Top 5 System Design Newsletter You Can Read in 2024

Hello guys, if you want to learn System design then there are many ways you can start. For example, you can start with reading a System Design book, or joining an online course, but if you want to keep yourself updated and believe in constant learning then there is no better way then subscribing to a System Design Newsletter. When it comes to System design newsletter you can find many newsletter online, just open your LinkedIn and you will see a post popping here or there but you cannot subscribe to all of them as it doesn't make sense. A better strategy is to subscribe only the best newsletters so that you doesn't get overwhelmed but also keep learning useful concepts and new tech trends. 

If you are thinking how to find the best System design newsletter then you don't need to worry, I have curated a list of newsletter which share best content, covering from essential System design concepts like horizontal scalability vs vertical scalability or API gateway vs load balancer, to cover essential software architecture components, solution of popular System design questions like vending machine design, ATM design, WhatsApp design, YouTube design and much more, and most importantly doing system design case studies. 

In the past, I have shared best System Design courses, books, websites as well as 100+ System Design Interview Questions and Problems and today I am going to share 5 bet System Design Newsletters you an subscribe in 2024. 

These are the top 5 Newsletter you can join in 2024, by the way, I also have my newsletter "Javarevisited Newsletter" where I have started talking about System design and Software architecture more, if you haven't subscribed yet, you can subscribe now.  

5 Best System Design Newsletters You can Subscribe in 2024

Here is my list of best System Design Newsletter you can join in 2024. These newsletters are written by experts like Alex Xu, author of 3 popular books on System design interviews, and developers like Arslan Ahmed, creator of DesignGuru,io, Neo Kim, Ashish Pratap Singh and others.  

So, let's checkout these System design newsletter and see why you should join them

1. ByteByteGo Newsletter by Alex Xu

This is without a doubt, one of the most popular and best System design newsletter you can subscribe in 2024. Created by Alex Xu, author of popular book System Design Interview Insider Guide and ByteByteGo platform for System design interview preparation, this newsletter have more than 500,000 subscribers which is a record in itself. 

They share one post every week for free subscriber and one post for paid subscriber which is full of explanatory diagrams and short burst of knowledge. Their deep dive posts are mostly behind the paywall but the free posts are good enough to learn many key System design concepts. 

Here are the latest free posts from ByteByteGo you can see:
  • What is deadlock?
  • How Facebook served billions of requests per second Using Memcached
  • Understanding Database Types
  • A Crash Course in Networking
  • Netflix: What Happens When You Press Play?
  • Netflix: What Happens When You Press Play - Part 2
  • HTTP1 vs HTTP2 vs HTTP3 - A Deep Dive
  • System Design PDFs

You can subscribe this newsletter to keep yourself updated with latest tends on System design but if you are preparing for System design interview then I also recommend you to join his online platform ByteByteGo for a better and structured preparation. You will thank me later.

Here is the link to join this newsletter - ByteByteGo Newsletter

I have also shared my detailed review of ByteByteGo here in case you want to read. 

2. DesignGuru Newsletter by Arslan Ahmed

I first come across Arslan Ahmed and DesignGuru by their popular course Grokking the System Design interview which was then available on, This was one of the game changer courses and I really learned a lot about System Design. 

It's no surprise that Arslan has worked in FAANG companies, he has worked in Facebook and Microsoft and knows about System design in and out. He is one of the expert you can trust when it comes to System design and coding interview prep.

Apart from that you can also join his popular courses on System design and coding interviews like Grokking the System Design Interview and Grokking the Advanced System Design Interview. Though, I recommend you to get All Course Bundle where you will get all of his best courses for a discount. 

Here are popular articles form his newsletter:
  • Mastering the "Why Amazon?" Question for Your Interview
  • A Beginner's Guide To Distributed Systems
  • Is Grinding Leetcode Enough for Your Interview Prep
  • 10 Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for FAANG Companies
  • All You Need To Know About the Meta Interview
  • How To Avoid Coding Mistakes During Interviews

Here is the link to join this newsletter - DesignGuru Newsletter by Arslan Ahmed

3. System Design One by @Neo Kim 

This is another System Design newsletter I have subscribed personally to keep myself up-to-ate with how different companies are doing System Design. Created by Neo Kim, 

Here are a couple of popular System Design articles and case studies from this newsletter:
  • How Razorpay Scaled to Handle Flash Sales at 1500 Requests per Second (read)
  • How Stripe Prevents Double Payment Using Idempotent API 
  • How McDonald’s Food Delivery Platform Handles 20,000 Orders per Second
  • How Uber Finds Nearby Drivers at 1 Million Requests per Second
  • How Cloudflare Was Able to Support 55 Million Requests per Second With Only 15 Postgres Clusters
  • How Amazon S3 Achieves 99.999999999% Durability
  • How Tinder Scaled to 1.6 Billion Swipes per Day
  • How to Scale an App to 10 Million Users on AWS

Here is the link to join this newsletter - System Design One by @Neo Kim

4. AlgoMaster Newsletter by @Ashish Pratap Singh 

This is another great System design newsletter I have subscribed on substack and have recommended to many of you. Ashish has got a great way to explaining complex concept into simpler words and he also focus on explanatory diagrams to add value. 

In this newsletter, you will not just find System design tutorials and articles but also advice on programming, coding and Software development in general. 

Here are a couple of popular System design articles from this newsletter which you can read now:
  • How to Answer a System Design Interview Problem
  • What is Database Sharding?
  • Database Indexes: A detailed guide
  • HeartBeats: How Distributed Systems Stay Alive
  • System Design: Vertical vs Horizontal Scaling
  • 15 Types of Databases and When to Use Them
  • System Design: Top 15 Trade-Offs
  • System Design: A Short Masterclass on Scalability

Here is the link to join this newsletter -  AlgoMaster Newsletter by @Ashish Pratap Singh

5.  System Design Codex by @Saurabh Dashora

This is another great System Design Newsletter you can join to learn essential System design concepts as well as system design case studies on real companies like AirBnb, LinkedIn, etc. You will also learn about things like stateful vs stateless architecture, caching strategies and how to improve API performance.

Sourabh also shared tips on how to do well on System Design interviews like how you can drive the interview, things you should mention and things you should avoid while answering the question, and how to make best use of limited time. 

Here are few System Design articles you can read on this newsletter
  • How LinkedIn Authorizes 10 Million API Calls Per Second
  • Stateless Architecture - What's the Deal?
  • 5 Strategies for Read-Heavy Systems
  • Introduction to ACID Properties
  • 23 System Design Interview Tips
  • 5 Strategies for High-Availability Systems
  • How Airbnb Achieved 150X Payments Read Performance?
  • 5 API Performance Strategies
  • How LinkedIn Uses Caching to Serve 5M Profile Reads/Sec?

Here is the link to join this newsletter -   System Design Codex by @Saurabh Dashora

That's all about the best System Design Newsletter you can join in 2024. All of these newsletter have free subscription option which you can join to receive free posts every week. It will help you to learn key System design concepts on replication, scalability, caching, performance as well also keep yourself with trendy technological changes. 

You will also get a chance to learn how things work in real world like How Amazon serve billions of customers every month or how Google achieves 99.999 avaibility and much more. 

At bare minimum you should subscribe to at least one of these newsletter to keep yourself update on System design. By the way, I also have my newsletter "Javarevisited" where I have started talking about System design and Software architecture more, if you haven't subscribed yet, you can subscribe now. 

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