How to Print all leaf Nodes of a Binary tree in Java [ Coding Interview Questions]

This is another interesting coding problem that is based on a binary tree and mostly asked beginner programmers. If you have some experience in solving binary tree-based problems then it's rather easy to solve because, like many other binary tree algorithms, you can use recursion to print all leaf nodes of a binary tree in Java. Since the tree is a recursive data structure, you can apply the same algorithm to both the left and right subtree. In order to solve this problem, the first thing you should know is what is a leaf node because if you don't know that then you won't be able to solve the problem. Well, a leaf node is the one whose left and right child nodes are null.

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10 Things about Array Every Java Programmer Should Learn [UPDATED]

Without any doubt, the array is one of the most used data structures in all programming languages, including Java. Pick up any programming language be it functional, object-oriented, imperative, or even scripting languages like Python, Bash, and Perl, you will always find an array. That's why it's important for any programmer to have a good understanding of the array data structure. Like any other data structure, the array also provides a way to organize and store objects, but the way it does makes all the difference. An array is used to store elements in the contiguous memory location and many C, C++ programmers can take advantage of a pointer to work with an array.

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Binary tree InOrder traversal in Java using Recursion

The InOrder traversal is one of the three popular ways to traverse a binary tree data structure, the other two being the preOrder and postOrder. During the in-order traversal algorithm, the left subtree is explored first, followed by root, and finally nodes on the right subtree. You start traversal from root then go to the left node, then again go to the left node until you reach a leaf node. At that point in time, you print the value of the node or mark it visited and moves to the right subtree. Continuing the same algorithm until all nodes of the binary tree are visited. The InOrder traversal is also known as the left-node-right or left-root-right traversal or LNR traversal algorithm.

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