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5 Things You Can Gift to Programmers, Software Developers, and Tech Geeks in 2024

Hello guys, it's that time of the year again when you start thinking about gifts for your programmer boyfriend, husband, colleagues, or your near dear ones. Even if selecting presents or gifts were not tough, if your friend happened to be a programmer, it becomes slightly tougher. You might have heard that Programmers are aloof, nerds, and tech freaks, well, you heard it right. Programmers prefer to be alone in their own world, but they also like gifts, and you got it right; they are a nerd, so they love books, gadgets, music, and something which helps them to learn something, like a Udemy, Educative, ZTM Academy, or Pluralsight membership.

In 2021, gadgets like Apple Watch, the New 16" Mac Book Pro, and Samsung Gears were rocking, but that's what everyone is buying, so if you want to be a little bit different, choose the one from this list.

5 Best Gift Ideas for Programmers and Tech geeks for New Year 2024

Here is my selected list of 5 gift items you can buy for your programmer boyfriend or colleague in this holiday season and New Year. They are some of the valuable gifts you can give to your programmer friend, they are exciting, provide value, and they also fit your budget.

1. Pluralsight Subscription

Even though I’m a bit biased, since I’m a Pluralsight user, I still think a Pluralsight subscription is one of the best gifts for any programmer or software developer, simply because it is just so valuable.

There are so many courses on Pluralsight now that every developer should have a subscription.

5 Things You can Gift to Programmers, Software Developers and Tech Geeks

It's a little bit expensive, the annual subscription cost you around 299USD, but it's precious, and your programmer friend will appreciate you every time he uses his subscription to learn something. It's also holiday time so they might be offering their biggest 33% discount, you can check their website if that is available you can also take advantage of that.

2. Amazon Echo

This is the perfect gift for a programmer who has a family. At first, I was skeptical about this device, but everyone in my house loves it. It’s very convenient to be able to set timers, play music, and make shopping lists.

best gifts for programmers 2017-18

Most importantly, It also has an API that can be extended to build custom apps to keep your programmer friend interested. In short, a perfect gift for a programmer family friend.

There is also a new version of Amazon Echo is coming, Amazon Echo Plus, if the delivery time suits your need, you can also pre-order it.

3. Kolibri Camera Drone Delta-Recon FPV App Quadcopter Drone

This is one of the most popular gifts for programmers and tech geeks this year, and I am expecting the trend will continue in the coming years too.

gift ideas for technical people programmers engineers and tech geeks

The Kolibri Camera Drone Delta-Recon FPV App Quadcopter Drone with Auto Takeoff and Landing Altitude Hold Headless mode VR Capable iPhone and Android Beginner Drone, as the name suggests it is just so powerful and amazing.

It can auto-take-off, and it is also VR Capable, and you can control it from your phone too. In short, your programmer friend will simply love it. It's an excellent gift for not just programmers but to their families or any technical geeks.

4. Asus ROG PG348Q 34-Inch Ultra-wide QHD Swift Curved Gaming Monitor

I’ve been using an ASUS Full HD 1080p 144Hz 1ms DP HDMI DVI Eye Care Gaming LED-Lit 27" Monitor for quite some time.

In fact, at one point, I had two monitors hooked up to my PC, but I’m starting to think that a curved UltraWide display may just be the ultimate monitor choice for a programmer.

Best Gifts for games and tech geeks and programmers

I haven’t picked up an UltraWide for myself yet, but I have just ordered an Asus Curved 34-inch UltraWide QHD Gaming Monitor. Indeed, the best gift for programmers, game lovers, and tech geeks.

5. CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 Ultimate Starter Kit with WiFi 

Raspberry Pi is the finest small computer that you can buy, and this kit is only $99. Although it’s only the size of a credit card, it can be plugged into a TV and keyboard and programmed to make spreadsheets, games, and more.

5 Best Gifts for Programmers and Software Developers and computer engineers

This kit includes Raspberry Pi 2 (RPi2) Model B Quad-Core 900 MHz 1 GB RAM, 8 GB Micro SD, CanaKit WiFi Adapter,  and a quick start guide. Raspberry Pi Foundation’s mission is to teach children how to program, but they do a terrific job entertaining adults and seasoned developers too.

That's all about some of the best gifts you can buy for your programmer friend. I know a gift is not just about money. In fact, spending money is easy, but finding the right gift is much tougher. But the joy of giving a perfect gift, which is both valuable and amazing, is worthy of all these troubles of searching for the ideal gifts for programmers.

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Thanks for reading this article. If you like these gift ideas for programmers and developers then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback then please drop a note.

P. S. - If you are looking for options, you can also see my gift ideas list from last year.


  1. Nice post Javin, I agree with your list but there is two things I would add. First I would include a Kegerator for those late nights and some dev gear! I encourage you to check out my brand for Software Engineers - System Out Of Memory. We currently offer a variety of code shirts and are hoping to get some new dev gear in the near future. Drop me a line on the contact us page and I can hook you up with shirt. Cool blog keep up the good work!


    1. Hello Bill, Yup, shirts with programming meme is also a good gift. Thanks for dropping by.


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