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Top 5 Free Angular Courses for Beginners to Learn Online in 2024 - Best of Lot

Google's Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for creating web apps. It helps you in creating complex web applications in less time. It's maintained by Google, so you can also rest assured that this powerhouse of a framework is built with speed and purpose and here for the long run. The Angular Framework is also the most popular framework in the world for developing single-page applications.  The framework was first launched as Angular JS, which allowed building a web application using the Model View Controller concept, and it was hugely popular, but it was later re-written completely, which is now known as simply Angular or Angular 2.

Even though many web developers use Angular and Angular JS interchangeably, they are very different and don't share anything except Angular in their Names.

Whether you are new to Angular JS or new to Angular 2, if you want to create great web apps and stay up to date on the latest app development technologies, you're going to want to come up to speed quickly with Angular's components, templates, and services.

If you want to become a full-stack web developer, you must know both front-end and back-end technology; hence I strongly recommend every Web developer to learn either Angular or React, another similar framework backed by Facebook. It's also on my list of 10 Frameworks Fullstack Developers should Learn in 2024.

Why should web developers learn Angular? Well, Angular is a great framework to create a web application that will add more value to your resume. It will not only give your career a boost but also empower you to create your own websites or startup apps.

If you are thinking to learn Angular in 2024 or the near future, here is a list of some of the best free Angular courses available online, but if you don't mind paying some bucks for an excellent, paid course then The Angular  - The Complete Guide by Max is probably the best online course I have come across.

7 Free Online Courses to Learn Angular Framework in 2024

Here is my list of some of the best Angular courses for web developers. These courses are some of the best free resources you can find online to learn Angular in depth. Few of them are short but they are very useful to learn essential Angular concepts and Fundamentals. 

They are also chosen from sites like Udemy, Pluralsight, and Coursera, which are the most popular online learning websites for programmers and web developers. Along the way, I have also suggested a few paid courses for people who want more comprehensive options. 

1. Learn Angular from Scratch [Free]

Angular 5 is still one of the most popular versions of Angular, and this free course will provide you with all of the necessary fundamentals to help you get started developing Angular 5 apps.

In this course, you will learn how to install Angular 5, its compliments, Templating and Styling with HTML & CSS, Property and Event Binding, Animation, Services, Router, and Deployment of Angular JS apps.

Btw, if you can spend a little bit of money, at least $10.99, then I also suggest you buy the Angular: The Complete Guide course from Udemy. They are currently running a sale where they are offering all courses at a considerable discount. You can buy any course for just $10.99, a bargain of $200, the original price of course.

free courses to learn Angular Framework

2. Learn Angular from Scratch [Free]

This is another free course about Angular from Udemy. In this 100% free Angular 4 course, I'm going to make the assumption that you have never touched Angular in your life. Experience with Angular JS (1.0) or Angular 2 is not mandatory.

You will learn the very basics, such as how to install an Angular 4 app, all the way to create your own services, and integrating UI animations.

Free Angular Courses for web developers

3. Getting Started with Angular 2+ [Free]

In this course, you will learn the basics of Angular 2. You will learn how to use it by building out ng2-cribs, a real estate listing application that allows users to view listings, search and filter them, and add new ones in.

After completing this course, you will have a good idea of how to build an Angular 2+ app from scratch, and you would have an excellent platform to go further on mastering Angular.

free courses to learn Angular 2

4. Angular: Getting Started [Free]

This course provides the basics you need to get started building an Angular application. First, you'll learn how to set up your environment, learning about components, templates, and data binding, and how they work together.

Next, you'll discover how to build clean components with strongly typed code, as well as building nested components and how to use dependency injection to inject the services you make.

Finally, you'll cover how to retrieve data using HTTP, navigation, and routing, and you'll revisit the Angular setup process.

Top 5 courses to learn Angular 11

Btw, This course is not really free because you need a Pluralsight membership to join the course, but Pluralsight does provide a 10-day free trial, which is enough to complete that course.

This way, you can not only get that course but also Angular Fundamentals, another excellent course for learning Angular for free.

5.  Angular for Beginners Course Angular 17 (includes FREE E-Book) [Free]

This course, Angular for Beginners, will teach you the fundamentals of writing applications with Angular 10 - whether or not you've had past experience with any Angular version. This is one of the most up-to-date courses to learn Angular for FREE. 

You will not only learn the most important Angular concepts like routing, creating reusable services and dependency injection, building forms with validation, and communicating with the server using HTTP and observables but also how to bootstrap an application and how to build pages and reusable elements using Angular Components and the new Angular syntax.

You will also get a free Angular ebook to learn along with this free course. After you finish this course, you will have the fundamental knowledge necessary to create professional and personal websites using Angular.

6. AngularJS Authentication: Secure Your App with Auth0 [Free]

This is a free course on Angular JS from Udemy. In this course, you will learn about the challenges associated with traditional authentication and how to use JSON Web Token.

You'll learn how to implement authentication in an Angular app that makes calls to an Express API.

The course covers how to address all the challenges associated with keeping a single-page application in check when it comes to stateless authentication.

free courses to learn Angular Framework

This can be a tricky matter since the front end, and backend end apps are effectively separated, but we'll find out how to leverage our user's JWT to address the challenges.

The course uses Auth0 as an identity and authentication server so that we don't have to roll our own.

7. Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS

The "Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS" course, instructed by Yaakov Chaikin and offered by Johns Hopkins University on Coursera, provides an opportunity for learners to acquire skills in developing powerful, maintainable, and testable front-end applications using AngularJS. 

Taught in English, the course has already attracted a substantial enrollment of 118,981 participants and boasts a high rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 1,873 reviews. The course, included with Coursera Plus, spans approximately 46 hours and is designed for intermediate-level learners with no previous experience necessary. 

With a flexible schedule allowing for self-paced learning over 3 weeks at 15 hours a week, the course covers critical skills such as unit testing, web development, JavaScript, and AngularJS. The curriculum is structured around five modules, and successful completion results in a shareable certificate that can be added to LinkedIn profiles, resumes, or CVs.

The course, recommended for those interested in mobile and web development, provides valuable insights into the core design of AngularJS 1.x, covering components, code organization, dependency injection, directives, routing, and unit testing. 

By the end of the course, participants will have the knowledge and skills to build fully functional, well-organized, and tested web applications using AngularJS, ready for deployment to the cloud.

By the way, if you find Coursera courses useful, which they are because they are created by reputed companies and universities around the world, I suggest you join the Coursera Plus, a subscription plan from Coursera which gives you unlimited access to their most popular courses, specialization, professional certificate, and guided projects. It cost around $399/year but its complete worth of your money as you get unlimited certificates.

That's all about some of the best free Angular courses for Web Developers. As I told you, Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, and it helps you to create sophisticated web applications in less time. It not only makes your job easy but also opens new doors of opportunity for you. It looks good on the resume and can help you get a high-paying job in the booming web development market.

Other Useful Resources for Programmers

Thanks for reading this article, if you like these free Angular online courses, then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a comment.

P. S. - If you are looking for a list of some of the best Angular courses, free or paid, then I also suggest you check out these best Angular courses from Udemy by Maximilian, its best for Web Developers and also very affordable, I bought in just $10.

P. S. S.- If you prefer books over online courses or would like to combine an Angular course like Max's with a book then I highly recommend you to check out The ng-book by Nate Murray, Felipe Coury, Ari Learner, and Carlos Taborda. This is an in-depth, complete, and up-to-date book on Angular 11 and is highly recommended by Angular experts. If you want to check, you download the first chapter for free here.

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