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How to Implement Thread-Safe Bounded Buffer in Java? Example

This is one of the common coding problems for Java developers which the interviewer asks to check both their coding skills as well to test their concurrency skills. A BoundedBuffer is a common data structure used in concurrent Java applications to pass data between threads. For example, you can use Bounded Buffer to implement the Producer-Consumer pattern in Java. Producer thread can put items for consumers to process and can wait if Buffer is full. This pattern allows Consumers to process items already placed in queue or buffer.  

5 Best Free Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Courses for Beginners in 2021 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you are interested in learning about Artificial Intelligence and how to build AI and looking for free online resources then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared free Machine Learning and Free Data Science courses and in this article, I am going to share free Artificial Intelligence and deep learning courses for beginners. These free courses are created from Udemy, Coursera, edX, and Pluralsight and created by experts and trusted by thousands of people who wanted to learn Artificial Intelligence. Clicking on this article link shows that you are very interested to understand and learn more about artificial intelligence but wait! Learning artificial intelligence is not that easy and never will be. 

How to Create Java Project with Maven in Eclipse - Step by Step Guide

If you are not using Maven for managing dependency and creating a build for your Java project, then you are definitely missing something. Being an ardent fan of ANT, I started with Maven quite late, but once I started, I haven't looked back. Maven makes it so easy to add new open-source JAR files, building and testing your project that you wouldn't look back. By the way, like all the things starting is difficult. I spent countless hours will creating my first Java project using Maven and Eclipse, but those were days with older Eclipse IDE

Difference between Type 1, 2, 3 and 4 JDBC Driver in Java? Example

One of the oldest Java interview questions is what is the difference between different types of JDBC drivers e.g. what is the difference between type 1, type 2, type 3, or type 4 drivers? Sometimes also asked as to how do you choose between different JDBC drivers? When to use type 3 over type 4 driver etc. It's 2015 now and I doubt anyone is using JDBC driver other than type 4 for connecting to the database, but let's see how to answer this question when you face it during the interview. The difference between different types of JDBC drivers comes from the fact how they work, which is basically driven by two factors, portability, and performance. 

Difference between ISNULL() and COALESCE() function in SQL? Example

Even though both ISNULL() and COALESCE() function provides alternate values to NULL in T-SQL and Microsoft SQL Server e.g. replacing NULL values with empty String, there are some key differences between them, which is often the topic of SQL Server interview. In this article, you will not only learn the answer to this question but also learn how to use COALESCE and ISNULL function properly. One of the main differences between them is that  COALESCE() is a standard SQL function but ISNULL() is Microsoft SQL Server-specific, which means it's not guaranteed to be supported by other database vendors like Oracle, MySQL, or PostgreSQL.

3 ways to create random numbers in a range in Java - Examples

Many times you need to generate random numbers, particular integers in a range but unfortunately, JDK doesn't provide a simple method like nextIntegerBetween(int minInclusive, int maxExclusive), because of that many Java programmers, particularly beginners struggle to generate random numbers between a range, like random integers between 1 to 6 if you are creating a game of dice, or a random number between 1 to 52 if you are creating a game of playing cards, and you need to choose a random card, or most commonly random numbers between 1 to 10 and 1 to 100. Then, the question comes, how to solve this problem? How to generate random int values between a range? Well, you need to do a little bit of work.

Difference between OCAJP7, OCAJP8, and OCAJP11 Certification - 1Z0-803 vs 1Z0-808 vs 1Z0-815

One of the frequently asked questions asked by most of the OCAJP certification candidates is, what are the differences between OCAJP 8 and OCAJP 7? And, after Java 11 certification release, what is the difference between OCAJP 11 (1Z0-815) and OCAJP 8 (1Z0-808) Which one Java developers should go for? OCAJP7 or OCAJP8, or OCAJP 11? The obvious answer to this question is the latest Java version of the exam, I mean OCAJP 11. Since it's already more than a couple of months since Java 12 is out but there is no OCAJP 9 certification, the OCAJP 8 should be the exam, Java developers should pursue this year and beyond. 

10 Example of jQuery Selectors for Beginners

I am primarily a Java developer but I have done a lot of work with Java web applications including Servlet, JSP, and JavaScript on the client side. It was difficult for me to perform client-side validation using JavaScript but ever since I come to know about jQuery, I simply love to do more validation and other stuff on the client side. The jQuery gives you immense power to do things with HTML pages and half of that power comes from its CSS-like selector engine, which allows you to select any element or group of elements from the HTML page and then do things with them e.g. changes their style or behavior. For example, you can grab the divs and hide them, you can grab the buttons and make them clickable, and so on. 

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5 ways to redirect a web page using JavaScript and jQuery

When an HTTP request for one page automatically goes to another page then it is called redirection. The redirection of a web page is used for different reasons like redirecting to a different domain e.g. when you move your website from one URL to another URL or redirecting to a more recent version of a page you are looking at it. There are many ways to redirect a web page and different web technologies provide different ways like Java provides sendRedirect() and forward() method for redirection. 

Difference between table scan, index scan, and index seek in SQL Server Database? Example

Hello guys, a good understanding of how the index works and how to use them to improve your SQL query performance is very important while working in a database and SQL and that's why you will find many questions based upon indexes on Programming Job interviews. One of such frequently asked SQL questions is the real difference between table scan, index scan, and index seek? which one is faster and why? How does the database chooses which scan or seek to use? and How you can optimize the performance of your SQL SELECT queries by using this knowledge. In general, there are only two ways in which your query engine retrieves the data, using a table scan or by using an index.

7 Reasons of NOT using SELECT * in a SQL Query? Best Practices

I have read many articles on the internet where people suggest that using SELECT * in SQL queries is a bad practice and you should always avoid that, but they never care to explain why? Some of them will say you should always use an explicit list of columns in your SQL query, which is a good suggestion and one of the SQL best practices I teach to junior programmers, but many of them don't explain the reason behind it. 

Difference between OCAJP and OCPJP Certification Exams for Java Programmers

Earlier when Sun Microsystems was in charge of Java, the popular Java certifications were called "Sun Certified Java Programmer" or "SCJP" and that time there was just one exam, you need to pass to become a certified Java Developer, but when Oracle took over Sun Microsystems on 2010, the SCJP goes away and OCAJP and OCPJP born. Since Oracle already has its certifications for database administrations like OCA, which stands for Oracle certified associates, and OCP, which stands for Oracle Certified Professional, it introduces new Java certifications to match their existing hierarchy. They are known as OCAJP and OCPJP in the Java world.

How to find swap space and usage in Solaris? Swap Command Example

Swap space in Solaris or any UNIX host is a vital disk space that is used for the swapping process from physical memory (RAM)  to disk. Virtual memory allows a process to run even if physical memory gets full by using swap space (which is located on your hard disk) to swap out memory pages that are not currently in use. This is a very important concept which every programmer and Linux user should know. It is even more important if you are working in IT support or as a system admin because if swap space is full then swapping will fail and no new process will be able to start. 

How to backup and load Cron Jobs from a File in Linux and UNIX? Crontab Command Example

Hello guys, If you have been using Linux for some time then you might know about cron jobs. They are the scheduler that can be used to automatically start processes in a Linux box. I have worked on many projects which used cron jobs to start the Java process and environment daily or weekly basis. They are similar to Autosys when it comes to scheduling jobs but cron is a Linux command as opposed to Autosys which is a separate application altogether. In Linux, the crontab command is used for scheduling and automating jobs or processes. You can also use it for loading cron jobs from a file, listing existing cron entries, and editing them. It manages the cron table that is used by the cron daemon in Linux to execute the cron jobs.

How to send Logging Messages to SysLog using Log4j2 SysLogAppender in Linux ? Java Example

Sometimes you may want to route your log messages to Syslog in UNIX-based environment like Linux. Since logger allows multiple appenders, you can print the same log messages to a log file, console, and route it to Syslog at the same time. In order to send log messages to Syslog using log4j2, you need to make some changes in your log4j2.xml file. This change is to include the Syslog appender and configure that, once you do that you also need to enable TCP or UDP reception by editing rsyslog.conf file. For faster transmission you can choose UDP protocol and configure a port number on which your Syslog is listening, In our example, Syslog is listening on port 618. Let's see the complete step-by-step guide to configure Syslog logging in log4j logger.

Unix command to find IP address from hostname - Linux example

The IP address from hostname in UNIX
In this Unix command tutorial, we will see how to find the IP address of any host in a UNIX based system, like Linux, Solaris, or IBM AIX. In general hostname and IP address are two important things about any host in a UNIX based network.  You always need either a hostname or IP address to connect to any host. Sometimes you want to find the IP address of the localhost, sometimes the IP address of another host on the network, etc. We have shown some techniques to find the IP address from hostname in UNIX and here we will see is a particular list of UNIX commands to get the IP address of local host or host on which you are working along with any other host for which we know hostname.

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Top 5 Free Core Spring, Spring MVC, and Spring Boot Courses for Beginners in 2021 - Best of Lot

I have been sharing a lot of resources like books and courses recently and when I published my list of Top 5 courses to learn Spring and Hibernate, many of my readers asked about a similar list of free courses to learn Spring Framework like Core Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Security, and Spring Boot. That request was always back in my mind but I couldn't get time to put together a list, which I can share with you guys, but today is the day. In this list, I have compiled some of the best online free courses to learn Spring Framework from scratch, online at your own pace. 

9 ways to Quit/Exit from Vim Editor in Linux/UNIX? Examples

Hello guys, if you are stuck inside VIM editor and looking for a way to come out then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared the free Linux courses and today, I am going to talk about Vim or VI editor, one of the most important tools for people working in Linux. You might not know but many developers struggle to get out of commands like Vim and telnet. I can say that becuase there was a time when I spend a good amount of time coming out from the telnet window.

10 Example of PS command in Linux and UNIX

Hello guys, It's been a long time since I wrote about the Linux command in this blog. In my last article, I have shared free Linux courses for beginners which many of you guys have liked, that's why I am writing another post on Linux, this time about the "ps" command.  If you have worked on a Linux machine then you are likely to be familiar with the "ps" command. The "ps" command is used to check the process status. It stands for "process statistics" and you can use the ps command to see all the processes and find things like PID which can be used to interact with the process. For example, you can kill a process by passing PID to kill command in Linux as shown here.  

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The Ultimate Guide of String in Java - Examples

someone might question that why do we need another article about string in Java, haven't we had enough about the string is already written? Yes, I agree there are a lot of articles related to Java string covering topics like how to use Java String, an example of Java string, and almost everything you can do with string in Java. But, I wanted to document my experience of using String in Java and some nasty and little-known things I discovered about the Java String class, which may not be obvious to many Java developers.

Top 5 Free Courses to Crack AWS SysOps Administration Associate Certification Exam in 2021 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you are preparing for the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate certification exam and looking for free online courses then you have come to the right place. You might have heard about the new AWS SysOps exam SOA-C02, which apart from multiple choice and multiple response questions also has exam labs. This means you need to be more hands-on to crack this new AWS SysOps certification. In the past, I have shared the best AWS SysOps Courses and Practice tests, and today I am going to share 5 free online courses you can join in 2021 to prepare for this prestigious AWS SysOps Certification. 

How to find Files with Matching String in Linux? grep -l command Example

The grep command from Linux is one of the powerful commands to find files containing some text, but when you use grep, it not only print the file name but also the line, which is including the matching text. This is actually required and needed in most situations. Still, sometimes you only want to grep to show just filename and path and not the matching text. For example, when you are searching for some configurations like a Linux or database hostname across all configuration files in your application host, then you just want to see which file has contained those references.

How to combine two Map in Java? Example Tutorial

You can combine two maps in Java by using the putAll() method of java.util.Map interface. This method copies all the mappings from one Map to another, like, if you call it like first.putAll(second), then all mappings from the second Map will be copied into the first Map. This means if the first map contains 5 elements and the second map contains 10 elements or mapping, then the combined map will contain 15 or fewer mappings. In the case of duplicate keys, the value is overridden or updated from the second map.

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Top 5 Free Python 3 Online Courses for Beginners to Learn in 2021 [UPDATED]

Hello guys, If you are a beginner looking for Free Python resources to start your programming journey, then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared a couple of free Python Programming books and some of the best courses to learn Python, which was not free. Some of my readers asked me to share some free online courses to learn Python, and it made sense. I personally like starting from free resources, and today, I'll share a couple of excellent Python programming courses, which are absolutely FREE. You can take these online courses to learn Python at your own pace, at your own time, and at your place. This is an excellent advantage of online learning, the flexibility it provides is just impressive. 

How to Retrieve First and Last Element of LinkedList in Java [Example]

Hello guys, if you are wondering how to get the first and last element from Java LinkedList then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best Data structure and algorithms courses and in today's post, I will teach you how to get the first and last element of a linked list in Java. This is one of the common coding problems but we will see it from different angles. In Java, you don't need to write and create your own LinkedList, there is a built-in class called java.util.LinkedIn and you can use that class whenever you need a linked list data structure. 

How to use Stream and Lambda Expressions for Clean Code in Java? Examples

Hello guys, writing Clean Code in Java has always been my passion, more so after reading the Clean Code book by legendary author Uncle Bob Martin. I always look for ways to make my concise yet more readable but sometimes Java's verbose nature comes into the way. Thankfully after the introduction of powerful features like Lambda expression and Stream API, writing clean code in Java has become much easier. Streams enable the user to combine commands in some sort of pipeline just like we combine Linux commands using pipe and result in high-quality code which describes what you are doing instead of how to do things.

How to Convert a List of String to Comma Separated String (CSV) in Java 8? Example

Before Java 8, it was not straightforward to convert a list of String to a comma-separated String. You have to loop through the collection or list and join them manually using String concatenation, which can take up more than 4 lines of code. Of course, you could encapsulate that into your own utility method and you should but JDK didn't provide anything useful for such a common operation. Btw, things have changed. From Java 8 onwards you can do this easily. JDK 8 has provided a utility class called StringJoiner as well as added a join() method into String class to convert a List, Set, Collection, or even array of String objects to a comma-separated String in Java.

Can you join two unrelated tables in SQL? Cross Join Example

In one of the recent programming job interviews, one of my readers was asked the question, how do you join two tables which are not related to each other? i.e. they don't have any common column? is it possible in SQL? My reader got confused because he only knows about INNER join and OUTER join which require a key column like dept_id which is the primary key in one table like Department and foreign key in another table like Employee. He couldn't answer the question, though he did tell them about you can select data from multiple tables by typing multiple table names in from clause using a comma. 

java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for 'jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/mysql [Solution]

This error comes when you are trying to connect to MySQL database from Java program using JDBC but either the JDBC driver for MySQL is not available in the classpath or it is not registered prior to calling the DriverManager.getConnection() method. In order to get the connection to the database, you must first register the driver using the Class.forName() method. You should call this method with the correct name of the JDBC driver "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" and this will both load and register the driver with JDBC. The type 4 JDBC driver for MySQL is bundled into MySQL connector JAR like mysql-connector-java-5.1.18-bin.jar depending upon which version of MySQL database you are connecting. 

How to use BigDecimal in Java? Example

Hello Java Programmers, if you are wondering how to use BigDecmial in Java then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will show you how to use BigDecimal for example in Java. BigDecimal is used to represent bigger numbers in Java, similar to float and long but many Java programmers also use BigDecimal to store floating-point values because it's easier to perform arithmetic operations on BigDecimal than float or double. That's the reason, many Java programmer uses BigDecmial for monetary or financial calculation that floats or double. 

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6 Best Free AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam Online Courses for Beginners in 2021

Hello guys, if you are preparing for the AZ-900 certification or Azure Fundamentals exam in 2021, one of the best certifications to start a cloud computing career, and looking for free online courses to start your preparation, then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared both free and paid courses to learn AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as the best AZ-900 courses and practice tests, and today, I am going to share the best free AZ-900 courses to pass the Azure Fundamentals exam. If you are thinking of learning Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure platform, this is the best cloud certification. 

Difference between Daemon Thread vs User Thread in Java? Example

A thread is used to perform parallel execution in Java e.g. while rendering screen your program is also downloading the data from the internet in the background. There are two types of threads in Java, user thread and daemon thread, both of which can use to implement parallel processing in Java depending upon the priority and importance of the task. The main difference between a user thread and a daemon thread is that your Java program will not finish execution until one of the user threads is live. JVM will wait for all active user threads to finish their execution before it shutdown itself. 

How to Fix java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver in Java [Solution]

Problem : You are getting java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver error while connecting to MySQL database from Java Program. You may be running your Java application directly from the command prompt, shell script, ANT or Eclipse.

Cause : In order to connect to MySQL database, you need JDBC driver for MySQL. A class that implements java.sql.Driver interface for MySQL. Every vendor is responsible to implement this class for their databases. This driver implementation is provided by MySQL as MySQL java connector library. There is a class called com.mysql.jdbc.Driver which implements this interface.

How to recursive copy directory in Java with sub-directories and files? Example

Hello guys, it's a common requirement in Java to copy a whole directory with sub-directories and files but it's not that straightforward, especially not until Java 7. JDK 7 introduced some new file utility methods as part of Java NIO 2 which we will use in this article to show you how to recursively copy a whole directory with sub-directories and files in Java. I'll also show you how you can use Apache Commons if you are not running on Java 7 or higher versions. Basically, You can copy a file or directory by using the copy(Path, Path, CopyOption...) method. The copy fails if the target file exists unless the REPLACE_EXISTING option is specified.

How to join two threads in Java? Thread.join() example

You can join two threads in Java by using the join() method from java.lang.Thread class. Why do you join threads? because you want one thread to wait for another before starts processing. It's like a relay race where the second runner waits until the first runner comes and hands over the flag to him. Remember, unlike sleep(), join() is not a static method so you need an object of java.lang.Thread class to call this method. Now, who calls and who wants, and which thread dies? for example, if you have two threads in your program main thread and the T1 which you have created. 

How to stop a thread in Java? Example

Today we're going to learn about how to stop a thread in Java. It's easy to start a thread in Java because you have a start() method but it's difficult to stop the thread because there is no working stop() method. Well, there was a stop() method in Thread class, when Java was first released but that was deprecated later. In today's Java version, You can stop a thread by using a boolean volatile variable.  If you remember, threads in Java start execution from the run() method and stop, when it comes out of the run() method, either normally or due to any exception. You can leverage this property to stop the thread. 

How to Fix java.lang.NullPointerExceptionin Java [Tips]

Hello Java programmers, if you want to learn what is NullPointerExcpeiton in Java and how to deal with ith then you have come to the right place. NullPointerException in Java is an unchecked Exception defined in java.lang package and comes when a member of an object either field or method is called on an object which is null. null is a keyword in Java that means nothing and the calling method on an object whose value is null will result in NullPointerException. Since the default value of Object is null, if you call any method or access any field on an Object which is not initialized will throw NullPointerException

How to Create, Start, and Stop a New Thread in Java? [Example Tutorial]

One of the most important tasks for a Java developer is to learn multi-threading and learn it correctly. There are more Java developers who know multi-threading incorrectly than the programmer who doesn't know at all. In order to learn it correctly, you need to start it from scratch, means the most fundamental concepts of multithreading like how to create create, start, and stop a new thread in Java. I am sure you already know that as you have done that a lot of time but it's worth remembering few facts to not repeat the mistakes many programmers do when they write multithreading code in Java. 

5 Examples of Enhanced for loop in Java

Enhanced for loop was added way back in 2004 in Java and it provides an easy and cleaner way to iterate over array and Collection in Java. The introduction of forEach() in Java 8 has further improved iteration but that doesn't mean that you need to forget the for each loop. In this article, you'll see some cool examples of enhanced for loop in Java which will help you to write better and more readable code in Java. It's also less error-prone because you don't have to deal with an index like you need to with the classic "for" loop. This means no chance of one-off error, which means no risk of starting with index zero when you want to start with one or vice-versa.

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Difference between StringTokenizer and Split method in Java? Example

There are multiple ways to split a String in Java, but two of the most common ways are by using StringTokenizer and the split method of String class. You can use either one of them, but when to use which one? This short article will give you some details about StringTokenizer and Split method in Java to decide which one to use.

1) The StringTokenizer is legacy, Prefer split() as more chances of its performance getting improved as happens in Java 7.

2) The StringTokenizer doesn't support regular expression, while spilt() does. However, you need to be careful, because every time you call split, it creates a new Pattern object and compiles expression into a pattern. This means if you are using the same pattern with different input, then consider using Pattern.split() method, because compiling a pattern takes more time later to check whether a given string matches a pattern or not.

How to solve Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type tinyint, smallint or int in Microsoft SQL Server database

Last year we had a production issue where one of our backup jobs was failing while inserting Orders aggregated from other systems into our SQL Server database. The reason was dreaded "Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type int" because the table was using IDENTITY feature of SQL Server to generate OrderId, and Identity has breached it a maximum value, which is around 2.1 billion, precisely 2,147,483,647. The error "Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type int" comes when the IDENTITY value is inserted into a column of data type int, but the value is out-of-range. For example, if the current value of Identity becomes more than 2,147,483,647, then you cannot store that into an int column because it's more than the maximum value of int in SQL Server.

Coursera Certification Review - Data Science Specialization from John Hopkins? Is it worth it in 2021?

Hello guys, if you are thinking of joining Data Science Specialization at John Hopkins University in Coursera but thinking about whether it's worth your time and money or not, then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best Coursera courses for Data ScienceCloud ComputingMachine Learning, Python Programming, and today, I will review one of the most popular Data Science specializations on Coursera, Data Science Specialization by John Hopkins University. While Coursera has many top-quality Data Science certifications, this is probably the most popular of them given its offered by the Johns Hopkins University of the USA. 

Difference between the getRequestDispatcher and getNamedDispatcher in ServletContext? Example

The ServletContext class provides two methods getRequestDispatcher(String url-pattern) and getNamedDispatcher(String name), which can be used to dispatch a request to a particular servlet. The main difference between getRequestDispatcher() and getNamedDispatcher() method is that former accepts a URL pattern or path while later agrees with a Servlet name defined in deployment descriptor or web.xml file, both return an instance of RequestDispatcher class, which can further use to forward or redirect a request in Java web application. Let' see some more detail about these two methods and how they work.

What is Default or Defender Methods of Java 8 - Tutorial Example

Whenever someone talks about Java 8, the first thing they speak about is lambda expression and how lambda expression has changed the way you use Collections API today. In truth, lambda expression would not be that useful had language not been enhanced to support default methods on Java Interface. Also known as virtual extension or defender methods, they allow you to declare a non-abstract method inside the Java interface. This means, finally you can add new methods without breaking all classes, which implements a certain interface. This opens a new path for enhancing and evolving the existing Collection API to take advantage of lambda expressions. For example, now you can iterate over all elements of Collection in just one line, as opposed to four lines it requires you to do prior to Java 8.

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Top 5 Free Docker Courses for Beginners to Learn Online in 2021 - Best of Lot

If you are an application developer working in Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, or any other language and want to become a DevOps engineer or someone who wants to learn Docker, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will share some of the free Docker courses you can use to take online to learn Docker by yourself. These courses are great for both beginners and intermediate developers who have basic ideas about Docker. If you don't know what a Docker is and how it works, let me briefly introduce it.

How to Fix Broken pipe in Java - Cause and Solution

Hello guys, If you have worked in a client-server Java application then you may be familiar with the  " Broken pipe" error, It is one of the many socket-related errors you will see on the server-side application log.  This error comes intermittently when many clients are connecting to a server and many clients closing the connection before a response is fully transferred. Some of the common causes of Broken pipe exception includes
  • The user closed the browser before the page loaded.
  • Their internet connection failed during loading.
  • They went to another page before the page loaded.
  • The browser timed the connection out before the page loaded (would have to be a large page).

How to Fix java.lang.VerifyError: Expecting a stack map frame at branch target 14 in method at offset JDK 7 [Solved]

Hello guys, today, we'll take a look at the not-so-common error for Java applications. If you have been working in Java for a couple of years then you might have seen this dreaded "java.lang.VerifyError: Expecting a stack map frame at branch target 14 in method at offset JDK 7" error in your application log or in Eclipse, particularly if you are running your Java application in Java 7. The main cause of this error, "java.lang.VerifyError: Expecting a stack map frame at branch target ... in the method ... at offset 0 error comes when you have some library, JAR file which is only compatible with Java 1.6 or below and you are running your program in JDK 1.7.

How to Fix "Can not find the tag library descriptor for “” - Cause and Solution

This error comes in when you are trying to use the JSTL core tag library in your JSP page but the web container is not able to locate corresponding TLD files, also known as tag library descriptors. In order to use the custom tags in the JSP page, the first step is to import them using the @taglib directive and for that purpose, we provide a URI. Many JSP developer thinks this is the location where TLD files are stored but that's not true, this is actually the value, custom tab library developer has put in the URL field of tag library descriptor. This misunderstanding causes lots of trouble while solving "Can not find the tag library descriptor for “”.

How to get current Page URL, Path, and hash using jQuery? Example, Tutorial

Hello guys,  in the last jQuery tutorial, I have taught you how to set and get values from a text field using jQuery and in this jQuery tutorial, you will learn about how to get the current URL and hash values, like something which starts with # (hash) letter. For example, in the URL http://localhost:8080/HelloWeb/test.html#ixzz2PGmDFlPd, URL is http://localhost:8080/HelloWeb/test.html and the hash value is ixzz2PGmDFlPd. This is important information and you will often find needing hash values from the current URL while working on a web application.

How to Find Nth Highest Salary in MySQL and SQL Server? Example LeetCode Solution

Nth Highest Salary in MySQL and SQL Server - LeetCode Solution
Write a SQL query to get the nth highest salary from the Employee table.

| Id | Salary |
| 1  | 100    |
| 2  | 200    |
| 3  | 300    |

For example, given the above Employee table, the nth highest salary where n = 2 is 200. If there is no nth highest salary, then the query should return null.

How to do Inter process communication in Java? Example Tutorial

Hello guys, in the past, I have shown you how to do inter-thread communication in Java using wait-notify, and today, I will teach you how to do inter-process communication in Java. There are many ways to do inter-process communication in Java, you can use Sockets, both TCP and UDP, you can use RMI, you can use web services, or you can use memory-mapped file. The socket is the most common way of achieving inter-process communication if two processes are in two different hosts and connected via a network. RMI and WebService can also be used for similar purposes, but the last one, inter-process communication using memory-mapped files, is particularly useful if you are communicating with other processes in the same host, sharing the same memory and file system.

Recursive grep command example in Linux

Hello guys, one of the most common tasks while working on programming projects is finding files containing some specific text like you have your application deployed in the Linux server, and you are migrating your database from one server to another. Now, you want to file all config files and scripts which are referencing your old database using the hostname or IP address, so that you can replace them with an alias. Well, you should always use an alias to connect to the database or any other system, but sometimes it happens you have to use a hostname. Anyway, how do you find all those files containing hostname in your Linux machine? Well, the grep command is here to help you.

Top 24 Java Date, Time, and Calendar Interview Questions Answers

The Date and Time API is a significant one for day-to-day Java development work, but many interviewers don't ask enough questions on this topic. Most of the questions are based on either Java Collection framework like  HashMap, ConcurrentHashMap, or ArrayList or multi-threading concepts like volatile, synchronized, and atomic variables. This is not good, and many interviewers have realized that a good understanding of date and time API is also important for a good Java developer. That's the main reason for increasing date, time, and calendar-based Java interview questions in recent times, particularly in the last couple of years.

Java Interface Example for Beginners

Hello guys, if you are wondering what Java interface is and how to do your user interface in Java, you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have written about the actual use of the interface in Java, and in this article, I will give you an example of an interface in Java. I will also explain what an interface is and how and where you should use it. An interface is nothing but a name. As Joshua Bloch advised in the Effective Java book, the interface is great for declaring type. So, if you want to declare your own type like Employee, Order, Listener, etc., you can use the interface. 

Friday, July 23, 2021

How to Fix with Connection reset Exception in Java? Examples

Hello guys, for the past few months, I have been writing about different socket-related errors on Java applications, and today I am going to talk about another common socket-related exception in Java - Connection reset Exception. There is no difference between exceptions thrown by the client and server. This is also very similar to the Failed to read from SocketChannel: Connection reset by a peer but there is some subtle difference. The difference between connection reset and connection reset by peer is that the first means that your side reset the connection, the second means the peer did it. Nothing to do with clients and servers whatsoever

How to solve Two Sum Array Problem in Java? Example

Hello guys, if you have been solving data structure and algorithms problems or been through a couple of coding interviews then you might be familiar with the classical "Two Sum" problem. It's one of the classical coding problems of finding two numbers in a given array whose sum is equal to a given target number. It's a good problem to learn how array data structure works and programming basics like loops, conditionals, and operators. It's also good for developing your problem-solving skills and coding sense, which will help you in the long run. This is also a popular leetcode problem and is commonly asked in coding interviews to both beginners and intermediate programmers.

How to Solve String Anagram Coding Problem Solution in Java? Example

Hello guys, if you are preparing for Coding interviews then you already know that String is one of the most popular topics. You will be bound to get some string-based coding problems on interviews. If not, you have come to the right place becuase we'll look at one of the most popular String programming interview questions today,  how to check if two given strings are Anagram of each other? Two String is said to be an anagram of each other, if they contain exactly the same characters but in a different order. For example "ARMY" and "MARY" are an anagram of each other because they contain the exact same characters 'A', 'R', 'M' and  'Y'.

Top 5 Java EE Mistakes Java Web Developers should Avoid - Example

Hello guys, if you are working in Java EE and creating web applications and enterprise applications then you know that it's not as easy as it looks. You need to know some internal quirks so that your application can work properly in Production. Earlier, I have shared the free courses to learn full-stack Java development, and today, I am going to talk about some coding practices that you should avoid while creating Java web applications or Java EE applications. This will save you a lot of headaches when your application will go live and run in production. 

How to get current Day, Month, Year from Date in Java? LocalDate vs java.util.Date Example

In this article, I'll show you how to get the current day, month, year, and dayOfWeek in Java 8 and earlier version like Java 6 and JDK 1.7. Prior to Java 8, you can use the Calendar class to get the various attribute from java.util.Date in Java. The Calendar class provides a get() method which accepts an integer field corresponding to the attribute you want to extract and return the value of the field from the given Date, as shown here. You might be wondering, why not use the getMonth() and getYear() method of java.util.Date itself, well, they are deprecated and can be removed in the future version, hence it is not advised to use them.

How to use ConcurrentHashSet from ConcurrentHashMap in Java 8 - Example Tutorial

There is no ConcurrentHashSet in JDK 8, but you can still create one for yourself using the ConcurrentHashMap class of java.util. Concurrent package. A new method is added into ConcurrentHashMap in JDK 8, newKeySet(), which allows you to create a concurrent hash set backed by a concurrent hash map. If you remember, whenever you get keys from the map, they are returned in a Set e.g. for the old keySet() method, because the map only has unique keys. Since the map doesn't allow duplicate keys, it can be used as a set, as long as you only care for keys or just one element. 

How to Convert a LinkedList to an Array in Java? Example

You can convert a LinkedList to an array in Java by using the toArray() method of the java.util.LinkedList class. The toArray() method accepts an array of relevant type to store contents of LinkedList. It stores the elements in the array in the same order they are currently inside the LinkedList. By using the toArray() method you can convert any type of LinkedList e.g. Integer, String or Float to any type of Array, only catch is this you cannot convert a LinkedList to an array of primitives i.e. a LinkedList of Integer cannot be converted into an array of ints by using toArray() method, but you can convert it to an array of Integer objects, that's perfectly Ok.

Top 25 Exception Interview Questions for Java Programmers [UPDATED]

1) The difference between checked and Unchecked Exceptions in Java?
For checked exceptions, the compiler ensures that they are either handled using try-catch, try-finally, or try-catch-finally block or thrown away. If a method, which throws a checked exception like IOException, and doesn't handle them or doesn't declare them in the throws class of the method, a compile-time error will occur. On the other hand, the compiler doesn't do similar checks for an unchecked exception, that's why it is known as un-checked. These are also called runtime exceptions because they extend java.lang.RuntimeException.

How to convert int array to ArrayList of Integer in Java 8? [Example/Tutorial]

I once asked this question to one of the Java developers during an Interview and like many others, he answered that Arrays.asList() can convert an array of primitive integer values to ArrayList<Integer> in Java, which was actually wrong. Even though, Arrays.asList() is the go-to method to convert an Array to ArrayList in Java when it comes to converting a primitive array to ArrayList, this method is not useful. The Arrays.asList() method does not deal with boxing and it will just create a List<int[]> which is not what you want. In fact, there was no shortcut to convert an int[] to ArrayList<Integer> or long[] to ArrayList<Long> till Java 8.

Difference between Callable and Runnable in Java - Thread Interview question

The difference between the Callable and Runnable interface in Java is one of the interesting questions from my list of Top 15 Java multi-threading questions, and it’s also very popular in various Java Interviews. The Callable interface is newer than the Runnable interface and was added on Java 5 release along with other major changes e.g. Generics, Enum, Static imports, and variable argument method. Though both Callable and Runnable interfaces are designed to represent a task, which can be executed by any thread, there is some significant difference between them. 

10 Examples of LocalDate, LocalTime, and LocalDateTime in Java 8

It's been almost 5 years since Java SE 8 was released on 17th March 2014 and Java 8 adoption has come a long way. Java programmers around the world have accepted with both ends, many companies have switched their development on Java 8 and several others are migrating to Java 8 platform. At this time, it's extremely important for a Java developer to learn and share his Java 8 skill, and that just not include lambdas, stream, method reference, functional interface, and other more glamorous stuff, you also need to learn the new Date and Time API, which you would find using more regularly in your day to day life.

Why wait() and notify() method should be called inside a loop in Java? Example

If you have used the wait() and notify() method in Java then you know that the standard idiom of calling the wait() method uses a loop, but have you ever thought why? This is even advised by none other than Joshua Bloch, a Java guru and author of the popular Effective Java book, a must-read for any Java programmer. When I first started using this method, I was puzzled why not just use the if block because ultimately we are testing for a condition and then either waiting or going for further processing. An if block is more readable for the testing condition than a while loop like for the classic producer-consumer problem, the waiting condition for producer thread could be written as :

How to use Callable Statement in Java to call Stored Procedure? JDBC Example

The CallableStatement of JDBC API is used to call a stored procedure from Java Program. Calling a stored procedure follows the same pattern as creating PreparedStatment and then executing it. You first need to create a database connection by supplying all the relevant details e.g. database URL, which comprise JDBC protocol and hostname, username, and password. Make sure your JDBC URL is acceptable by the JDBC driver you are using to connect to the database. Every database vendor uses a different JDBC URL and they have different driver JAR which must be in your classpath before you can run the stored procedure from Java Program.

Top 10 Java Collections interview Questions Answers for Beginners

Hello guys, if you have gone through a couple of Java Interviews then you might know that Java Collections is an important topic. There is hardly any Java interview I have faced, and I have faced many where there are no questions from Collections. This Java Collection Framework interview questions and answers contain questions from popular Java collection classes like HashMap, ArrayList, HashSet, ConcurrentHashMap, and legacy collection classes like Vector and Hashtable. These are the questions that have been asked in real interviews and also allows you to explore these essential classes in more detail which will eventually make you a better Java developer. 

JDBC - How to connect MySQL database from Java program with Example

When you start learning JDBC in Java, the first program you want to execute is connected to a database from Java and get some results back by executing some SELECT queries. In this Java program, we will learn How to connect to the MySQL database from the Java program and execute a query against it. I choose the MySQL database because it's free and easy to install and set up. If you are using Netbeans IDE then you can connect MySQL Server directly from Netbeans, Which means in one window you could be writing Java code, and other you can write SQL queries.

5 ways to Compare String Objects in Java - Example Tutorial

here are many ways to compare String in Java e.g. you can use equals() and equalsIgnoreCase() for equality check and compare() and compareTo() for ordering comparison. You can even use the equality operator == to perform reference-based comparison e.g. to check both the String reference variable points to the same object. In general, equals() is used to check whether the value of a given String is the same i.e. they contain the same characters in the same sequence or not e.g. "Groovy".equals("Groovy") will be true if you compare them using equals() method. You can also use equalsIgnoreCase() to check if they are equal irrespective of case e.g. "Apple" and "apple" will be the same if you compare them using equalsIgnoreCase() method.

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Top 10 Java Programming Coding Interview Questions Answers for programmers

Java coding interview questions answers
Java coding interview questions are mostly some programming exercises which is asked to be solved in the java programming language in a limited time during any core Java or J2EE interview. No matter whether you have 2 years of experience or 4 years of experience, there is always some coding interview question in the Java programming job you are applying for. Actually, questions related to Java Coding are increasingly getting popular in Java interviews for two reasons, first its difficult to crack Java coding interview questions than answering fact-based questions like Why String is immutable in Java or Why main is static in Java; Second reason of popularity of Coding question in Java interviews is read need of good developers who are required to do a lot of coding in projects rather than doing some maintenance works.

5 Free Courses to learn Django for Beginners in 2021- Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you want to learn Django and looking for some free online Django courses to start with, then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared the best Python courses and best Django courses, and today, I am going to share free Django courses you can join online to learn this useful full-stack Python framework. There is no doubt that Python is the king of a Programming language at this moment, and one main reason for that is the huge number of powerful frameworks and libraries it has for different purposes like automation, data science, machine learning, scripting, data analysis,  and Web development is no different.

JDBC - How to connect Eclipse to Oracle Database - Step by Step Guide Example

Though I prefer Toad or Oracle SQL Developer tool to connect Oracle database, sometimes it's useful to directly connect Eclipse to Oracle using JDBC using its Data Source Explorer view. This means you can view data, run SQL queries to the Oracle database right from your Eclipse window. This will save a lot of time wasted during switching between Toad and Eclipse or Oracle SQL Developer and Eclipse. Eclipse also allows you to view the Execution plan in both text and Graphical mode, which you can use to troubleshoot the performance of your SQL queries.

JDBC - Difference between PreparedStatement and Statement in Java? Answer

If you have worked with database interfacing with Java using JDBC API then you may know that the JDBC API provides three types of Statements for wrapping an SQL query and sending it for execution to the database, they are aptly named as Statement, PreparedStatement, and CallableStatement. First, a Statement is used to execute normal SQL queries like select count(*) from Courses. You can also use it to execute DDL, DML, and DCL SQL statements. 

How to Convert Hostname to IP Address in Java - InetAddress Example

Hello guys, today, I am going to teach you about one interesting class from package, the InetAddress. If you have never used this class before, let me tell you that it's an abstraction to represent an Internet address and it encapsulates both hostname and IP address. Since converting an IP address to hostname or hostname to IP address is a very common requirement, Java developers should know about this class, and, in general about package, which contains many other useful class for networking and client-server applications. So, what is the best way to learn new APIs like Well, by writing small programs like this, which has a small focus and let you explore things. They are super useful and that's how I have learned the majority of Java API.

How to Convert a Comma Separated String to an ArrayList in Java - Example Tutorial

Suppose you have a comma-separated list of String e.g. "Samsung, Apple, Sony, Google, Microsoft, Amazon" and you want to convert it into an ArrayList containing all String elements e.g. Samsung, Apple, Google, etc. How do you do that? Well, Java doesn't provide any such constructor or factory method to create ArrayList from delimited String, but you can use String.split() method and Arrays.asList() method together to create an ArrayList from any delimited String, not just comma separated one. 

float and double data types in Java with Examples

Hello guys, float and double are two of the important data types in Java, but many developers don't pay enough attention to these two data types, resulting in writing poor code with subtle bugs. To be honest, they are not easy to use because of the complexity with floating-point calculation but knowing even simple things like the maximum and minimum limit of float and double data types and how to compare float and double variables can go a long way in eliminating bugs which are not obvious.

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Top 5 Online Courses to learn Design Patterns in JavaScript in 2021 - Best of Lot

If you are a JavaScript web developer and want to learn design patterns to further improve your coding and development skills and looking for the best design pattern courses in JavaScript, then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best JavaScript courses for beginners. Today, I will share the best courses to learn Design Patterns in JavaScript from Udemy, Pluralsight, Udacity, and LinkedIn Learning. These are truly great online courses that you can join to learn this useful skill and become a better JavaScript developer. 

Top 10 Tough Core Java Interview Questions Answers for Programmers

tough core Java interviews questions and answers
What is a tough core java interview question? Why do people look for tough Java questions before going for an interview? well, I don't think I need to answer these tough questions because it's pretty natural to prepare for tough questions even if you are not expecting tough questions from core Java. If you are prepared for the tough and tricky Java interview question then you feel more confident and answer other Java interview questions with confidence. 

How to Run External Program, Command Prompt, and Batch files from Eclipse Console ? Example Tips

Hello guys, have you ever thought about how much time a Java developer spends on Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, or his favorite IDE? I guess most of his time, isn't it would be great to do as much as work possible from Eclipse itself, without switching to another application. Since switching between applications or programs requires some time, which is generally gone waste, I like to use Eclipse as much as possible, starting from coding in Java, executing Java programs to exploring XML files, and now even running the batch command from Eclipse. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

How to Show Open Save File Dialog in Java Swing Application? JFileChooser Example

Hello guys, if you worked in Java GUI-based application then you may know that Swing provides class javax.swing.JFileChooser can be used to present a dialog for the user to choose a location and type a file name to be saved, using the showSaveDialog() method. Syntax of this method is as follows:
   public int showSaveDialog(Component parent)

where the parent is the parent component of the dialog, such as a JFrame.

20+ JMS Interview Questions and Answers for Java Programmers

Java Messaging Service or JMS interview questions is one of the important parts of any Core Java or J2EE interview as messaging is a key aspect of enterprise Java development. JMS is a popular open-source Messaging API and various vendors like Apache Active MQ, Websphere MQ, Sonic MQ provide an implementation of Java messaging API or JMS. Any Java messaging services or JMS interview can be divided into two parts where the first part focuses on fundamentals of JMS API and messaging concepts like What is a topic, What is Queue, publish-subscribe or point to point model, etc, While the second part is related to JMS experience with particular JMS provider.

Top 50 JavaScript Interview Questions for Beginners [ 1 to 2 Years Experienced]

Hello guys, you may know that JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages, having ranking #1 for a couple of years in the StackOverflow survey. There is no doubt that JavaScript is the most popular language or web development. The best thing is that you can use JavaScript to develop both frontend and backend using the same programming language and tech stack. You have so many popular frameworks like React.js, Angular, Node.js, Vue.js to implement sophisticated web applications for different domains. That's why the demand for JavaScript developers is very high, especially full-stack JavaScript developers who can create front-end and back-end applications independently.

Java - Convert String to Short Example

In the last couple of examples, I have taught you how to convert String to Integer, Long, Double, Float, Boolean, and Byte in Java, and today I will show you how to convert String to Short in Java, but before that let's revise what is a short data type in Java. The short is an integral data type similar to the int but it only takes 2 bytes to store data as compared to 4 bytes required by an int variable. Since it takes only 2 bytes or 16 bits to store data, the range of short is also shorter than int. It ranges from -32,768 to 32767 (inclusive) or -2^15 to 2^15 -1. You might be wondering why the upper bound is 255 and the lower bound is -256 but that's because we have included zero in between.

Monday, July 19, 2021

5 Ways to implement Singleton Design Pattern in Java? Examples

This article introduces the singleton design pattern and its 5 implementation variations in Java. You will learn different ways to implement a singleton pattern and understand the challenges of creating a singleton class, like thread-safety issues and serialization issues.

At most, one instance of a class must be created in an application.

That class (singleton) is defined, including its own instance, and the constructor must be private.

Top 40 Perl Programming and Scripting Interview Questions Answers for Beginners [1 - 2 Years Experienced]

Hello guys, if you have been working as a professional Software developer then you may have heard about Perl, one of the most powerful scripting languages. Perl is really great when it comes to creating reports, write scripts to analyze text, and connect to DB, load data and generate reports. Perl is even more important for support professionals, business analysts, and IT professionals who need to work in the field of operations. That's why Perl questions are quite common during Software developer and IT support interview, especially if the Job description mention Perl or you have added Perl as a skill in your resume or LinkedIn Profile.

5 Best Free Excel Courses from Udemy and Coursera to Learn Online in 2021

If you want to learn Microsoft Excel, a productivity tool for IT professionals, and looking for free online courses then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared some Microsoft Excel courses for beginners and some advanced Excel courses for experienced programmers which are very liked by you guys but I also receive many requests to share some free resources to learn Microsoft Excel like free books, free online courses, and free tutorials and that's why I am going to share best free Microsoft  Excel courses from sites like Udemy in this article which you can use to learn this useful tool online.

Difference between VARCHAR and CHAR data type in SQL Server? [Explained]

Hello all, today, I am going to share an interesting SQL Server interview question, which will not only help you in your interview but also in your day-to-day work. It explains one of the critical concepts of SQL Server, the difference between VARCHAR and CHAR data type. I am sure, you all have used both of them numerous times but because it's so common many of us ignore the difference between them and when asked to choose between VARCHAR and CHAR on interviews, they fail to give a convincing reason. The difference is not just significant from an interview point of view but also from a robust database design because an incorrect choice of data type not only limit what kind of data you can put on but also waste precious space and makes your query slower, particularly when you have to deal with the massive amount of data.

How to Fix Access restriction: The type BASE64Decoder is not accessible due to restriction Error in Eclipse? [Solution]

Hello guys, if you have been using Eclipse for Java development then you might have seen this dreaded  "Access restriction: The type BASE64Decoder is not accessible due to restriction Error" before. This error comes when you are trying to encode String into Base64 using BASE64Decoder in Eclipse because the class BASE64Decoder is not part of JDK's public API, it comes from sun.misc package which is non-public. Though this class is present in JDK and JRE and allows you to encode and decode String into base 64, any access to this class from Eclipse flags as an error in Eclipse IDE. If you compile and run the same program from the command line or Netbeans you will not get this error.

How to use CountDownLatch in Java? Example

CountDowaLatch is a high-level synchronization utility that is used to prevent a particular thread to start processing until all threads are ready. This is achieved by a countdown. The thread, which needs to wait for starts with a counter, each thread make the count down by 1 when they become ready, once the last thread call countDown() method, then the latch is broken and the thread waiting with the counter starts running. CountDownLatch is a useful synchronizer and is used heavily in multi-threaded testing.

Java CyclicBarrier Example for Beginners [Multithreading Tutorial]

This is the second part of my concurrency tutorial, in the first part, you have learned how to use CountDownLatch and in this part, you will learn how to use CyclicBarrier class in Java. CyclicBarrier is another concurrency utility introduced in Java 5 which is used when a number of threads (also known as parties) want to wait for each other at a common point, also known as the barrier before starting processing again. It's similar to CountDownLatch but instead of calling countDown() each thread calls await() and when the last thread calls await() which signals that it has reached the barrier, all threads started processing again, also known as a barrier is broken. 

How to Fix java.lang.classnotfoundexception oracle.jdbc.driver.oracledriver [Solved]

Scenario : Your Java program, either standalone or Java web application is trying to connect to Oracle database using type 4 JDBC thin driver "oracle.jdbc.driver.oracledriver", JVM is not able to find this class at runtime. This JAR comes in ojdbc6.jar or ojdbc6_g.jar which is most probably not available in classpath.

Cause : When you connect to Oracle database from Java program, your program loads the implementation of Driver interface provided by the database vendor using class.forName() method, which throws ClassNotFoundException when driver class is not found in classpath. In case of Oracle the driver implementation is oracle.jdbc.driver.oracledriver and "java.lang.classnotfoundexception oracle.jdbc.driver.oracledriver" error indicate that this class is  not available in classpath. Since this class is bundled into ojdbc6.jar, its usually the case of this JAR not present in Classpath

How to Fix SQLServerException: The index 58 is out of range? JDBC Example

I was executing a stored procedure against SQL SERVER 2008 database from Java program using CallableStatement, but unfortunately, I was getting the following error "SQLServerException: The index 58 is out of range". Since I am passing a lot of parameters I thought that something is wrong with a number of parameters I was passing to the stored proc. My stored procedure had 58 INPUT parameters, as soon as I removed the 58th INPUT parameter the error goes away, which confirmed my belief that SQL Server supports a maximum of 57 INPUT parameters in stored procedure via JDBC