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Top 7 Free Online Courses to learn JavaScript in 2024 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, If you want to learn JavaScript in 2024 by yourself and looking for some free resources like books, sites, and tutorials, then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best JavaScript online courses to learn JavaScript in depth and In this article, I am going to share some of the best free JavaScript online courses you can join to learn JavaScript by yourself, on your own schedule, and at your own place. A lot of people are learning JavaScript, and the number is only increasing with each passing day, and why not? It's the #1 web development language. It got tons of useful frameworks and libraries like Angular, React Node.js, and jQuery, which makes web development really easy.

If you are looking for a job or starting your own website, learning JavaScript is the right decision. In today's world, I highly encourage people to learn to code and at least know to build a web application and mobile application on their own, and by learning JavaScript, you can hit these two birds in one stone.

Yes, you can also develop a mobile application using JavaScript. If you don't, React Native is a JavaScript library, which allows you to develop a mobile app for Android and iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad in JavaScript.

Now, the big question is which courses you should choose to learn JavaScript? There are tons of choices available in terms of books, tutorials, paid courses, and free classes. There are even websites you can use to learn JavaScript interactively. You might want to check out them in my earlier post about 5 sites to learn JavaScript.

In this article, I will share my list of some of the best courses to learn JavaScript in 2024, and that too for free. Though you can start learning JavaScript the way you want, my suggestion is to start with fundamentals, learn the JavaScript language before learning any framework or library.

While I have shared a lot of useful free JavaScript courses, I also highly recommend you check out The Complete JavaScript Course - Build Real Projects! course by Jonas Schmedtmann on Udemy. It's one of the most up-to-date and hands-on courses to learn JavaScript for beginners. 

If you don't mind spending a few bucks learning a valuable skill like JavaScript then this is the best course to invest your money and time. It's also very affordable and you can buy it for just $10 on Udemy sales.

7 Best Free Online Courses to Learn JavaScript in 2024

Once you have a good understanding of JavaScript syntax, rules, and coding style and can create scripts by yourself, you can explore the fancy world of Angular, React, Node.js, jQuery, and other JavaScript libraries.

With that idea, here are my top 5 free online courses from Udemy and Pluralsight to learn JavaScript fundamentals

1. JavaScript Essentials [Free]

This is a basic course to learn the JavaScript programming language. In this course, you will learn all the basics of JavaScript language like primitive types, arrays, functions, operators, objects like a window, DOM, and much more.

You'll also learn how JavaScript works, some essential APIs, and in the end, you will develop a mini JavaScript project by applying the knowledge you have gained in this free JavaScript course.

The course is ideal for anyone starting with JavaScript from scratch but has some programming experience, but don't worry; if you are new to programming and just started with JavaScript, then also you can take this course as it perfect for beginners.

5 Free JavaScript Courses to learn Online - Best of Lot

2. Programming with JavaScript by Meta on Coursera [Free to Audit]

If you are looking for a free JavaScript on Coursera then there is no better course than joining Programming with JavaScript by Meta. This 42-hour long free course is one of the most up-to-date course to learn JavaScript online and its delivered by Meta staff, which means you will get a chance to learn from real world experts. 

In this course you will learn how to write JavaScript code by following test driven development. You will learn about Unit test and how to write unit test in JavaScript using Jest. This free course also cover frontend web development and object oriented programming and you will learn how to create and manipulate objects and arrays. 

This course is also part of multiple certifications like popular Meta Frontend Developer Certification and completing this course will count towards it. Talking about social proof, this has on average 4.7 rating out of 5 and more than 106,257 students have already joined this course to learn JavaScript and you can also do the same. 

best free JavaScript course on Coursera

Although this course is free to audit and you can watch it for free, you will not get any certification. If you need certification then you either need to purchase this course or join Coursera Plus which gives unlimited access to over 7000+ Coursera courses, projects, and professional certificates. 

3. Learn to Program in JavaScript: Beginner to Pro [Free]

One of the biggest issues with programming JavaScript is that many programmers coming from C, C++, and Java start coding in JavaScript without first understanding the programming language, its syntax, style, and paradigm.

This free course tries to fill that gap. It's an introductory to intermediate level JavaScript course, which will not only tell you about language syntax, language paradigm, and how JavaScript works but also explains functional programming and how you can write useful code in JavaScript.

You will also learn about Objects in Java, as JavaScript also supports object-oriented programming. The course also touches base on AJAX and HTML 5, two key technology for JavaScript developers.

Once you have gone through this course, you would have sufficient knowledge to write JavaScript code and learn JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, or jQuery.

4. JavaScript Fundamentals [Pluralsight Free Trial]

This is a great course to start learning JavaScript from scratch. It touches every aspect of JavaScript language in detail and shows you how to get the most from the language of the internet.

In this JavaScript course, the instructor Liam McLennan will teach you about standard building blocks of JavaScript programs like syntax, operators, null, undefined, loops, object, equality, functions, control flow, types, etc.

Later you will also learn about the Type system and various JavaScript libraries like Regular expression, Date, JSON, Math, etc. You will also learn about how to test your JavaScript code and debug it using Firebug, a JavaScript debugger from Mozilla for the Firefox browser.

In short, a great course to learn JavaScript from scratch. Btw, it's not totally free. You need a Pluralsight membership to access this course but not to worry if you don't have a monthly or annual membership. You can still access this course by signing up for a 10-day free trial.

JavaScript Fundamentals Pluralsight free course

5. Introduction to JavaScript: First Steps [Free Educative Course]

This is another excellent course to learn JavaScript for free online. Unlike other courses, this course is an interactive, text-based course from, a new learning website that allows you to run your code on a browser.  

In this free JavaScript course, you will learn JavaScript from scratch. You will also learn about variables, objects, arrays, functions, logic, loops, control statement, DOM, and other essential JavaScript concepts.

It's an ideal course for anyone who wants to learn JavaScript for web development. Though, you need to have a little bit of experience in HTML and CSS and an understanding of web development.

The USP of this course is that you can practice JavaScript coding right in the browser, which means you don't need to set up your own environment or download any editor or tools. This makes learning really easy as you won't get stuck on those things and then slow down or frustrated with unknown errors. 

And, if you like the Educative platform then you can also get an Educative subscription which gives access to all of their 150+ interactive courses for just $14.9 which is the best use of money. Their coding interview courses like Grokking the System design interviews are best and you can use the platform to both learn new skills like JavaScript and React as well as to prepare for coding interviews.

6. Learn JavaScript by [Free Lessons]

You can't really learn to code without writing code, and this JavaScript course from will
have you writing a ton of code! All of the lessons are interactive, meaning that you'll be completing
real coding challenges along the way. You'll even get instant feedback from their system on whether or
not your code is correct.

Additionally, is insanely fun. They have a system of achievements, leaderboards, xp and levels  that make it so easy to stay motivated and continue making consistent progress. This is definitely one to check out!

The lessons are free, but use code JAVINPAUL to get 25% off of a membership that will get you certificates of completion, progress verification, and more!

Learn JavaScript by [Free Lessons]

7. JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts [Udemy Paid Course]

This is an advanced JavaScript course for web developers who want to learn JavaScript in depth. It's not free, but you can get it very cheap, I got it for just $9.9 in a recent Udemy flash sale.

In this course, you will not only understand how JavaScript works but also learn advanced concepts such as closures, prototypes, and learn to write your frameworks.

The most important thing, it will teach you how to write robust, right JavaScript code by avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes other JavaScript coders make.

You will also learn about debugging JavaScript code and finding problems easier. It also shows you the code of popular JavaScript frameworks, which will help you to understand them better.

Overall, a quality JavaScript course, which is tried and tested by more than 100K students. It has also got 24K ratings at an average of 4.7, which is more than impressive.

That's all about some of the free courses to learn JavaScript online. These free courses allow you to learn JavaScript from the comfort of your office and home. You don't need to go anywhere, and You can also learn at your own pace. You don't need to follow any particular schedule.

Btw, one thing to note is that some of the free JavaScript courses on Udemy may turn into paid courses in the future so do check before you join them.

My suggestion is to enroll now, when they are free, even if you don't have time to learn JavaScript.

Once you joined them, they will remain free for your life, and you can start learning whenever you get time or when priority changes. This way, you will not regret later missing out on those free courses.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these best free JavaScript online courses, then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P.S. - If you don't mind spending a few bucks learning a valuable skill like JavaScript then I highly recommend you check out these best JavaScript courses from Udemy. It's the most up-to-date and hands-on course to learn JavaScript for beginners. 

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