reliability and performance and if you don't know Cloud Computing I doubt you will be eligible for many Software architect jobs available on market, hence learning Cloud Computing is no brainer for senior developers.

I also recommend them to become an AWS certified Solution Architect, this certification will not only help you learn Cloud better but also help in your career growth. Do it now and you will thank me later.

That's all about why every programmer should learn Cloud computing platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud platform in 2024. As I said, future of Software development is in cloud and with growing popular of Microservice architecture, Software developer will eventually create Cloud Native applications and you can only do so effectively if you know the Cloud well.

Also, you need to know the platform on which your application is deployed in order to support and that's why it make sense for every programmer and developer to learn Cloud computing in 2024. 

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If my advice of learning Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP in 2024 make sense  then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If these questions have helped you to pass the exam, then please spread the word so that other people can also benefit.

P. S. - If you are a complete beginner into AWS and Cloud Computing and looking for some free courses to learn AWS then you can also check out these free AWS and Cloud Courses online to learn Cloud computing with AWS in 2024. 

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