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Is it Possible to take Spring Professional v5.0 Certification without the Official Training course?

Update: Vmware have reversed the decision made by Pivotal and now Spring core training is mandatory. It's an unfortunate decision as this training is costly and cost around USD 950 but may different cost in India or other region like it used to have 50K INR with partners like Springpeople. If you can afford it's definitely worth it and many people expense this cost on their companies training budget. Btw, if you already hold a spring certificate then you can also update it without going through this mandatory training and just passing the Spring professional certification exam.

Just a couple of years ago, It wasn't possible to take Spring Professional certification without a mandatory expensive training course from Pivotal, but from 10th May 2017 onwards, you can take Spring Certification without a training course. Yes, you read it correctly, it's now possible to become Spring certified developer without spending USD 3200 on mandatory Spring training, like the Core Spring training. For years, Pivotal, the company behind the Spring framework (now Vmware) ensured that a Java developer can only get a Spring Professional certification by first going into a 4-day training run by Pivotal and its partner around the world.

Even though training can be taken in the classroom or online, the high cost of training was the main hindrance for Java developers who were interested in doing Spring certifications. Pivotal defended the cost of Spring certification by providing Spring framework free of charge but still, it was too much for many junior Java developer who was interested in Spring certification to find a Java web development job.

Now that the cost barrier is lifted, it will make it easy for many freshers and less experienced Java developers to become Vmware certified Spring developers.

Now the cost of Spring certification is reduced from 3200 USD to just 200 USD, which is the cost of the Spring Certification Voucher. This means the price of Spring certification in India also reduced from 50,000 INR to only 10,000 INR. You can purchase the Spring certification voucher directly from the Pivotal website without enrolling in training courses run by SpringPeople in India.

Though, if you have money, and interested in learning Spring better, I recommend joining those Spring training courses, they are still the best way to prepare for Spring certification exams, like Spring Professional Certification Exam, but if the cost is a concern then you can also crack Spring certification by affordable resources, I mean, joining an online course like Spring Professional Certification Exam Tutorial Module 01-08 on Udemy which cost around $10.

What is Spring Core Professional v5.0 Exam?

Just like Oracle provides several Java certifications, like OCA (Oracle Certified Associate), OCP (Oracle Certified Professional), and OCM (Oracle Certified Master) certifications, Spring also provides different types of Spring certifications.

Like Java certifications, where OCAJP and OCPJP are the first steps for other certifications, Spring core certification, also known as Spring Professional Certification, is the first step in the Spring certification world.

Thankfully the cost of Spring Framework certification is the same 200 USD for all exams. Also, the voucher is valid for 90 days, so you should purchase the voucher only when you are entirely ready for exams.

Here is a brief overview of various Spring Professional v5.0 Exam with topics and patterns:

Is it Possible to take Spring Professional v5.0 Certification without training course?

How to Prepare for Spring Professional Certification Exam?

This is one of the most sought-after certifications for Java and Spring Boot developers. It tests your knowledge about the Spring framework, dependency injection, Spring MVC, Spring JDBC, Spring REST, and other essential topics.

The core Spring training is the best way to prepare for this certification exam, but if you preparing on your own, then you can read Spring in Action book and join Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru course on Udemy. These two are the best and most up-to-date materials to prepare for the Spring Professional v5.0 exam.

If you want to score take David Mayer's Spring Mock Exam to prepare for Spring Professional Certification.  The cost of Spring Professional Certification is 200 USD in both the USA, India, and the rest of the world.

spring certification books and courses

Other Useful Books and Resources for Spring Certification

Now that it's possible to take the Spring certification without training, many Java developers will rely on self-study to pass Spring certification. Hence the choice of a good book and certification guide along with a good exam simulator will become very important to clear Spring certification.

Remember, Spring requires you to score 78% to pass the exam, i.e. you need to answer 38 questions correctly from 50 questions to become a Spring professional developer.

Books and courses for Spring Certifications
That's all about Spring certifications and whether or not you can take Spring certification without training. Since 10th May 2017, it's possible to take Spring certification without training. This is an excellent opportunity to get recognition of your knowledge and skill as well as a good chance for junior developers to boost their Job applications by becoming certified Spring developers.

Spring is one of the best Java frameworks, and many companies use Spring to Developer Core Java and Web application.

There is a massive demand for Spring and Java developers and becoming Java and Spring certification will boost your chances by not only separating you're from millions of non-certified Java and Spring developers but also improving your knowledge by going through this Spring certification exam. Make it a goal to pass the Spring certification this year.

All the best.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you find this Spring certification article useful then please share it with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback then please drop a note. If you also have a goal to pass the Spring certification or already passed the certification then do share your experience with all of us.

P.S. - The Spring Professional Certification Exam Tutorial Module 01-08 is probably the single most important resource you can purchase to prepare for Spring certification on your own. This course contains answers to all the sample questions given in the official exam guide and highly recommends it to anyone preparing for the Spring Core Professional v5.0 certification.


  1. Could you please let me know how to purchased the Spring Core Exam and from where we can give that exam ?

    1. Hello Anonymous, you can purchase the exam voucher from Pivotal website online, you can find the link in this article. Once you buy the voucher, you can find the center where you want to give exam, you can even give exam online.

  2. Can we know at exam how many right answer we have to select like a Oracle exam ?

    1. You need to score around 76% to pass the Spring certification exam. Since there are total 50 questions, you need to get 38 out of 50 correct to pass.

      See this Spring 5 Exam brief guide for more details on how many questions from each topic will come

  3. If you want to prepare for Spring Certification Exam I have started Spring Certification Tutorial available here:

  4. If you want to prepare for Spring Certification Exam I have started Spring Certification Tutorial available here:

  5. Are you sure we don’t need to go through the Spring Core Training on Vmware ?? The site mentions it as required.

    1. Hello Anonymous, Vmware have reverted the decision made by Pivotal to allow experienced Java developers to take Spring certification without mandatory training. Now if you don't have any prior spring certification lie Spring 4 then you need to go through mandatory training, if you do have an existing Spring certification and want to upgrade then no mandatory training required. It's sad decision to be honest but we need to live with that. Check if your company can cover the cost of training for you. I also need to update this article with latest information, thanks for asking.

    2. It's really unfortunate VMWARE made training required, that too around 950 dollar for online training.
      I recently checked the same. I was fully prepared for the certification exam, but after looking training fees, I dropped the idea.😔


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