Top 5 Gifts You can Buy for Programmers, Coders, and Software Developers in 2024 - Best Gifts [UPDATED]

If you are planning for a surprise gift to your programmer boyfriend and husband this holiday season like Black Friday, Christmas, or New Year, or maybe on his next birthday, but not sure what to gift, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to share some of the best gifts ideas for programmers and developers, gifts that every programmer wishes for. To be honest with you, buying a gift is easy, but finding the right gift is very tough. I have spent countless hours on the internet to find a perfect gift for one of my colleague's husbands, and this article is a result of that research.
The general perception of programmers is that they are a nerd, they love books, gadgets, cool stuff, music, but the perfect gift is something that not only provides enjoyment but also value.

If you gift something to your boyfriend and husband which he uses every day, he will remember you for sure and will definitely appreciate every time he uses your gift. Programmers also love games and funny gifts, though it depends on person to person.

If you have a really close friend who is a software engineer or coder, then you can also buy fun gifts for them, like T-shirts with funny programming quotes or a water bottle or coffee mug with geeky quotes.

So, what are we waiting for, here are 5 surprising things you can gift to your programmer boyfriend and of-course husband. 

And, you know what, Amazon runs sales on special occasions like Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving day, Prime days, etc where you can buy these things at a huge discount but for that, you also need an Amazon Prime membership, which is actually a good thing because you also get a free Amazon price video subscription along with faster delivery and discounts. 

5 Best Gift Ideas for Programmers and Developers

Here are a couple of gifts you can give to your programmer husband or boyfriend or best friends, a couple of them are online course membership and a couple of them are tech gadgets which can be best bought during Amazon Prime 2024. 

1. Pluralsight Annual Membership

Pluralsight is one of the best websites for technical courses. It has got more than 5000 courses on many programming technologies, like Java, JavaScript .NET, Python, etc. The programmer love to learn new things, and I am sure your programmer boyfriend will appreciate this gift every time he uses it. There is a good chance, he might already be a member, but if he is not, this gift is certainly worth giving to him.

Here is the link to gift this to your friend - Gift Pluralsight Annual Membership

best gift for programmers and developers

2. Gift a course from Udemy

Programmers love online courses, including me, and Udemy is the biggest collection of online courses. It has got over 55,000 online courses to learn anything, like starting from popular programming languages like Java and Python to advanced technology, like Big Data, Automation, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Robotics, etc.

Udemy allows you to send a course or a gift card to your programmer friend, you just need to enter his email while purchasing the course.

One of my readers gifted me the Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science, and I simply loved it. If your husband is interested in Data Science, Machine Learning, or Artificial intelligence, then you can gift that too.

Top 5 Amazing Gifts for Programmer Boyfriend or Husband

If you know what your husband or boyfriend likes, then you can choose some excellent courses from Udemy; otherwise, I just bought a gift card for them.

3. Amazon Prime Video Membership

Many programmers like myself love both music and movies. I love to watch a movie on my PC and laptop, and I have got an Amazon Prime Video Membership, with 10.99 USD per month, this is one of the cheapest gifts you can give to him.

Btw, it's not just useful for him but for yourself as well as for the whole family. Amazon has the biggest collection of HD videos, including cartoons for kids, so the entire family can enjoy this subscription.

useful gifts for progarmmers

4. Asus Curved 34-inch UltraWide QHD (3440 x 1440)

The programmer just loves big screens, and they keep getting bigger and bigger, but I think this 34" curved, UltraWide monitor is only best for programmers. By the way, the big screen just doesn't use for coding, you can also play games and watch movies on them. 

Both you and your partner will simply love this. If you want to top up, you can also gift an Amazon Prime Video membership along with that.

gifts for software developers 2017

5. Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Every programmer needs a good keyboard. I like mechanical keyboards because they feel so good when you type on them. Logitech is one of the best companies for peripheral devices, so to me, this keyboard is a great buy. In addition to being a fantastic mechanical keyboard, it also has a bunch of really cool gaming features, so I’m totally sold on it

gifts for coders 2017
That's all about some of the most amazing gifts you can buy for your programmer boyfriend, colleague, or husband. For a family man, like me, I think the Amazon Echo is the best gift, it is not only useful for him but also for the whole family. It will keep him engaged with custom API but also be helpful for you to create your shopping list.

Another gift that is worth it for a programmer husband or family man is Pluralsight Annual Membership, it's precious, and he can use it to learn whatever he wants to. If you have kids and you want to teach them coding, you can use this membership for that. Pluralsight has many coding courses for kids.

You can also give some funny gifts to software engineers, like fun games like Twister or Jenga, they like it, I can say that from my experience.  Btw, if you need more ideas, you can also check my earlier post about 10 gift ideas for programmers.


Feel free to comment, ask questions if you have any doubt.