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Top 50 Database and SQL Interview Questions Answers for Programmers

Hello guys, whether you are preparing for Java developer interview or any other Software Developer Interview, a DevOps Interview or a IT support interview, you should prepare for SQL and Database related questions. Along with Data Structure, Algorithms, System Design, and Computer Fundamentals, SQL and Database are two of the essential topic for programming or technical Job interview. In the past, I have shared many questions related to MSSQL questions, Oracle Questions, MySQL questions, and PostgreSQL questions and in this article, I am going to share both theory based and query based Database and SQL Interview questions with to the points answers.

Top 21 Web Development Interview Questions with Answers in 2023

Hello guys, if you are preparing for web developer job and looking for popular web development interview questions for preparation then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared HTML Interview Question, CSS Interview Questions, and JavaScript Interview Questions and in this article, I am going to share common web development interview questions. You may be thinking how much different it is from other list but this is a general questions about web development like web services, images, SOAP, REST, Pagination etc.

3 Examples of Anonymous Class to Learn Lambda Expression better in Java 8

Hello guys, you may be thinking why I am talking about Anonymous class now when many Java programmers have already switched to Java 8 and many have already moved on from Anonymous class to Lambda expression in? Well, I am doing it because I am seeing many Java programmers who find it difficult to write and read code using lambda expression in new Java 8 way. It's also my own experience that if you know the problem first, you can better understand the solution (lambda expression). Some of you might remember, the opening scene of MI 2 (Mission Impossible 2), when Nekhorovich says to Dimitri that "Every search for a hero must begin with something that every hero requires, a villain. Therefore, in our search for a hero, Belairiform, we created the monster, Chimera"

Top 27 Spring Security Interview Questions Answers for Java Developers

Hello guys, if you are preparing for Java and Spring Developer interview then you should prepare about Spring Security. Since Security is an important topic and Spring security is the most popular framework to implement security in Java web applications, there is always a few questions based upon Spring Security in Java developer interviews. In the past, I have shared Spring Boot questionsSpring Data JPA Question, Spring Cloud Questions, and Microservices Interview Questions and in this article, I will share 20 popular Spring security questions for practice. I have also shared answers so that you can revise key Spring security concepts quickly but if you think that you need more preparation on certain topic then you can also checkout this list of best Spring Security courses where I have shared online courses to learn Spring security in depth. 

Top 20 Jenkins and CI/CD Interview Questions Answers for Java Developers

Hello guys, if you are preparing for Java developer interview or DevOps Interview, one tool which you should know well is Jenkins, the king of Continuous Integration and Continuous build, and one of the most desirable skill companies look on experienced programmers now a days. Earlier, I have shared best free Jenkins courses for programmers to learn this useful tool as well as Interview questions on DevOps, Docker, and Kubernetes and in this article, I am going to share 20 frequently sked Jenkins and CI/CD Interview questions with answers for both beginners and experienced developers. 

Top 20 Agile and Scrum Interview Questions and Answers for PM, Programmers and Testers

Hello guys, ,if you are preparing for Software Developer interview then it makes to prepare questions on Agile and Scrum methodology. Agile is the standard way to develop software and most of the companies, both big and small follows Agile to develop and deliver Software. Earlier, I have shared free Agile and Scrum online courses to learn these useful technologies for Software development and today, I am going to share 20 Agile and Scrum interview questions with answers. But, before we get to the all-important interview questions that will help you land your dream software job, let me tell you something about Agile and Scrum. 

3 Examples of flatMap() of Stream in Java

Hello guys, if you are doing Java development then you must have come across the flatMap() method on Stream and Optional Class. The flatMap() method is extension of map() function as it does both flattening and mapping (or transformation) instead of just transformation done by map() method. I have explained the difference between map() and flatMap() earlier in detail, but just to revise, let's revisit it. If you have a list of String e.g. {"credit", "debit", "master", "visa"} then you can use the map() method to get a list of integer where each value is length of corresponding String e.g. -> s.length()) will produce {6, 5, 6, 4}. This is called transformation because you have transformed an stream of String to a Stream of integer

Top 50 Advanced Java Garbage Collection and Performance Interview Questions and Answers

Hello Java Developers, If you have gone through any Java Developer interview, particularly for a senior developer role then you know that a good knowledge of JVM internals and Garbage collection is important. Even though Java and JVM take care of memory management for you, bad code can still cause memory leaks and performance issues. For example, if you are creating millions of objects in a loop or keeping an un-intended reference of dead objects then you are putting additional strain on the Garbage collector and creating a memory leak in your application. You cannot blame Java and JVM for that and the only way to avoid such errors is to know about how Garbage collection works.

Top 40 Perl Interview Questions and Answers for Programmers

Hello guys, if you have been working as a professional Software developer then you may have heard about Perl, one of the most powerful scripting languages. Perl is really great when it comes to creating reports, write scripts to analyze text, and connect to DB, load data and generate reports. Perl is even more important for IT support professionals, business analysts, and IT professionals who need to work in the field of operations. That's why Perl questions are quite common during Software developer and IT support interview, especially if the Job description mention Perl or you have added Perl as a skill in your resume or LinkedIn Profile.