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Top 5 Free Courses to Learn Ruby on Rails for Beginners in 2024 - Best of Lot [UPDATED]

Hello guys, welcome to this post, here you will find some of the best free courses to learn Ruby programming language and Ruby on Rails framework online from Udemy. If you don't know what Ruby is and what is Rails framework is, then let me tell you that it's one of the simplest programming languages with little to no syntax. If you are new to programming or never coded before, then also developing a Ruby application will be much more comfortable than choosing any other programming language like Python or Java

Top 5 Free Apache Spark Course for Beginners to Learn Online in 2024 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you are thinking of learning Apache Spark to start your Big Data journey and looking for some excellent free resources, e.g., books, tutorials, and courses, then you have come to the right place. This article will share some of the best free online Apache Spark courses for Java, Scala, and Python developers. If you don't know what is Apache Spark? And Why it's so crucial in the Big Data world, then let me give you a brief overview first. Apache Spark is another cluster computing framework like Hadoop, which analyzes a vast data set. Still, it's much faster than Hadoop, which makes it ideal for today's high computing needs, like processing a massive amount of data.

10 Essential JVM Options for Production Java Applications

Hello guys, this is a brief guide of appropriate JVM options, which you will often see in production Java systems. As a Java developer, you should know what these JVM options mean, their importance, and how they affect your application. You will find that most of the JVM options are related to heap memory, garbage collection and to log some details, like heap dump, necessary for troubleshooting heap-related issues like a memory leak or excessive memory consumption. It's Ok if you don't know these Java virtual machine options yet, but you should be familiar with them, and that's the objective of this article. Btw, how do you find the JVM options your application is using? Well, you can see the startup scripts through which your application is started.

Top 6 Online Course to learn from Java 9 to Java 21 in 2024 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, even though Java 15 is available now, many developers are still on Java 8 and not really caught up with changes in Java 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, or Java 14. If you are also in the same boat and want to start with Java 9 features, you have come to the right place. This article will share some of the best online courses to learn changes in Java 9, 10, 11, and later add more classes for Java 12, 13, 14, and 15. These JDK releases are packed with powerful features like modules, API enhancements like factory methods for an immutable list, set, and map, some changes on stream API and optional class, new features on process API, etc. 

OCPJP 11, OCP 17, or OCAJP 8? Which Java Certification should You Take in 2024?

Java certification is a great way to learn and master the Java programming language, do well on the interview and get recognition in the job, but the most common reason for doing Java certification is to find a job. After Oracle's acquisition and dividing the old SCJP exam into two exams OCAJP and OCPJP, it had become really confusing for many developers to decide which Java certification exam they should take, but thankfully that has changed now and now you can become an Oracle certified Java professional by passing just one exam, OCPJP 11 or Java SE 11 Developer 1Z0-819 certification, or Java SE 17 Developer 1Z0-829 certification in 2024. 

10 ways to Learn New Programming language or Tech skills in 2024?

One of the main challenges of being a programmer or software engineer is constant learning. Yes, that's true. As a programmer or developers, we always need to learn new things, sometimes every year. Thanks to C, Java, Linux, and SQL, we still have some ground, but the way these technologies are used changes every year. For example, we have a new JDK 14 release this year, even though many Java developers are still learning Java 8 and Java 11. We also have a Spring Framework release this year, combined with Spring Security 5.0 and Spring Boot 2.5.0 version, which many of us need to learn in 2024.

How to Schedule Spring Professional Certification Exam (VMware EDU-1202) Online? [Guide]

Hello folks, even since Pivotal made the mandatory training optional for Spring certification, I have been writing a lot about Spring 5.0 Core Professional exam here. In the past, I have written about general preparation tips, books, coursesmock tests. So, after months of hard work and preparation, you are finally ready for the day. In order to schedule for the Spring certification exam, you first need to buy an exam voucher from Vmware's website. If you have taken their training course like the Core Spring training course, then you also receive a free voucher for 1 attempt.

Top 13 Free Java 8 Certification Sample Questions - OCAJP8 and OCPJP8 - 1Z0-808 and 1Z0-809 Exam Dumps

Hello guys, Java SE 11 certifications are already out but not many people are not going for it because of the difficulty level. If you want to become a certified Java developer then Java SE 8 is still the best possible option. If you are preparing for Oracle Java SE 8 Certifications, like OCAJP8 and OCJP8, also known as exams 1Z0-808 and 1Z0-809, and looking for some free practice tests, then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best Java certification courses, and in this article, I am going to share some of the best OCAJP 8 and OCPJP 8 mock tests available for free of cost online, so that you can check your speed and accuracy before the real exam. 

Top 5 Machine Learning Algorithms for Data Science and ML Interviews

Hello guys, you may know that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have become more and more important in this increasingly digital world. They are now providing a competitive edge to businesses like NetFlix's Movie recommendations. If you have just started in this field and are looking for what to learn, then I will share 5 essential Machine learning algorithms you can learn as a beginner.  These necessary algorithms form the basis of most common Machine learning projects. Knowing them well will help you understand the project and model quickly and change them as per your need.

10 Essential Spring MVC and REST Annotations with Examples for Java Programmers

Hello guys, welcome to my third article on exploring essential annotations from the Spring framework, the most popular framework for Java development. In the first article, I have shared some of the most useful Spring Framework annotations, which were based upon Core Spring functionalities like dependency injection, inversion of control, and configuration, and in the second article, you have learned about important Spring Cloud annotations like @EnableConfigServer, @EnableEurekaSever, and @EnableDiscoveryClient. Now that you know those essential Spring annotations it's time to move towards Spring MVC and REST, one of the most used parts of Spring Framework.