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Top 5 Free Apache Maven eBooks for Java Developers

If you are working in Java for a couple of years, you surely know about Maven, the most popular tool to build Java applications. Recently I had shared 10 things about Maven Java developers should know, (if you have read it yet, you can read it here) and I receive a lot of good feedback about how useful those plugins and Maven, in general, are for Java developers. This motivated me to write more stuff about Apache Maven, and then I thought about sharing some of the free Maven courses and ebooks Java developers can use to learn Maven. 

Sonatype, the company behind the Nexus open source repository manager and creators of the Apache Maven project, provides a couple of good free ebooks to learn Maven and Nexus repository.

Unlike other free ebooks which are mostly outdated, these Maven free eBooks are most accurate, up-to-date, and can be used as reference material, particularly Maven: The Complete Reference. Since Nexus repository managers are most preferred for the in-house Maven repository, it's also essential to learn about it.

Having Nexus experience and knowledge in your re only going to benefit you. Btw, if you are not looking for a paperback book, you can also check out Apache Maven: Beginner to Guru, one of the better resources to learn Apache Maven.

5 Free Maven Books for Java Developers

Here is a list of some of the good and free-of-cost eBooks you can use to learn Apache Maven. They are written by Maven experts and provided by Sonatype, the company behind Nexus, one of the most popular Maven repository managers.

1. Maven by Example

Author: various authors
Description: Learn by doing — Maven by Example walks you through the key concepts of the world’s leading project management tool. This book is available to download in PDF format as well for online reading.

If you want, you can also combine this with Maven Quick Start: A Fast Introduction to Maven by Example, a completely free course on Udemy for Java developers who wants to learn Maven. Though, you need to create an Udemy account to access this course, which is also free.  This course effectively complements this book becuase both focus on real-world examples.

Top 5 Apache Maven Free Ebooks for Java Developers

2. Maven: The Complete Reference

Author: Tim O’Brien, Manfred Moser, John Casey, Brian Fox, Jason Van Zyl, Eric Redmond, and Larry Shatzer.
Description: The essential reference for anyone working with Apache Maven. Explore the details of the POM, Maven Settings, Maven Archetypes. You can read this book for free online or can download it as a PDF for offline reading.

free books to learn Maven

3. Repository Management with Nexus

Author: Sonatype Inc
Description: Learn to organize artifacts, encourage collaboration, and increase efficiency with the industry-leading repository manager. 

This is the go-to guide for gaining full visibility and control in software development with Nexus. It covers both the open-source version and Nexus Professional. This book is also freely available for download in PDF and online reading.

free ebooks to learn Maven

4. Developing with Eclipse and Maven

Author: Tim O’Brien
Description: The essential information you need to use Maven within the intuitive Eclipse Interface. Enjoy the comfort and safety of the Eclipse IDE while managing both simple and multi-module Maven projects.

This free ebook features: How to Install, Run and Configure m2eclipse, Creating and Importing Maven Projects, Running Maven Builds, Working with Maven Repositories and Projects, Analyzing and Resolving Dependencies, Best Practices, and More. This book is available for free to read online and download in PDF format for offline reading.

And, if you like online courses, I strongly suggest you check out Apache Maven: Beginner to Guru, a course on Udemy. You can get it on around $10 on several Udemy sales which happens every month and it is one of the best materials to learn Maven online.

free books PDF to learn Maven

Btw, If you prefer a paperback book, then you can also refer to Maven for Eclipse by Sanjay Shah, one of the good books to learn Maven in Eclipse IDE, but of course, that's not free.

That's all in this list of a couple of free good books to learn Apache Maven, especially targeted to Java developers. Since Maven has now become the default build tool for Java applications (Gradle is far behind and ANT is history now) it's very important for a Java developer to know, understand and use Apache Maven. It will help you with dependency management, building, packaging, and release
your Java application.

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Thanks a lot for reading this article so far. If you like these Maven courses, then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P. S. - If you are looking for some free stuff to start with your Maven journey then you can also check out this list of free Maven courses for Java Programmers.

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