Java Program to find Armstrong numbers with Example

Armstrong number Example in Java
How to check if a number is an Armstrong number or not? or write a Java program to find Armstrong's number? This is a common Java interview question asked on-campus interviews and fresher-level interviews. This is also a popular Java programming exercise on various schools, colleges, and computer courses to build programming logic among Students. An Armstrong number is a 3 digit number for which the sum of cube of its digits is equal to the number itself. 

Bubble sort in Java - Program to sort an Integer Array

Bubble sort is one of the classic sorting algorithms,s which is used to explain sorting during various computer and engineering courses. Because of its algorithmic nature and simplicity, it's often used in various Java and C++ programming exercises. You may expect questions like the Write Java program to sort integer array using bubble sort during any programming interview. Since algorithmic questions are always a tricky questions and not easy to code. Even the simplest of them can lead to confusion, especially if you are not gifted with a natural programming head. I have seen many developers fumble if asked to code on the spot. That's why it's advisable to do algorithmic and logical programming during training and learning programming and OOPS to get this skill of converting logic into code.

How to Check is given String is a Palindrome in Java using Recursion

In this tutorial, you will learn how to check if a string is a palindrome in Java using Recursion. A String is nothing but a collection of characters like "Java," and String literals are encoded in double-quotes in Java. A String is said to be a palindrome if the reverse of String is equal to itself like "aba" is a palindrome because the opposite of "aba" is also "aba", but "abc" is not a palindrome because the reverse of "abc" is "cba" which is not equal. Recursion means solving a problem by writing a function which calls itself. In order to check if String is a palindrome in Java, we need a function that can reverse the String.

5 Best books to learn JDBC - Java Programming

The JDBC (Java Database connectivity) is one of the vital API in Java programming language which allows a Java program to connect to any database, like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Lite, Sybase or any other relational database. It's an essential API to learn and master for both core Java and Java EE professionals, given the ubiquitous nature of Database in real-world applications. Despite its importance, many Java developer lacks essential JDBC skills, like they are not familiar with Connection, Statement, connection pool, calling stored procedures, and executing a transaction in JDBC.

Top 5 Apache Maven Free Ebooks for Java Developers

If you are working in Java for a couple of years, you surely know about Maven, the most popular tool to build Java application. Recently I had shared 10 things about Maven Java developer should know, (if you have read it yet, you can read it here) and I receive a lot of good feedback about how useful those plugins and Maven, in general, are for Java developers. This motivated me to write more stuff about Apache Maven, and then I thought about sharing some of the free ebooks Java developers can use to learn Maven. Sonatype, the company behind the Nexus open source repository manager and creators of the Apache Maven project, provides a couple of good free ebooks to learn Maven and Nexus repository.