Top 5 Data Structures and Algorithms Courses in JavaScript- Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you are a JavaScript developer learning Data Structure and Algorithms and looking for the best online course to learn Algorithms and Data Structure in JavaScript then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared free courses to learn JavaScript, and data structure Algorithms, and today, I am going to share the best courses to learn Data Structure and Algorithms. These courses have been created by expert instructors like Colt Steele, Andrei Neagoie, and Stephen Grider and trusted by thousands of developers. They are also very affordable, especially the Udemy courses which you can buy for just $10 on Udemy sales which happens every now and then.

How to send an email with body and attachment from Linux

One of the common tasks for programmers working in a Linux machine is to send emails, for example, your Java applications are running on Linux like RHEL 5 or RHEL 6 version and you need to send a report of all the clients connecting to your application. An easy way to accomplish this is to write a shell script, which will dump all clients in the log file and then use the grep command and generate a report. If you have to grep logs from multiple hosts, you can also use the SSH command to run the same command on multiple hosts. Once you have got the list of clients connecting to your application, you can just send the CSV file to yourself in an email or to your application DL, or a group of users you want to.

5 Free Online Courses to learn Flutter in 2021 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you want to learn Flutter for App development and looking for free Flutter courses then you have come to the right place.  In the past, I have shared the best Flutter Courses but many of my readers asked for free online Flutter courses to start with and that's how this article is born. In this article,  you will find a list of free online courses to learn Flutter from the best instructor on the internet. These courses cover Flutter as well as Dart, in case you don't know, Dart is a programming language and Flutter is the framework for creating mobile and web apps using Dart.

Unix command to find IP address from hostname - Linux example

The IP address from hostname in UNIX
In this Unix command tutorial, we will see how to find the IP address of any host in a UNIX based system, like Linux, Solaris, or IBM AIX. In general hostname and IP address are two important things about any host in a UNIX based network.  You always need either a hostname or IP address to connect to any host. Sometimes you want to find the IP address of the localhost, sometimes the IP address of another host on the network, etc. We have shown some techniques to find the IP address from hostname in UNIX and here we will see is a particular list of UNIX commands to get the IP address of localhost or host on which you are working along with any other host for which we know hostname.

Top 5 Advanced Java Online Courses for Experienced Developers

Hello guys, if you have been doing Java development for few years then you know that Performance is the key for any Java application. As a senior Java developer, one should know how to improve the performance of Java applications and understand memory management and garbage collection which often causes performance in Java applications. These are some advanced skills that take some effort to develop. It doesn't come by default even if you are programming in Java for years as most people don't touch these topics. Many of them are afraid or take the performance tuning work and always look up to the most senior or brilliant developers in their team.

Top 15 Spring Data JPA Interview Questions with Answers

Hello guys, If you are preparing for a Spring developer interview and looking for some Spring Data JPA Interview questions then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared frequently asked interview questions on Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Spring MVC in general, and in this article, I will share frequently asked Spring Data JPA Interview Questions with Answers for Java developers. Spring is one of the most popular and widely used frameworks. Spring Data JPA is an important part of the framework as it makes working with JPA or any JPA implementation like Hibernate easier.