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Top 5 Free Courses to crack AWS Solution Architect Certification in 2024 - Best of Lot

A professional certificate speaks louder than a typical CV. Not all certificate holds worth, but some professional certificate does! AWS (Amazon web services) Solution architect associate is one of the most prestigious certifications. There is a lot of demand for AWS certified Solution architects as many companies seek experts who can manage their AWS assets. Amazon also ensures that their partners have certified AWS professionals which further fuels the demand for AWS certification. Given the future of Software development is on the cloud and sooner or later most of the companies will move to the different cloud platforms, particularly AWS gave it's the most popular public cloud, investing your time on acquiring AWS certification can really boost your profile in 2024. 

By the way, what's AWS? Amazon Web Services are services delivered by Amazon to servers in computation, procuring & delivering contents (mails), storage, security, etc... Amazon obtains 13% of revenue from AWS & covers almost 90% of the cloud market. 

Nearly, all top servicing sectors use AWS for better customer experience, storage, AI video/browsing suggestion. For instance, Netflix uses AWS.

AWS is one of the arduous exams, and it's a Herculean task to earn a certificate. I've brought you a few certification courses to make your path easy if you're an AWS aspirant. 

 Within the below courses, the learners can find everything about AWS. I've arranged the listed courses in an A-Z path. So, make sure that you don't skip any.

At the edge of this writing, you'll earn a bonus! So keep flipping through! By the way, if you don't mind spending a few bucks on investing on quality learning material then I highly recommend you join Stephan Maarek's Ultimate AWS Certified Solution Architect associate course on Udemy. He also has a practice test which you can combine with this for better preparation. 

5 Best Free Online Courses to crack AWS Solution Architect Certification in 2024

Here is the list of best free online courses to crack AWS Solution architect certification in 2024. These courses are chosen from popular websites like Udemy and Coursera.

A gratis AWS certification course, which is on high-demand launched by Udemy.
The name of the course portrays that this course is forged for beginners who want to start their certification venture.

What'll you learn...
  • How to inaugurate WordPress web server by operating AWS EC2.
  •  How to construct a defect tolerant website application territory. 
  •  How to upload documents to AWS S3.
  •  How to transmit e-mails with AWS Simple Email Service (SES). 
  • How to formulate a highly accessible NodeJS
  • How to regulate and stave off errors with cloudwatch. 
This AWS course is a 3 hours video content course, with lakhs of students already enrolled in it. This course perfectly suits learners who have the foundational knowledge of computer networking and servers. 

Udemy launched a free course to assist you in mastering AWS Solution. If you're a person who is bored of 6-7 hours of long courses, you've landed on the right time.  The course plays for a couple of hours. The best thing about the video is, it has a first-rate video presentation which is explained elaborately. 

Consequently, you'll never have a blahs or sleepy experience. You'll learn how to make end-to-end encryption with AWS Solution servers, advanced level AWS portions that are exclusively implemented in the IT sector, get a chance to explore SSHing (Secure Shell / Shell Access).

Anyone can enroll in the course without experience. Enroll today!

free Udemy course for AWS certification

Fine! What if I inform you that you can learn AWS in 30 days? 30 days? Yep, you heard that right! In 30 days! The very best thing to introduce this course is by “Become an AWS developer and earn certification in 30 DAYS!”. 

You'll get to know the rising need and demand for AWS architects, the road map to achieve the target in 30 days, how to reach the targeted audience in the market, exam tips and tricks, objectives, materials to study, types of questions, the obligation of an AWS developer, and frequently asked questions.
A learner must possess consistency and fundamental knowledge of Information Technology and Amazon Web Services to enroll in the course.

For your information, this isn't an AWS preparation course, but an exam get-ready course. Irrespective of the certificate, acknowledging AWS will help you compete in today's world. A typical AWS architect developer earns $200,000 per annum.

As for your mentor - Premraj Jeyaprakash has expertise in this field, he'll take the students to the real world of AWS.  By the end of the course, you'll get a feel of being personally guided by the mentors.

Now, we know that AWS plays a key role in the cloud market. Yet, how can we coerce cloud application understanding with AWS? This beginner's course gives you the solution.
The course is an unrecompensed, unpaid one, which would give you a basic understanding of cloud applications in AWS. 

You'll learn the radical wisdom to build computer-generated servers in the cloud, set up monitoring and storage services in clouds, customize load balancer, and importantly at the end of the course, you'll be taught to pattern your infrastructure using cloud servers.

The content syllabus carries customizing storage by S3 and Amazon's Elastic Block Store (EBS), Content Delivery Network (CDN) with Amazon Cloud Front, Relational Database Service (RDS).
The course also carries LIVE classes with the instructor at every end of the week, where the learners can directly interact with the mentors, and clarify their doubts.

The modernized version of this course also includes Phyton & AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit).
The given course is the first part of cloud computing with AWS. If you're determined in learning it deeply, it just takes a few dollars out of the pocket for Part-2.

Here I come to end with a newly launched course with deep learning and first-hand examples. An Udemy offered course. The instructors (Pranjal Srivastava & Harshit Srivastava) every single explanation with examples make the learning much easier with several new aspects. 

Pranjal Srivastava and Harshit Srivastava not only make you study the theoretical part but also assist you in practical application. Thus, you're in extraordinary penmanships. Sounds flowers of speech?

You'll absorb the prototype of core (various) AWS services, design and administrate cloud databases with Relational Database Service (RDS), SQL, upload & doff files & documents, conduct Amazon's Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), sync EC2 with putty from Windows, compose the security tract by surveillance of traffic into & out of EC2.

It also comprises VPC, Elastic Beanstalk, DynamoDB. This course would be useful for those who know about cloud computing and AWS. 

You would have noticed that all the above 5 courses are from Udemy. Why? Udemy is one of the best sellers and must prioritize the platform in terms of AWS.

Wish to explore further free courses? I heartily purpose to you the official website of AWS as a bonus. On this website, you'll get free access to so many courses related to AWS, which would be useful for training and certification. 

Wrapping Up
Hence, this was all about some of the best courses that will assist you in preparing for the AWS certification test. It is a very crucial & useful test for someone working in the cloud development field as the certificate will be a prominent gain to your career.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these best free AWS solution architect associate Cloud Certification courses then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If these courses have helped you to pass the exam, then please spread the word so that other people can also benefit.

P. S. - If you need a comprehensive and up-to-date course to further boost your preparation then you can also check out Stephan Maarek's Ultimate AWS Certified Solution Architect associate course on Udemy. He also has a practice test which you can combine with this for better preparation. 

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