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Let’s assume you have some knowledge in python language and want to have a career in either deep learning or machine learning, they’re no best libraries to learn than scikit learn. This library is widely used and contains tons of algorithms created by python but can perform various machine learning tasks like classification and regression. In the past, I have shared the best free Machine Learning courses as well as best courses to learn the best Machine learning libraries like TensorFlow, NumPy, Scikit Learn, Kears, and Panda and in this article, I am going to share the best free resources to learn 

The scikit-Learn library provides a range of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms. The nice part is that it is licensed under the BSD license, which means you can use it for academic and commercial use. Many companies such as Google and Netflix rely on this library to design recommendation systems and more.

If you have a passion for learning machine learning using this library, complete this article for the best FREE courses to learn sci-kit-learn.

5 Best Free Scikit Learn Courses for Python and Data Science Developers in 2023

Here is my list of best free online courses to learn Scikit learn library for both Python developers and Data Scientists. These free courses are curated from the best websites like Udemy and Coursera and they are created by experts in Data Science and Machine learning field and trusted by thousands of students worldwide. 

    1. Practical Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn

    Many YouTube videos and articles don’t deep dive into the scikit learn algorithms and explain well how to use it correctly, but this free course on Udemy show you how to use different ones effectively and create some machine learning models that can perform tasks such as linear regression, multiple linear regression, support vector machine, and more.

    You will start by understanding and using the simplest machine learning algorithm, linear regression, to predict value based on another value. You will also see the polynomial regression that gives you the best possible approximation for the relationship between two variables. 

    Then you will also look for the logistic regression that will be used to guess the probability of occurring an event based on some data and more.

    Top 5 Free Scikit- Learn Courses to Learn Online

    2. Linear Regression: Absolute Fundamentals

    If you are still new to machine learning and want first to understand some concepts about this field and make the simplest model, linear regression, you’ve landed the best free course for this. The free Udemy course will teach you all of that and apply the linear regression model to a real COVID19 dataset.

    First of all, you will need to introduce the machine learning field and how it works on data and then understand the linear regression through graphs before applying it to a real dataset.

    You will then download the COVID19 dataset and read your data, cleaning them, which is essential before applying machine learning algorithms and building your model, and finally creating a visualization of your data.

    Best free online course for Scikit Learn

    3. Introduction to Data Science using Python

    Scikit learn is a library used by many job careers such as machine learning engineers, deep learning, and data scientist. So if you want to have some understanding of data science and how to use this library for making models, then this free udemy course is the right for you without getting deeper into math and statistics.

    Starting by understanding what are machine learning and data science so you can differentiate between them. Then get started with python and scikit-learn library and learn the different machine learning algorithms that can be done using that library and play around with anaconda and Jupiter IDEs.

    Finally, learn how to use the KNN algorithm used in supervised learning for classification and regression models.

    best free Udemy course for Scikit Learn

    4. Applied Machine Learning in Python [Coursera]

    This course is more practical than just a theory about machine learning using scikit-learn. The course offered by The University of Michigan through the Coursera platform consists of 34 hours of video and content. The good thing you will learn in this course is where to use supervised and unsupervised learning in your data.

    Start by understanding machine learning concepts and their workflow by exploring an example of a machine learning problem and fixing it using the K-Nearest neighbors classification. 

    Then, explore various supervised learning algorithms such as SVM, evaluate your models, and optimize your model performance. Finally, learn some advanced machine learning algorithms such as random forests.

    best free Coursera course for Scikit Learn

    5. Machine Learning with Python [Coursera]

    If you want truly build a career as a machine-learning engineer and create some projects that you can show to your employee, then you’ve landed on the right course. This machine learning with python course will show you how to build projects such as predicting economic trends and recommendation engines.

    Starting by understanding the application of machine learning in healthcare and telecommunication. Then, implement the linear regression on a real dataset, evaluate your model, and perform classification using different algorithms. 

    Finally, learn about how recommendation systems work and build one using machine learning.

    By the way, instead of joining these courses and specialization individually, you can also join the Coursera Plus, a subscription plan from Coursera which gives you unlimited access to their most popular courses, specialization, professional certificate, and guided projects. 

    Free Coursera course to learn Scikit Learn


    That's all about the best free resources for the Scikit Learn library any Python developer or Data Scientist can use to learn this useful library. The article has discussed the best FREE resources to learn machine learning using sci-kit learn and start having a career as a machine learning engineer. Of course, those are very introductory courses, and you have o learn more to achieve your goals

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    P. S. - If you are keen to learn Scikit learn and Machine learning and don't mind paying a few bucks to learn a valuable skill like this then you can also check out 100+ Exercises - Python - Data Science - sci-kit-learn course on Udemy. This is a hands-on course, full of exercises and practical examples for Scikit Learn. 

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