Top 5 Free Personal Development and Leadership Courses for IT Professionals

If you want to improve yourself and looking for the best personal development courses then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best coding courses for people with no programming experience, and today, I am going to share free online courses to improve myself. These personal development course lists include courses on improving your learning ability, negotiation skills, your health, and well-being as well as on value education. These free online personal development courses are great to bring your best version out of you. 

Difference between wait() and join() methods in Java [Answered]

Though both wait() and join() methods are used to pause the current thread and have a lot of similarities they have different purposes. One of the most obvious differences between the wait() and join() method is that the former is declared in java.lang.Object class while join() is declared in java.lang.Thread class. This means that wait() is related to the monitor lock which is held by each instance of an object and the join method is related to the thread itself. The wait() method is used in conjunction with notify() and notifyAll() method for inter-thread communication, but join() is used in Java multi-threading to wait until one thread finishes its execution.

5 Free Microsoft Excel Courses for Programmers and IT Professionals to Learn Online

If you want to learn Microsoft Excel, a productivity tool for IT professionals, and looking for free online courses then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared some Microsoft Excel courses for beginners and some advanced Excel courses for experienced programmers which are very liked by you guys but I also receive many requests to share some free resources to learn Microsoft Excel like free books, free online courses, and free tutorials and that's why I am going to share best free Microsoft  Excel courses from sites like Udemy in this article which you can use to learn this useful tool online.

Binary Tree InOrder traversal in Java without Recursion

I have been writing about different binary tree traversal algorithms and so far we have seen both pre-order and post-order algorithms to traverse a binary tree and today you'll learn about the in-order or sorted order algorithms. This is actually the second part of implementing the inorder traversal of a binary tree in Java, in the first part, I have shown you how to solve this problem using recursion and in this part, we'll implement the inorder traversal algorithm without recursion. Now, some of you might argue, why use iteration if the recursive solution is so easy to implement? Well, that's true, but the iterative solution is often regarded better as they are not prone to StackOverFlowError. Another reason why we are discussing the iterative solution here is because of technical interviews.

Top 6 Online Courses to learn AWS S3 and Dynamo DB in depth - Best of Lot

If you want to learn AWS S3 and DynamoDB in-depth and looking for the best online courses to start with then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared in-depth courses to learn AWS EC2CloudFormation, and Quicksight, and today I'll share the best courses to learn AWS S3 and DyanmoDB online. These are some of the most essential AWS Services and you should learn it if you are working in AWS on a day-to-day basis for preparing for in-demand AWS certifications like Cloud Practitioners, AWS Developer, AWS SysOps, and AWS Solution Architect exam. Good knowledge of AWS S3 and DynamoDB goes a long way in becoming an AWS Hero you always wanted to be. 

How to find Nth Fibonacci Number in Java - Coding Problem with Solution

It's been a long time since I have discussed a coding problem in this blog. So, I am going to start with probably the oldest one of them, how do you find the nth number in a Fibonacci sequence? or how do you find the Fibonacci number in Java? or maybe printing the Fibonacci series. If you are a regular reader of this blog then you might know that I have already discussed both recursive and iterative algorithms for printing the Fibonacci series but never really discussed especially writing a program to return the Nth Fibonacci number in Java. Don't worry the wait is over as in this article, we'll solve this common problem and learn a bit more about problem-solving, recursion, iteration, and some basic algorithm skills.