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Hello guys, if you are preparing for Azure Solution architect technologies certification with code AZ--303 and AZ-304 or its older version AZ-300 and AZ-301 and looking for free online courses to start your preparation then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared the best courses to pass Azure FundamentalsAzure Administrator, and Azure Architect certifications and today I am going to share free online courses to prepare for the AZ-303 exam. Since this exam is fairly new, there are not many free AZ-303 and AZ-304 courses are available online but since the topics haven't changed drastically, you can still use the old AZ-300 and AZ-301 courses to start your preparation.

Azure is a Microsoft product. It is one of the best cloud services available right now. After AWS, if you can rely on something, then it is the Microsoft Azure platform. In terms of security and efficiency, it even outperforms AWS sometimes.

You made a great decision to appear in the Azure Cloud Architect Associate Exam, this is for the role of solution architect, so if you are spring to become a software architect and solution architect, this certification can help you.

By the way, you will earn this certification if you pass one of the following exam combinations:

    AZ-300 and AZ-301
    AZ-303 and AZ-304
    AZ-300 and AZ-304
    AZ-301 and AZ-303

Given that AZ-300 is retiring on September 30, it makes sense to prepare for AZ-303 and AZ-304 to become an Azure Certified Solution Architect.

In this guide, I’ll share five free courses to pass the Azure cloud Architect Associate exam with good grades in this guide. You must note that all the courses listed below are created by industry experts and you can rely on these.

By the way, If you are serious about passing the AZ-300/AZ-303 exam and becoming an Azure Solution Architect and don't mind seeing few bucks for such a valuable certification then I highly recommend you to check out the AZ-300/AZ-303 Azure Architecture Technologies Exam Prep 2024 course by Scott Duffy on Udemy.

This course is not free but this 20-hour long course is the best preparation material for this exam and it is updated to cover all the new topics for AZ-303 example like NoSQL database, Azure SQL database, and much more. More than 100K students have trusted this course.

5 FREE Azure Cloud Architect Certification Courses for  Exam (AZ-303, AZ-304, AZ-300, and AZ-301)

Here is the list of the best free online courses you can join to start preparing for the Azure cloud architect exam with code AZ -303, AZ-304, AZ-300, and AZ-301. As I said, there is no dedicated free course for the AZ-303 exam yet, these are good to start your preparation. We'll also update this list wherever we find a suitable AZ-303 and AZ-304 online course and mock test.

But before proceeding with the list of courses, it is recommended to enroll in each of the courses and pursue them as per the listing. It is because all these courses are interlinked, and you’ll only understand the second course if you have completed the first course of the list. Thus, do not skip any of the courses from the list

1. Microsoft Azure Concepts

Now, you have a base from where you can start building topic-specific knowledge. To start with Azure, the Microsoft Azure Concepts course is the best pick for you. Linux Academy has created this course, and so far, over 31 thousand students have enrolled in this course on Udemy.

This course deals with complex topics of Azure using rock-solid visuals and illustrations. It's a 1 hour 13-minute long course, and while attending this course, you will find it very interesting, thanks to the visuals.

This course is specifically about Microsoft Azure; thus, it will teach the very basics of Azure, its terminologies, and the benefits of using Azure over some other cloud platform. To perform well in your Azure Cloud Architect Associate exam, it is important to learn these basics, and this course will help you learn every bit of the Azure platform briefly.

5 Free Courses to Crack Azure Solution Architect Technologies Exam  (AZ -303, AZ-304, AZ-300, and AZ-301)

3. AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

In this last course, you learned about Azure concept fundamentals, that course was completely fundamental, but this course, “AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals,” implements the concepts and guides you on How to use the elements of Azure.

Though this course is for some other Azure exam it’ll play a vital role in your Azure cloud architect associate exam, this course will show you how you can use Azure for your day to day projects, besides this, you will learn about different components of Azure and their live implementation.

Maruti Makwana created this course, and over 6 thousand students have enrolled in this course so far. As per the instructor, it is one of the best Microsoft Azure courses of all time, and while checking some of the videos, I felt that this is actually a very informative course on the Azure platform.

best free courses to pass  (AZ -303, AZ-304, AZ-300, and AZ-301)

3. Cloud Architecture Foundations

To begin your Azure exam preparation, it is important to create a sturdy base; this course will help you create one. It is available on website, though it's a premium platform since it offers a trial period with limited functionality, you can use it to complete your course.

It is a 7 hour 31-minute long video course; thus, it won’t take much time to finish. This course will teach you every aspect of cloud architecture, and this informative course will act as a base for your preparation journey.

This course implements the concepts on the AWS platform. If you want, you can skip that part; it won’t help you in your exam as you will appear for the Azure exam.

4. AZ-301 Exam Preparation: Designing a Microsoft Azure Architecture

So far, we are done with the fundamentals, now it's time to move towards the Azure Architecture. In this course, the instructor will teach you every bit of Azure Architecture. Once you are done with the course, I can assure you that you are almost done with your Azure Cloud Architecture Associate Exam preparations.

This course is available on, a paid platform, though, with the trial period, you can quickly pursue this course for free.

This is a 16 hour-long course with different segments, and each segment has an exam that you have to pass to prove that you are actually learning from the course. Besides this, thanks to the instructors that they are regularly adding new information to the course.

You must enroll in this course if you want to learn about Azure Architecture Concepts in detail.

5. AZ-300: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

One of the most detailed courses on the Azure platform. This course is not only long, but it is also one of the most informative courses on Azure that is available on the internet right now. This course is available on Cybrary., again, using the trial period, you can enroll in this course and can complete it without spending anything.

In this course, you’ll have hands-on experience on live projects and assignments. Apart from this, it teaches you deployments and configuration of the infrastructure, implementation of workloads, and different security aspects.

This course was designed specifically for AZ-300, but since it is similar to your Azure cloud architect associate exam, this course will also be useful in your preparations. If the above course was not very effective, then you must consider this 20-hour long video course.

That's all about the free training courses to prepare for the Azure Cloud Solution Architect exam. As I said, you need to pass both AZ-300 and AZ-301 to become a solution architect bug given AZ-300 is retiring soon, you should aim to pass the AZ-3030 exam which is the replacement of the AZ-300 exam.

Technically you will learn this certification if you pass one of the following exam combinations:

    AZ-300 and AZ-301
    AZ-303 and AZ-304
    AZ-300 and AZ-304
    AZ-301 and AZ-303

All these courses are handpicked and completely reliable. If you came across some more informative and dependable courses, let me know if they’ll meet our criteria, then I will add them to this list. This was all in this guide regarding the courses to pass the Azure Architect Associate Exam.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these Azure Solution Architect Technologies (AZ300-AZ303) preparation courses and practice tests, then please share it with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P. S. - If you are serious about passing the AZ-300/AZ-303 exam and becoming an Azure Solution architect then I highly recommend you check out these best Azure Architect Certification courses This is not free but this 24-hour long course is the best preparation material for this exam and it also has 150+ practice questions for final preparation. 

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