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Hello guys, A good personality will always help no matter what the situation is. If your personality is appealing, you will automatically become a good speaker, listener, and teacher.  In this era where everyone is busy in their life, no one would like to invest in a dull or boring conversation. You can only attract people if you have a good personality. Here personality refers to the concept of “marking your presence”. This is even more important if you are looking for a job and preparing for interviews. Soft skills are as important as technical and coding skills.

If you want to improve your personality and looking for some personal development online courses then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to share the best personal development course you can take to improve your soft skills and showcase your strength in a better way.

You would have noticed those good speakers have the skills to grab the audience concentration and once people start looking, you can use it for your desired motives. With a good personality, you can sell your products, services and can crack the toughest interviews easily.

If you want a good, appealing personality, you are the sweet spot. We have listed 5 courses from where you can learn the art of developing a good personality. All these courses are free and reliable and they will teach you essential soft skills like Leadership, Negotiation, Quick learning, and overall well being.

5 Free Courses to learn Personal Development

These are the best free courses available online for personal development. They are created by experts and trusted by thousands of people, not just programmers but people from the different fields for improving their personality and bring out their strengths better. These online personal development courses are chosen from Udemy and Coursera and you can join them for free.

1. Joyful Leadership

This is the best free course on Udemy to learn leadership and personal development. In this course, you’ll learn about leadership and why it is so important for every individual. This is a 5-hour video course with a 4.5 ratting out of 5 and so far 8 thousand students have enrolled in it.

This course will help you learn the skill to manage a group of people and to build a successful team. This course will help you lead a balanced life with both personal and professional success.

Some students were able to find their strengths and weaknesses after attending this course. The instructor will teach you how to be happy and how to enjoy every moment of life. Besides this, you will learn the art of speaking.

You will be solving interesting puzzles and quizzes, and all these will help you build a stunning personality. If you want to be a leader in your life and want to lead a joyful life, you must have a look at this course.

Top 5 Free Courses to learn Personal Development in 2020 - Best of Lot

2. FREE TASTER: Negotiation - Understanding Personality Types

This course doesn’t actually focus on building a personality, instead, it is more focused on differentiating between personalities. In this course, you will learn how to distinguish between people on the basis of their personality.

This course will help you make better friends and ultimately it will help you become a good and wise individual. It is a great course for those who want to lead a happy personal life and successful professional life.

You will have 12 different lectures and each lecture will teach you something new and valuable. Besides this, its a very short video course of just 32 minutes, and these 32 minutes are going to be the most productive time. This is a very straight forward course and so far, 25 thousand have enrolled in this course.

This is one of the best free online courses to learn Negotiation skills which is very important for negotiating job offers and this simple skill can make a difference of few thousand dollars in your overall package. It is recommended to at least have a look at this course. We are sure, it won’t disappoint you.

best course to learn Negotiation skills free online

3. Value Education

This is another leadership-focused course from Udemy and its completely free, but this course teaches you all the valuable lessons with the help of stories. It is a 1-hour long video course with a rating of 4.1 out of 5 and over 2300 students have enrolled in it.

This course focuses on educating the students about different threats present in our country and it will guide you on how to avoid making bad decisions in your life. This course encourages you to develop a joyful society and helps you develop a sense of responsibility towards your environment and other human beings.

Value education course will help you become a responsible citizen and a better individual. This course is designed in such a way that it will help you transform in every aspect.

We believe that every individual must enroll in this course.

4. Know yourself with Yoga

You might find this course out of the context but, you are wrong. This course is not about yoga. It is about finding your inner self. Here Yoga is just a tool to achieve it.

It's a 3-hour long video course and over 10 thousand students have enrolled in this course. It is a great course for those who are dealing with restlessness or anxiety. This course helps you gain harmony in your life and it will directly impact your social life.

This yoga will teach you how to handle situations calmly and how to explore yourself internally. Know yourself with Yoga course has 7 different sections and each section deals with a particular issue. This is more of a spiritual course but no doubt it helps each and every individual.

If you want relaxation and mental peace in your life, this course is for you. Apart from this, it will help you build better relationships in both personal and professional life.

5. The Science of Well-Being

This is one of the best Coursera courses on personal development and overall well-begin. This course follows a scientific approach in order to help you become a better person. It is one of the best personality development courses available on the internet. Over 2.7 lakh students have enrolled in it and out of these 2.7 lakh students, 32% have changed their stream.

It's a 19-hour long video course, which will focus on each and every aspect of your mind. In the first minutes itself, you’ll find it interesting and encouraging. It is offered by Yale University and you can watch it on the Coursera platform.

This course helps you build an environment in your surroundings so that you can always stay positive and calm. This course will help you unlock your hidden potential and to reach the peaks where you have never in both your personal and professional lives.

best personal development course on Coursera


Personality development is not something that can be done overnight, you have to be very patient. One wrong move can spoil all your efforts. You have to carefully note the changes in yourself after attending these courses. You’ll feel motivated, confident about yourself if you’ll have a good personality. Go ahead and create your appealing personality. Remember, it's a skill and you can develop it in any phase of life.

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