5 Free Python Courses for Beginners to Learn Online

Hello guys, If you are a beginner looking for some Free Python resources to start your programming journey then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared a couple of free Python Programming books and some of the best courses to learn Python which was not free. Some of my readers asked me to share some free online courses to learn Python and it made sense. I personally like starting from free resource and today I'll share a couple of good Python programming courses which are absolutely FREE. You can take these online courses to learn Python at your own pace, at your own time, and at your place. This is a great advantage of online learning, the flexibility it provides is just awesome. 

How to Remove Duplicates from Unsorted Array in Java? [Solved]

This is one of the common technical interview questions which are asked to entry-level programmers and software engineers. There are also a lot of variants of how do you remove duplicates from an array in Java like sometime array is sorted and other times it's not-sorted or unsorted. Sometimes, Interviewer just spends more than half of the interview on this question by progressively making it more difficult by imposing new constraints like removing duplicate elements in place or without using any additional data structure, etc. Btw, If you are allowed to use Java's Collection framework then this is quite easy to solve, but if you are not allowed to use Set, Iterator, and other Java utility classes then it suddenly becomes a tricky algorithm question.

How to check if two String are Anagram of each other - Coding Problem

Here is a Java program to check if two String is an anagram of each other or not.  Two String is said to be an anagram of each other, if they contain exactly the same characters but in a different order. For example "army" and "mary" is an anagram of each other because they contain exact same characters 'a', 'r', 'm' and  'y'. For the sake of simplicity, you can also assume that your solution need not be case-sensitive, which means both ARMY and mary can be matched as an anagram of each other.