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We live in the world of internet which is full of resource. You can learn whatever you want and that too without spending too much of money. If you want to learn JavaScript there are plenty of websites where you can learn JavaScript online for FREE. You don't need to pay any fees, but you must have a good internet connection to take full advantage of these online resources. Out of so many websites which offer free tutorials, articles, blog post, videos, and podcasts, I have chosen these six websites to recommend to anybody who wants to learn JavaScript. I am a Java developer, but I have learned JavaScript by following this tutorial, Why? because I usually have to work on Java based web application which uses Servlet and JSP for server side scripting, but we always use JavaScript and jQuery for client side scripting. I would be first to admit that my JavaScript skills are not as good as Java and that's why I am always in search of some good resource to keep learn and refresh whatever I have learned online on JavaScript by following video tutorials and these interactive websites.

6 Great Websites to learn JavaScript Online

Here is my curated list of six websites to learn JavaScript online for FREE. It includes interactive websites, official resource, good books and other resources.

Code Academy
In one word, this is the good website to learn many technologies online but probably the best website to learn JavaScript online. Even though currently CodeAcademy offer Java, Git, UNIX command line and several other courses, it made its name by an interactive JavaScript course to learn online with your own pace. You can gauge the popularity of this course by looking at the number of students enrolled, currently 5M+, which is the very high number for any online FREE course.

Best website to learn JavaScript online

Code Combat

Code Avengers

Code School
This one is another website which I really love. Their jQuery tutorial is really great, but JavaScript course is also not far behind and gives you real chance to learn JavaScript online for FREE at your own pace. Similar to CodeAcademy, CodeSchool also offers interactive tutorial but it's more fun as you get marks, badges and cross levels.

Learning the Web - Mozilla Developer Network
Mozilla is for the serious learner, a programmer who loves to do their own stuff and just want to read theory and try examples in their own setup. Unlike CodeAcademy and CodeSchool, this is not interactive but you will find detailed information. Mozilla is also the official source for any JavaScript information. 

That's all about these best websites to learn JavaScript online. If you are serious about learning JavaScript then you must not just sit back and relax but also start developing some real world project, start using popular JavaScript library like jQuery, Angular JS, and Node JS to become proficient on what industry is expecting from a JavaScript Developer. BTW, If you think there is another Website which is a great resource to learn JavaScript online and for FREE then please suggest it on the comments section, I would be happy to include that on this list.

Thank you for reading this far and Have a nice day ahead, Happy Learning JavaScript :)

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Recommended books for learning JavaScript
For those developers who loves to read books and wants to learn JavaScript from Book rather than following random tutorials, you can check out following titles: