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Top 100 Angular Interview Questions for 1 to 2 Years Experienced Developers

Angular is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks, I think most popular after jQuery, with the core goal of simplification. It allows building dynamic, single-page web apps (SPAs) using JavaScript and supports the Model View Controller (MVC) programming structure. It has been used widely and even big companies like Google, Virgin America, and HBO are using Angular to build their site. The demand for web developers is at an all-time high and there is a huge demand for developers who understand modern JavaScript frameworks like Angular, jQuery, Facebook's React JS, etc. Angular is an Open-source, front-end JavaScript framework which is developed by Google, it mainly competes with Facebook's ReactJS framework

Angular handles the heavy lifting of DOM manipulation and AJAX glue that once had to be coded from scratch and encourages the developer to use modular building blocks of JavaScript code that can be categorized and are easy to test. 

You can add Angular to any HTML page using <script> tag.

If you are preparing for a web developer interview and Angular is mentioned in the Job description then you will find the following list of Angular interview questions useful. 

These are some of the frequently asked Angular Interview questions which have been asked too many JavaScript developers and it covers all important topics of Angular. You can use this list to quickly check your preparation or to get an idea of what to expect on a JavaScript or Angular interview.

100+ Angular Framework Interview Questions

Without wasting any more of your time, here is a list of frequently asked Angular framework interview questions for 1 to 2 years of experienced web developers. These are the questions that will test your Angular skills and essential Angular concepts. 

If you have worked in Angular for a couple of years then you can easily answer these questions. I have not provided the answer here so that you can prepare well but if you need an answer, just comment and I can update the post. You can also post the answer if you know and I will include your response in the article. 

1. What is the Angular framework? What are some important features of Angular?

2. Why should you use Angular over React?

3. What is the difference between MVVM and MVC and MVP?

4. What is a single-page application? How can one create a single-page application using Angular? Which provider is used to achieve this objective?

5) How does Angular application bootstrap?

6) How to manually bootstrap AngualrJS?

7) Angular Initialization & rendering process?

8) What is the execution order of Controller, Filters, Service, Factory, Config and Run in Angular?

9) What is the difference between jqLite vs jQuery?

10) What are the different types of binding in Angular?

11) What is two-way data binding in Angular?

12) What is the ng-model directive in Angular?

13) Why ng-init is used in Angular?

14) Difference Between expression{{}} and ng-bind in Angular?

15) What is the use of ng-repeat in Angular?

16) What if a duplicate element in ng-repeat?

17) How to display a unique element in ng-repeat?

18) How to apply a switch case in Angular?

19) What is the difference between service and factory in Angular?

20) Is service and factory singleton an object?

21) How angular has to implement a singleton pattern in the factory and service?

22) One scenario where services can't be used?

23) What is the meaning of # in the URL?

24) Explain UI Routing in Angular?

25) Abstract state in UI routing?

26) What is the difference between ng routing vs UI routing in Angular?

27) Authorization in ng-routing?

28) What is the difference between scope and $scope?

29) Explain some benefits of controller As?

30) Explain the Lazy loading of controllers?

31) How to check the current running controller?

32) Communication between two controllers

33) What are the ajax calls?

34) What are asynchronous means?

35) What are the promises in Angular?

36) What are interceptors in Angular?

37) What is dependency injection? How to add a dependency in angular?

38) What is the digest cycle and how you can stop it?

39) How to check digest cycle is in progress?

40) What is $destroy?

41) What is ng-transclude?

42) How you can all methods of a controller in the directive?

43) Different types of directives?

44) Controller vs link in the directive?

45) Pre-link vs Post Link vs Compile functions?

46) What is the best way to manipulate DOM and how can we do it?

47) Directive restrict type?

48) Events in angular?

49) Restrict types in angular?

50) Custom exceptions in angular?

51) Filters in angular?

52) The custom filter in Angular?

53) What are decorators?

54) Providers in angular?

55) Session management in angular?

56) Explain Authentication and Authorization in Angular?

57) What is localization? How can we achieve localization?

58) What is Local Storage?

59) What is session storage?

60) What is the difference between Local Storage and Session Storage?

61) How to speed up rendering UI?

62) The directory structure of the Angular app?

63) Can you explain some Best practices of Angular?

64) How to remove ng-classes and directive information from DOM?

65) What is angular 2?

66) What is the difference between Angular JS and Angular?

67) How Angular 2 is rendering DOM?

68) What is a grunt? Why do we use it?

69) Why do we use grunt other than minification?

70) What is a gulp?

71) What are the new things in available in html5?

72) What is Two way binding in Angular?

73) What is Ng-Bind in Angular?

74) What is One-way binding

75) Directives types

76) Difference between $http vs $resource in Angular?

77) Explain Dependency injection In Angular?

78) Explain Methods of $http service

79) How to initiate angular data

80) How do you unit test an Angular filter?

81) What should be the maximum number of concurrent "watches? How would you keep an eye on that number?

82) How do you share data between controllers in Angular?

83) What is the difference between ng-show/ng-hide and ng-if directives?

84) What is a digest cycle in Angular?

85) Should you use Angular together with jQuery?

86) How would you specify that a scope variable should have one-time binding only?

87) Explain how $scope.$apply() works?

88) Does angular.copy() method deep copy or shallow copy?

89) When should you use an attribute versus an element in Angular?

90) How do you reset a $timeout, $interval(), and disable a $watch()?

91) Explain what is a $scope in Angular?

92) What is a singleton pattern and where we can find it in Angular?

93) What is an interceptor? What are its common uses it?

94) How do interpolation, like "{{ someModel }}", actually work?

95) What is $rootScope and how does it relate to $scope?
Answer: The $rootScope is the parent object of all $scope Angular objects created on a web page.

96) Explain the role of $routeProvider in Angular?

97) How do you hide an HTML element via a button click in Angular?

98) How do you disable a button depending on a checkbox’s state in Angular?

99) How would you implement application-wide exception handling in your Angular app?

100.  Which company invented Angular? Google or Facebook?
The answer is Google, which has created this awesome UI framework called Angular. 

By the way, if you struggle to answer these Angular interview questions then I highly recommend you revise your Angular concepts. If you need help, you can also join one of these best Angular Framework courses to refresh your concepts. 

100+ Angular Interview Questions for 1 to 2 Years Experienced Developers

That's all about some of the frequently asked Angular Interview Questions. You might have seen many of these questions already in your interview, as it contains questions from both telephonic and face-to-face interviews. This list of questions is good to check your preparation. If you can answer all of these questions in detail then you are good for the Angular job interview. You can also use this list to prepare for the topics and explore Angular in detail.

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