How Google Search words, Contents, Images and Videos on Internet

Though we all use Google almost more than 100 times in a day, how many of you know that How Google works? How Google find the content you are looking for? How does it even find all the website in the BIG world of Internet? How does it index URLs? There is a lot of things to know about how Google actually works. Though I know a couple of them before, I found this useful Infographic, which tells you how exactly Google Works. It all starts from Crawling and Indexing. Google has lots of programs known as Spider, which keeps crawling the web, day, and night. This is how Google picks up every new information added into the internet. As long as your website is reachable by The Internet and your Content is crawlable i.e. not prevented or secured by robot.txt, Google will crawl then and index them appropriately.

For Indexing they use lots of Algorithms, and Indexing is actually based upon keyword, this is what you enter in Google Search, when you are looking to find something in World wide web. Based upon Content available and keyword, Google almost ask 200 questions before it display result.

Because for one keyword there could be millions of pages which contains that word, In order to filter best out of  all these, Google do lot of processing by running their algorithm, but do you know how much time it take. Almost 1/8 second, this is what I call speed.

Google working doesn't end here, once it found the pages in response to a keyword, it actually goes to its knowledge database to done some more filtering and post-processing. In this step it looks for real world people, places and connection between them. For example  a search for Pizza will likely to show you Pizza shop from where you stay, rather than United State of America, where Google has office. By the way Google has office in almost every country and their servers are also geographically distributed. Remember, and Then Google supports Images, Voice Search and Videos. What I have said its just tip of iceberg, This Infographic will give you some more information on how exactly Google work?

How Google works, How it search words, Contents, Images and Videos
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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