Top 5 Programming Books for Experienced Programmers

It's one thing to know about syntax and semantics of a programming language and other things to use it effectively. There are several books which will be taught you about syntax and grammar of a programming language, but there are really few books which will teach you the customary and effective ways to use it. Also known as idiom and usages. As a programmer, You should know one programming language well enough to discuss its nuances and best practices, and that's why I am in constant search of books that improve me as a programmer.

As I say, there are very few books which teach you about the effective usage of a particular programming language, I started looking at books for other programming languages, and believe me they have also helped me to become better.

Here I am going to share 5 books on different programming languages like C++, Java, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript, which will help you to learn your programming language better. If you are a senior programmer, which has tried a couple of languages or someone like "Jack of all trades, master of one", then also you will benefit a lot from these books.

As Josh Bloch puts there are many books that teach you syntax and semantics of a programming language but there are very few which teach how to use them properly and these books fall on that category.

5 Best Books to learn Your Programming Langage Really well

Without wasting any more of your time, here is my list of 5 best books to learn your programming language really well. It contains books for experienced Java programmers, Python developers, C++ developers, Javascript programmers, and Ruby developers. It's expected that you know these, I mean one of these programming languages and then use a corresponding book to further improve your knowledge of that particular programming language.

1. Effective Java

This is the one book I think every Java developer should read. You could probably get away with reading this in lieu of Design Patterns as well. Effective Java will introduce you to a number of Java dos and don'ts and gives a nice overview of the nuances of generics, enums, and annotations.

Btw, If you are new to Java programming and you prefer an online course, I recommend you check out The Complete Java Masterclass by Tim Buchalaka on Udemy. Once you understand the basics and fundamentals, you can read this book to become an expert Java developer which every company wants to hire.

best advanced Java books for Programmers

2. Python Tricks by Dan Bader

This is the book I recommend to every Python programmer irrespective of what he is doing with Python, like scripting, web scraping, data analysis, or web development.  This book is like Effective Java for Java developers and the Effective C++ for the Pythonistas. Do you have another favorite? Let me know.

If you are new to Python and you prefer an online course, I recommend you check out The Complete Python Bootcamp course by Jose Portilla on Udemy. It's probably the best course to start learning Python in 2020 and you can combine this book with the course to become an expert Python developer in a quick time.

advanced Python books for Programmers

3. Effective C++ and More Effective C++

The Effective Java counterpart for C++ Developers. There are a couple of them and I haven't read them all, but I've heard this is the C++ professional's book to read. If you need a course to go along with this book, you can also check out Advanced C++ Programming by John Purcell on Udemy.

advanced books for C++ developers

4. The Ruby Programming Language

If you already have Ruby experience, this book by David Flanagan and Matz is a great way to solidify a deep understanding of the Ruby language. If you're still an early beginner, you might want to stick with the classic Programming Ruby book or may want to join Learn to Code with Ruby course by Boris Paskhaver on Udemy.

best advanced programming books for Ruby Developers

5. Javascript Ninja

John Resig certainly knows how to write Javascript libraries, and this book uses library writing to teach better Javascript programming. This book is like Effective Java for Javascript developers and falls in the same category of other advanced programming books I have mentioned in this article.

Btw, if you are a beginner and just started learning JavaScript or looking for a great course to start with JavaScript then I highly recommend you check out The Complete JavaScript course by Jonas Schedtmann on Udemy. It's a project-based course and you will build real projects while also learning the nuisance of JavaScript.

best advanced JavaScript books for web Developers

That's all about the list of 5 books to really know your programming language. I hope these books will help you to become a better C++, Java, Ruby, Python, and JavaScript developer and certainly improve your programming skills in the corresponding language. I highly recommend these books to experienced developers, who need to know the pros and cons of different ways of doing things in a particular programming language.

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