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Top 20 TypeScript Interview Questions and Answers for Web Developers

Hello guys, if you are preparing for Web developer Interview where TypeScript is mentioned as required skill then you should prepare TypeScript well and if you are looking for common TypeScript interview questions then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared common JavaScript Questions, HTML Questions, CSS questions and Web Development questions and in this article, I am going to share 20 TypeScript interview questions with Answers. I have tried to cover as many TypeScript concepts as possible using these questions and provided to-the-point answers for quick revision. If you have worked as TypeScript developer or used TypeScript in past then you can easily answer these questions but if you cannot then you can always join these best TypeScript courses to learn and revise TypeScript concepts quickly. 

Top 51 JavaScript Interview Questions for 1 to 2 Years Experienced Developers

Hello guys, you may know that JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages, having ranking #1 for a couple of years in the StackOverflow survey. There is no doubt that JavaScript is the most popular language or web development. The best thing is that you can use JavaScript to develop both frontend and backend using the same programming language and tech stack. You have so many popular frameworks like React.js, Angular, Node.js, Vue.js to implement sophisticated web applications for different domains. That's why the demand for JavaScript developers is very high, especially full-stack JavaScript developers who can create front-end and back-end applications independently.

Top 20 AWS Interview Questions Answers for Developers and DevOps Engineers

Hello guys, if you are preparing for Cloud engineer interview or preparing for a developer role where AWS cloud skills are required and need AWS questions to kick start your preparation then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared 20 Cloud Computing Interview Questions with answers and in today's article, I am going to share 20 common AWS questions with answers from interviews. These questions are suitable for 1 to 3 years experienced AWS professionals as it touches fundamental AWS concepts and services. If you have worked on AWS platform then most likely you can answer all of these questions but if you struggle then you can always go back and join one of these best AWS cloud courses to learn and revise key AWS concepts before interviews. 

How to Prepare for AWS certified Security Specialty Exam in 2023

Hello guys, if you are preparing for AWS Certified Security Specialty exam in 2023 then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best AWS Security specialist courses and my thoughts and courses on cracking AWS Solution architect exam and today, I will share how you can prepare for AWS Security certification in depth. The AWS Certified Security Specialty" certification is one of the most esteemed credentials in the industry. There is now an official designation for data analysts on their resumes and applications. Two of today's most hotly debated topics, cloud computing, and security, come together with the AWS Security Specialty certification. If you're in the security field, bringing your skills to the cloud is a natural next step in your career development. 

Why Every Developer should learn Cloud Computing (AWS, AZURE or GCP) in 2023

Hello guys, if you are wondering whether you should learn Cloud Computing in 2023 then my only advice to you is just learn it. It doesn't matter whether you are a Developer or DevOps, sooner or later you will have to learn Cloud, there is no escape here and learning now is your best option. Now most of the job description for Java developers list that they will prefer candidates with familiarity and experience working in cloud platforms like AWS or Azure and if you don't have them then you will be left behind. Nowadays, whenever I open LinkedIn, I see people on my network getting AWS certified or Azure Certified or Google Certified and its not a coincidence, they are doing because their job need Cloud skills and their companies are also encouraging them to learn Cloud and become a certified Cloud Developers and that's the main reason I suggest every programmer and developer to learn about Cloud computing. 

How to use Deque Data Structure in Java? Example Tutorial

Hello friends, I am really glad to see you all again here. And I know you are here to learn new and valuable Java concepts and continue your journey on Java. Today we are gonna learn something that is really important logically. yes! you heard right, we are going to learn about Deque data structure in Java and how to use Deque in the Java program. Deque is a special data structure, a double-ended queue that allows you to process elements at both ends, I mean you can add and remove objects from both front and rear end. It's a short form of Double-Ended Queue and pronounced as "Deck".  

How to use Recursion in JavaScript? Example Tutorial

If you are a programmer, you may have come across a term called “recursion”. In programming, several techniques are used to solve a problem. Recursion is one such technique. It allows you to break a big problem into smaller parts and then solve those smaller parts. It's also one of the useful techniques to solve dynamic programming-based problems and that's why it's very very important for any programmer or developer preparing for coding interviews.  Recursion is not limited to a specific programming language. It can be performed using Java, JavaScript, C, or any other programming language. In this article, we will learn what is recursion and how to perform it using JavaScript.

How to get the first and last item in an array in Java? Example Tutorial

Firstly, before going about finding the first and the last item of an array in java. We need to fully understand what an array is and how it works. What then is an Array? An array is a data structure in java that holds values of the same type with its length specified right from creation time. Think of a container, like a crate of eggs or coke. What I am trying to say is that when you are creating your array, the items coming in must be the same as you have specified as length and you must specify how many items are coming. If you have stated that the items coming are integers, so it is and no other data type (e.g string, char e.t.c) can be there and vice versa. Or you can say an array is a collection of similar type of elements which has contiguous memory location.

Java FileReader + BufferedReader Example

There are multiple ways to read a file in Java e.g. you can use a Scanner as we have seen in the last example, or you can use the BufferedReader class. The advantage of using a BufferedReader to read a text file is speed. It allows faster reading because of internal buffering provided by BufferedReader. Other Reader classes like FileReader access the file or disk every time you call the read() method but BufferedReader keeps 8KB worth of data in its internal buffer which you can read it without accessing the file multiple times. It's loaded when you access the file the first time for a subsequent read.