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How to Convert String to LocalDate, LocalTime, LocalDateTime and ZonedDateTime in Java? Example Tutorial

The JDK 8 added a new Date and Time API (JSR 310) which introduces new date and time classes like LocalDateLocalTime, LocalDateTime, and ZonedDateTime. Now, if you have a String e.g. "2016-12-14 03:30" then how do parse it to LocalDate, LocalTime, LocalDateTime and ZonedDateTime? Similarly, if you have an instance of those classes how you can format to the String you want e.g. in dd/MM/yyyy format, or USA or UK format? Well, Java 8 provides a utility class called DateTimeFormatter which can be used to parse/format dates in Java 8. It also provides several built-in formatter e.g. ISO date format and other to facilitate formatting of dates to String.

How to convert JSON to Map in Java 8 without using third party libraries like Jackson or Gson

Hello guys, If you are working with JSON data then you may know that JSON is collection of key value pairs and that's why many times, you also need to convert them into a Map in Java. While there are many Java libraries like Jackson and Gson which provides support of parsing JSON to Java objects, there is not much support for JSON parsing or manipulation on standard JDK. While JSON parsing is still a long overdue, starting with JDK 8u60+ the built-in Nashorn engine is capable to convert JSON content into java.util.Map. No external dependencies are required for parsing JSON in to Map as you will learn in this article.