How to Pass Spring Professional 5.0 Certification in 2019

Hello guys, if you have been self-preparing for Spring Professional 5.0 exam then you might have struggled with which topics to prepare and which topics to leave out. I often receive questions like does Spring Boot is part of Core Spring certification? Will there be any questions from Spring Security and Spring Data? Does Spring Cloud also part of this exam or not? Unfortunately, there is no detailed, semester like a syllabus for Pivotal's Core Spring certification. The only information which is available is on their exam brief pdf which lists the purpose of the exam and essential topics and their percentage breakdown in terms of their weight in the actual exam. Since the Spring framework is vast and it's very difficult to prepare, a good understanding of what is required and what is not is very important.

The Spring Professional certification exam is designed to test and validate Spring developer's knowledge, understanding, and familiarity of Container basics, Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP), Data access and transactions and Spring MVC.

Even though advanced topics like Spring REST, Spring Security, and Spring Boot are not listed above they are certainly part of the exam and you will see their weight in the next section.

Btw, the most important thing is knowledge of new features of Spring 5.0 like Reactive Programming and other enhancement, even though it's not listed anywhere that Spring 5.0 features will be asked, given the title of the exam is Core Spring Professional 5.0 Certification, it does make sense to prepare those.

And, what could be better than starting with an online course like Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru by John Thompson. It's one of the most up-to-date course on Spring framework and my recommend course for anyone preparing for Spring v5.0 exams.

Core Spring Certification Topics

Based on my study and research and the information given in Pivotal's exam guide, the following topics are essential to prepare for the Spring Professional or Core Spring Certification Exam:
  1. Container (28%)
  2. AOP (14%)
  3. JDBC (4%)
  4. Transactions (10%)
  5. MVC (10%)
  6. Security (6%)
  7. REST (6%)
  8. JPA Spring Data (4%)
  9. Spring Boot (14%)
  10. Testing (4%)
Here is the screenshot from the exam guide itself:

Core Spring Professional 5.0 Certification - 10 Essential topics Java Developer Should Prepare

You can see the weight of container and AOP is the highest, which means they are the most important topics for the exam and you should prepare them well. This is what many books and mock test provider also follows.

I personally liked the Pivotal Spring Certification Study guide, which is relatively new but one of the best resource to prepare for the Spring Professional exam by self-study. It's not costly as compared to training and also covers the above topic in good details.

Pivotal Spring Certification Study guide

Many of my readers also ask me where Spring REST and  Spring Security are part of the exam or not? Well, they are certainly part of the exam and their total weigtage is 10%, so you can't afford to miss them if you care for a good score.

Also, the passing score for core Spring certification is 75% which means missing one or two less important topic can ruin your chance.

I suggest REST With Spring by Eugen Paraschiv of Badung and Spring Security Fundamentals on Pluralsight course to prepare those topics well. These topics are not just important from the Spring certification perspective but also very important from a career and job perspective.

The Spring MVC is another topic which doesn't have much weight on Core Spring exam but very important from carer perspective. I suggest checking this list of Free Spring MVC courses prepare well for Spring MVC part of Spring professional certification. Ranga has covered the topic well and its much more broad and useful than its weight indicates in this exam.

Last, but not least, don't leave Microservice because it seems complex and unheard. The Microservice-based architecture is slowly getting very popular and becoming a distinguishing factor in getting a better job and Master Microservice with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud is a nice course to prepare that topic.

10 Topics to prepare for Core Spring Professional 5.0 Certification

Many companies like UBER and NetFlix have already moved into Microservice-based architecture and many startups are moving, so a lot of opportunities for Spring developer who understand MicroService well. I also recommend this list of Spring Microsoervice Courses on Dzone to prepare this topic. You can even use the free trial to get a full overview of that.

That's all about what are the essential topics for Spring Professional certification exams. As I said, if you prepare by yourself, I mean don't take the Pivotal's recommended but not mandatory Core Spring training, it's your responsibility to pay more attention to important topics and don't waste too much time on less important topics like Spring Boot and Spring JPA.

A good study guide like Pivotal Core Spring study guide can help here. They are designed by keeping the above weight in mind and ensure that you have a good understanding of the most important topics form the Spring certification perspective.

You can also regularly take the Spring mock exams like David Mayer's Spring Core Professional v5.0 Dumps to keep track of your preparation. This web simulator contains 4 full-length mock tests with 200 unique Spring questions. If you consistently score 80% on these exams, you are ready for the real exam. In short, the choice of the study guide and exam simulator plays an important role in preparing well for spring certification.

Useful Spring Certification Resources:

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