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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Top 21 Web Development Interview Questions with Answers in 2023

Hello guys, if you are preparing for web developer job and looking for popular web development interview questions for preparation then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared HTML Interview Question, CSS Interview Questions, and JavaScript Interview Questions and in this article, I am going to share common web development interview questions. You may be thinking how much different it is from other list but this is a general questions about web development like web services, images, SOAP, REST, Pagination etc.
If you have worked as web developer then you may know answers of all these questions but if you struggle on any topic then I suggest you to go through one of these best Web Development courses to learn or revise key web development concept. 

Are you seriously thinking about doing well in your web development interview? Think no more because things are now going to be easier for you. You have just come at the right place at the right time. 

Being prepared or not is not going to worry you anymore because I have highlighted for you useful questions that will help you to pass your web development interview. Please have a look at the questions below.

20 Web Development Interview Questions with Answers in 2023

Without wasting anymore of your time, here is a list of 20 common web development interview questions with answers. I have tried to cover essential Web Development concepts like web services, SOAP, and REST and other areas through these questions, but if you think a topic or two is missing and more questions needs to be added then feel free to suggest in comments. 

1. What are the main differences between SOAP and REST APIs and Web Services?

  • SOAP works with XML while REST works with XML, HTML and plain text.
  • SOAP is a Wed Development protocol while REST is an architectural platform.
  • SOAP cannot use REST while REST can make use of SOAP.
Here is a nice diagram which explains difference between SOAP and REST nicely:

What are the main differences between SOAP and REST APIs and Web Services?

2. What is the difference between SVG and Canvas?
  • SVG is resolution independent while Canvas is resolution dependent.
  • SVG supports event handlers while Canvas does not support event handlers.
  • SVG works efficiently for large-scale rendering applications while Canvas works efficiently for small-scale rendering applications.

3. What are the three main types of CSS used?
  • External CSS – used to import an external CSS file to the HTML document.
  • Inline CSS – it supports the addition of CSS inline, together with HTML elements.
  • Embedded CSS – it is used to add CSS styles by making use of the <style> attribute.

4. What methods can be used to reduce page loading time?
Answer: Page loading time can be affected by certain factors. However, there are methods that can be used to reduce page loading time. The methods are as follows;
  • Removing unnecessary widgets
  • Minimal redirection and caching
  • Reducing the image size
  • HTTP compression
  • Reduction in lookups

5. What is pagination and how can it be implemented?
Answer: Pagination refers to the simple sequence of pages on a website. The following code can be used to implement pagination with ease.
<div class=”main_container”>

<div class=”pagination”>


<li><a href=”#”></a></li>

<li><a href=”#”></a></li>

<li class =”active”><a href=

<li><a href=”#”></a></li>




6. What are the four components of the CSS box model?
Answer: the following are the four components of the CSS box model
  • Border – denotes the padding and the content around the border.
  • Content – this refers to the actual content to be displayed.
  • Margin – refers to the top layer of the box element.
  • Padding – defines the empty space around the element.

7. What is the difference between localstorage and sessionstorage objects?



No expiry for stored data

Object is only valid for a single session

No deletion of data once the window is closed

The object is deleted once the window is closed

8. What are some of the new features of CSS3?
  • Custom layout
  • Rounded corners
  • Media queries
  • Animation

9. What are the main properties of transitions in CSS3?
Answer: there are four main properties of transitions which are:
  • Transition-property
  • Transition-delay
  • Transition-timing-function
  • Transition-duration

10. What are the benefits of external style sheets?
  • Classes can be reused as many times as possible.
  • Styles can easily be applied through the use of selectors and grouping.
  • They enable style control of multiple documents through a single file.

11. What are the types of popup boxes found in JavaScript?
Answer: there are three dialog boxes in JavaScript which are:
  • Confirm – gives the users a window with ‘Ok’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons.
  • Alert – presents users with a message and an ‘Ok’ button.
  • Prompt – shows the user input, alongside ‘Ok’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons.

12. What are the elements that support media content in HTML5?
Answer: HTML5 has five main elements which support media content:
  • <source>
  • <track>
  • <audio>
  • <video>
  • <embed>

13. What is SVG and what is it used for?
Answer: SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics and it is used in displaying vector-based graphics over the web.   

Top 20 Web Development Interview Questions With Answers

14. What are the new APIs in HTM 5 standard?

  • Data Transfer API
  • History API
  • Media API
  • User Interaction
  • Command API
  • Text Track API
  • Constraint Validation API
  • Application Cache API

15. What are some of the key responsibilities of a Web Developer?
  • Designing, developing, testing and deploying applications.
  • Updating sites for optimized server performance.
  • Fixing bugs, troubleshooting, and resolving issues.
  • Supporting and assisting with the best practices for website management.
  • Prediction and implementation of periodic tests in case of system failure.

16. What are the newly introduced input types in HTML5?
Answer: some of the input types are as follows:
  • Month
  • Color
  • Email
  • Number range
  • Date-time local
  • Date

17. What is the use of Webkit in CSS3?
Answer: Webkit is an important software component in CSS that allows for the easy rendering of HTML and CSS elements in a variety of browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. There are many engines for browsers such as:
  • Gecko for Mozilla
  • Presto for Opera
  • Edge for Internet Explorer

18. How does CSS3 help in implementing rounded borders easily?
Answer: CSS3 has the <border-radius> property that allows elements to be created with nice-looking rounded corners. This can easily be applied to all four sides or as per requirement. The <border-radius> property has four attributes for four corners:
  • <border-top-left-radius>
  • <border-top-right-radius>
  • <border-bottom-left-radius>
  • <border-bottom-right-radius>

19. What is the use of media queries in CSS3?
Answer: Media queries are used to define styles in CSS, which are responsive based on a variety of shapes and sizes of the viewing window. They are used to adjust the following entities:
  • Height
  • Width
  • Viewport
  • Resolution
  • Orientation

20. What is the meaning of long polling in Web Development?
Answer: Long polling is a development pattern that is used to emulate a data push operation from a server to a client machine. When long polling is operational, the client sends in a request to the server, and the data is pushed. The connection will timeout only when the data is sent to the client or after the timeout criteria are met.

21. What is difference between REST and GraphQL? (answer)
GraphQL is a new way to implement web APIs, it tries to solve some of the shortcoming of REST APIs like over fetching and multiple end points. With GraphQL you can download data for multiple endpoints in a single HTTP request. This way you not only save multiple roundtrip to server but also your API becomes more extensible as your client don't need to learn about old and new endpoints.

Here is a nice diagram which explains difference between REST and GraphQL nicely:


That's all about 21 Web Development interview questions for beginners and experienced developers. The above mentioned questions are the right ones for you in this journey of seeking to pass your web development interview. You don’t need to panic because I believe you have already been sorted and now you are ready to go. You now have the best that will ensure everything goes on well as planned. I take this opportunity to now wish you the best of luck.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you find these CSS or Cascading Style Sheet interview questions useful, then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any doubts or questions or trouble finding the answer to any of the above JavaScript interview questions, please drop a note.

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