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Any successful job requires constant learning. However, as a Java programmer, it might be challenging to keep up with the quickly evolving Java technology. In this instance, a Java certification course might be an excellent approach to keep up with the industry while also achieving one's learning objectives. One of the most difficult aspects of learning Java is keeping up with the language's periodic upgrades. Although the foundation of Java stays unchanged, it does add a number of new capabilities that developers must quickly grasp in order to stay current.
For example, when Java 8 was launched in 2014, it introduced a new way of writing Java code. As a Java developer, you'll need a good way to learn about all of these new tools and capabilities in depth. Along with the new JDK, there are now new Java certifications and courses to learn from.

5 Best Java certifications to Aim in 2024 to Start your Career in Programming

Many Java programmers’ career has been shaped by their accomplishments with each Java certification. It not only motivates Java programmers to:

Keep their abilities sharp and up to date.
However, it also acknowledges their achievements in terms of skills and knowledge. Whether you're a beginner Java developer who is self-learning or an experienced Java developer who wants to become an expert in a certain field to advance your career, a Java certification may be a valuable addition to your portfolio. Java certificates are widely available on the internet.

Java certification classes are available in a variety of domains, including Core Java, Spring Framework, AWS Cloud, and others. You may quickly select the Java certification that best matches your professional objectives. The following list of Java certification courses is arranged in no particular order. You can rank them in order of importance based on your interests in technology.

1. Java Certified Foundations Associate

If a Java developer is fresh to the Java world, this should be the first certification he pursues. Previously known as OCAJP or just OCA, it has been renamed Java Foundations with exam number 1Z0–811.

This is a beginner's level exam. Passing this test earns you a certification that demonstrates your knowledge of Java programming principles and language.

It verifies your knowledge and abilities in writing and running Java programs, as well as working with the Java Development Kit (JDK) and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

If you're preparing for OCAJP 11 this year, I recommend starting with the official test guide. This will assist you in learning the fundamentals of Java.

Best Certification comes with this course

Java Programming for Complete Beginners by Udemy.

This course covers how to use features introduced in Java9, such as JShell. As a result, the students learn how to program in Java utilizing tools that will come in handy later on. The teaching method is quite friendly, making things much easier for total novices. Students are taught a thorough understanding of Java using the step-by-step manner.

best  Java Certified Foundations Associate course

2. (OCPJD) Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer

This Java certification focuses on fundamental Java, and it can help you stand out among the many other Java professionals who aren't certified.

This certification is a great place to start if you want to become a certified Java developer. Up to Java SE 11, you must be familiar with essential Java principles, however, the majority of the subjects are from Java SE 8, with the exception of modules and a few small advancements in Java 9, 10, and 11 editions.

Unlike the Java SE 8 examinations, where you must pass both the OCAJP and the OCPJP to become a certified Java Professional, you just need to pass the 1Z0–819 exam in becoming a certified Java Expert this time.

Best course for this certification

Java SE 11 Developer 1Z0-819 OCP Course - Part 1

This new course has been created by Tim Buchalaka exclusively for intermediate to advanced students. This curriculum is designed for software developers who have worked with programming languages like Python, C, JavaScript, and others. Object-oriented programming in Java assists attendees in tackling challenging issues by sharing object-oriented design expertise.

Top 5 Java Certifications to Aim

3. Object-Oriented Programming In Java Certification By Microsoft (edX)

Microsoft offers this Java certification course on the edX e-learning platform. Its primary goal is to instill healthy habits in students. For instance, teaching how to arrange Java code and how to apply professional standards while developing software. It also covers one- and two-dimensional arrays, as well as several Java List variants.

The professor for this course is Kasey Champion, who is also a member of Microsoft's Learning Team. It is an online Java certification course that includes a Microsoft certification; you just have to pay for the credential. If you are willing to put in 6 to 10 hours each week, it will take around 4 weeks to complete.

Best Certification comes with this course

Object-Oriented Programming In Java Certification t By edX.

This certification comes with a course. On the edX e-learning platform, Microsoft provides a Java certification course.

Its main purpose is to teach kids healthful behaviors. Teaching how to organize Java code and use professional standards while producing software, for example. It also includes one- and two-dimensional arrays, as well as a variety of Java Lists.

best Java Professional certificate on edX

4. Apache Spark 3 - Databricks Certified Associate Developer

Databricks  has introduced a new Apache Spark, a performance-based certification. This Spark certification test is for Scala or Python developers who are responsible for creating Spark Core and Spark SQL applications. This test is for Java engineers who know Scala and want to establish themselves as seasoned and skilled experts in the big data field.

It's ideal for Java developers who wish to break into the Big Data realm in 2024 and become Data Scientists. If you want to pursue this certification, Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training is a great place to begin.

And, if you need a resource to prepare for this certification then you can also check Apache Spark 3 - Databricks Certified Associate Developer course by Wadson Guimatsa on Udemy.

Best Apache Spark Certification for Java Developers

Duke University offers this Java certificate program. It contains a thorough introduction to the Java programming language as well as the Android OS's core. The course covers fundamental programming techniques such as arrays, lists, and other data structures, software design principles, algorithm creation, testing, and diagnostics.

A unique workshop on developing a recommendation system covers some JavaScript, HTML, and CSS fundamental ideas.

The course is designed for developers who are just getting started with Java in 2024 and want to move on to Android development afterward. This Java certification is now free. Yes, it is completely free!
The program is almost 4 months long and has a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Coursera. 

The course "Solving problems with software" was created by Coursera to provide instruction in learning to code in Java so that registrants may get programming and problem-solving abilities. This class is designed for attendees at the expert and intermediate levels who want to develop their problem-solving abilities in the Java language. 

Best Java Certification on Coursera

When it comes to joining this course, you have two options, you can either join this course alone which costs around $39 per month for specialization, you can also join Coursera Plus for $399 per annum, a subscription plan from Coursera which gives you unlimited access to their most popular courses, specialization, professional certificate, and guided projects. 


The high demand for these Java certifications demonstrates how active the Java software industry is today. Not to add Java's overall technological capability.

Veteran Java developers' contributions are beneficial not only in encouraging young Java developers but also in offering up new avenues for them to refine their development abilities and mix them with other forthcoming software industry requirements.

Some may claim that the expenses of Java certification indicated below are excessive. We bring attention to the regular releases of flash deals, coupons, and discounts that make them more inexpensive. 

Many of the venues listed also provide scholarship opportunities. These certification courses are also becoming so flexible and simple to study that many young individuals are opting for certificates rather than college degrees, which are far more expensive and take much longer to complete.

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