Top 5 Books to Learn Python for Beginners - Best of All

Python is one of the most popular programming languages, and there is a vast demand for Programmers who knows Python. Even though I am a Java Programmer, I am learning Python. In the real world, you often find that a big project in a bank or insurance domain leveraging several technologies together, like Java, C++, Python, UNIX, SQL, and several others. Being a Polyglot programmer also pays off well. You also create a better impression on Interviews. I know many interviewers who prefer to interview programmer who knows more than one language.

My story of learning Python is a little bit different. A couple of years back, I was debugging an issue where we are not receiving multicast traffic via UDP. I search for a lot of commands in Linux to listen to UDP traffic and print what is coming, but couldn't find one.

 I asked for help colleague sitting next to me and happened to be a Python expert. He write just a few lines of code using Python module and boom I have a UDP listener. No, compile, no classpath issue nothing, it's just like a Linux command.

This incident inspired me to learn Python as an additional skill. Since I am a nerd and I lover researching and reading a book, I have a vast collection of programming books on various topics and programming language.

And, today I am sharing some of the Python books which I have used to learn Python. I am still learning Python given I don't use it regularly, but these are the great books to help anyone wish to learn Python in quick time.

5 best books to learn Python from scratch

Here is my list of some of the best books to learn Python programming from scratch.

1. Head First Python
Top 5 Books to Learn Python for Beginners - Best of AllThe Head First Python, 2nd edition by Paul Barry is one of the best books to learn Python. There is much reason this is the best book to learn Python, especially for beginners, but the most important one is the headfirst style. I really enjoyed reading this book.

Love the pictures, comments, diagram, fireside chat, and everything in this book. The only issue with the book is many programmers might not find the format good. I know a couple of my friend thinks it's a comic book rather than a technical book, but that doesn't undermine how useful it is to teach Python to an absolute beginner.

If you are like me, who like silly pictures and head the first style of teaching, then this is the right book for you to start with Python.

Also, the second edition of Head First Python is under the press, and it's currently available for pre-order on Amazon. If you are just starting to learn Python, this would be the great book to start with.

2. Learn Python the hard way
best Python books for beginnersIf you search on the Internet for best book about Python, most likely you will be routed to this book. It's one of the highly regarded books. It's also free to read online, but if you like to read a paperback book, you can also order it from Amazon.

Zed Shaws has done a great job with Learn Python the Hardway. It is a wonderful introduction to Python and more importantly, its very concise, that makes for a handy review resource as well.

There are a few portions on the online book that I recall were a bit confusing, but Zed does a great job of monitoring the comments and giving extra help when necessary. In short, undoubtedly one of the top 2 books to learn Python. The online HTML version is free, so you can read it on your iPad.

3. Learning Python, 5th Edition
top python books for beginnersLearning Python by Mark Lutz is another good book to learn Python. It's a must-read for curious developers, i.e. those who want to understand the "why" as well as the "how." It provides comprehensive coverage of Python.

It covers almost everything you need to know about programming in Python: data types, operators, statements, syntax, module, functions, packages, and much more. I really like the first chapter and Q&A session about Python and why people use Python.

If you are a beginner, this can help you a lot. One of the great thing about this book is that every chapter ends with a quiz, so you need to challenge yourself all the time. In short, a must-read a book for a beginner to learn Python.

4. Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner, 3rd Edition
best Python books of 2019The Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner, 3rd Edition By Michael Dawson is one more highly recommended book to learn Python.

The content is exciting in this book because of its focus toward video gram programming. By the time you finish the magazine, you are all ready to create your own games. Since many programmers love video games, they can easily co-related with the concepts explained in this book.

I won't rate this as high as the first two books in the list but if the game is something which inspires you and hook you to read then this is the right book to learn Python for you.

That's all in this list of 5 great books to learn Python for beginners. Python and Java are the most popular mainstream programming language, and they are now taught in almost every college, universities, and programming courses. Python has recently surpassed Java as most taught programming language in USA Universities. Learning Python pays off in a big way, it not only help you to create a quick prototype but also helps a lot in an object-oriented application in Python.

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