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5 Projects You can do to learn TensorFlow in 2024 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you want to learn TensorFlow and looking for project ideas then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best TensorFlow courses and in this article I am going to share 5 projects you can build to learn TensorFlow in 2024. To be honest, Learning artificial intelligence and machine learning is not that easy as everyone thinking like taking raw data and train the algorithm to learn it and then produce an output when you feed it with unknown data. The artificial intelligence is the science of making machine learning as human as well as solving problems that never seen before in a particular situation like what’s known as reinforcement learning.

Also, artificial intelligence applications are many such as self-driving cars where you make a car can drive itself avoiding hitting people and many more things to consider implementing so it can do that.

Another artificial intelligence application is making the machine understand and talk to people what’s known as natural language processing or NLP such as Siri or Cortana.

If you are considering yourself an artificial intelligence expert then you probably need to make your skills under testing by trying those projects and see if you can do them or not.

5 Projects You can Build to learn TensorFlow in 2024

Here are my favorite project ideas for anyone who wants to learn and master TensorFlow library for Machine Learning. By doing these project you will not only learn TensorFlow better but also improve your knowledge about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and their impact on real world. 

1. Build Semantic Recommender System

This project is a little bit hard and needs people who know NLP because you are going to create a recommendation system where you will semantically suggest names based on one or two given words or names like when YouTube or Netflix recommends videos based on your history.

You can also see this course on Udemy called Build Semantic Recommender System if you find this project hard or a little bit confusing at some point since it requires to have previous knowledge in NLP.

5 Projects You can do to learn TensorFlow

2. Computer Vision with TensorFlow Project

In this project, you will perform an image classification task on a CIFAR10 dataset which is the widest dataset used for testing your machine learning or deep learning models and containing more than 60.000 images in different categories.

If you found this project hard and you couldn’t implement computer vision techniques using TensorFlow don't worry, this Advanced Computer Vision with TensorFlow course on Udemy shows you step by step how to implement that.

Computer Vision with TensorFlow project

3. Object Detection Tracking and Counting Project

In this project, try to create an artificial intelligence application that can detect things such as cars buses people and track them while they moving and identifying each thing what it is, as well as counting how many of these things on the video like 2 people and 7 cars and 1 bus.

The project is not that hard but if you stuck doing this you can refer to this Object Detection Tracking and Counting course on Udemy that will definitely help you achieve that goal using the OpenCV computer vision library and TensorFlow.

Object Detection Tracking and Counting Project

4. Custom Object Detection Project using TensorFlow

This project is easy and you have to create a simple object detection with TensorFlow using transfer learning modeling to detect only cats and dogs then deploy this small program to android as a TensorFlow lite android app and you can use google colab to train your model.

Now, if you have some trouble like deploying the program on android or anything just refers to this course custom object detection & android deployment on Udemy to figure out the solution for your problems.

Custom Object Detection Project using TensorFlow

5. Basic Sentiment Analysis Project using TensorFlow

This project will use deep learning technology to create a sentiment analysis project and you have to train and try your deep neural network model that will predict the movie review whether positive or negative.

The project is hard a little bit but this course on Coursera called Sentiment Analysis with TensorFlow can help you achieve that using deep neural network technology.

Basic Sentiment Analysis Project using TensorFlow

That’s all for this article about five projects you can do to learn TensorFlow in 2024 but if you want to learn more and have fun with creating projects and adding them to your portfolio then see this course called Deep Learning for Beginners in Python that will show you how to create 12 real-world projects such as:

1.Multiclass image classification
2. Binary data classification
3. Object recognition in image
4. Digit recognition
5. Credit card fraud detection
6. Movie review classification

The use of artificial intelligence is growing in every industry and companies like Google and Facebook are competing to make almost every product that launches to the market involves this technology for better user experience and dominating that market so learning this kind of technology is worth it these days.

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