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Sunday, August 21, 2022

Where Is Python Used In The Real World?

Hello guys, if you are wondering where is Python used in real world before you decide whether to learn Python programming language or not then its actually a good question. While everyone is talking about Python's popularity, it make sense to do research and find out which industries in Software development is using Python as their primary language. You will be surprised to know that like Java Python is also almost everywhere. Python is now used in Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Game Development, Building Desktop and UI Apps, Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Analysis, Building Mobile apps, Web Scrapping, and most importantly on Automation. So, you can see that Python is widely accepted and used and learning Python is the best decision you can take to start your career as Software Developer.

Ever since Python was developed back in 1991 by the Guido Van Rossum, this open-source language called python has gained so much popularity among developers because of its easiness to learn and adopted among companies and used to develop some the operating systems such as Linux.

Many developers have added thousands of libraries to add some functionalities, and this article will help you where this language is used in the real world. You can then decide whether this language is the right for you to learn or jump into another programming language.

Real World Python Applications

Now, let's deep dive into each areas where Python is widely used and considered as suitable programming language. Also these are areas where plenty of jobs available for Python developers. Just go to any job sites and type Python and you will see job related to these areas for Python developers, both beginners and experienced developers.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Python is a stable language, making it a good choice for making machine learning and artificial intelligence models because it can make the computation required for this purpose. There are a lot of python libraries for making these models, such as scikit-learn, Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc., and they are used in image processing, making predictions, recommendations systems, search engines, and more.

2. Web Development

Many websites you are using probably every day are using python for making their back-end. Some companies such as Instagram, Spotify, and Netflix use it on their websites. Some of the most used and popular python frameworks to do this are Django & Flask. They are used for adding users, signing in, adding functionality, and adding data to the database.

3. Desktop Apps

Another good use for python is desktop apps like developing an app for the desktop for macOS, Linux, and Windows. Many companies like Dropbox and Spotify have used this language to make their desktop apps. Python is considered an object-oriented programming language that can be used for this purpose, and collaboration between the team makes it much easier to develop the desktop software. 

3. Game Development

Battlefield 2 game was 2005 was developed using python and many other games such as Bridge Commander, Frets On Fire, etc. There are many Python libraries for building games, such as Pygame, PyKyra, Pyglet, Kivy, and more. Still, it is not a good choice for building complicated games since it consumes much of your computer power and is not explicitly developed for this purpose.

5. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are used a lot nowadays, and there are millions of apps in the app store & google play python is one of the languages that can be used for making a mobile game. Unfortunately, python is not the best choice because it doesn't have the capabilities of building good apps or developed for this purpose, but there are some packages such as Kivy and PyQT5 to use for making mobile apps.

6. Automation

If you have some tasks, you do them every day. You probably need to learn python and automate those tasks. Python is one of the popular tools in DevOps for automating systems and processes. Some examples of automating tasks are sending emails, checking the currencies online, scraping data from the web, sending HTTP requests, etc. Many libraries are developed for automation, is smtplib, selenium, and more.

7. Web Scrapping

Many digital businesses are relying on data harvesting from the internet for collecting emails or other data for analysis, and they are using any paid software to do this. Still, you can use python for the same purpose. 

Many python libraries perform this action, such as BeatifulSoup, Requests, etc. Put in mind that web scraping is sometimes illegal, so you should first know if that particular website allows this kind of activity before doing this action.

8. Data Analytics

Companies are collecting data about their users to understand better and meet their customer's demands and improve their services. Some companies are collecting massive data you can not even imagine, and they spend a large budget on running these servers and hardware. 

Python also offers many awesome libraries, such as pandas, for working with data and editing them before the analytics phase. Matplotlib & Seaborn are also other libraries used for visualizing the data and getting insights from this data. 

That's all about where exactly Python programming language is used in real world. Knowing about Python's real world application will motivate you further to learn Python and start your career in coding and development. We've discussed some of the best fields that python is good for, and they are even more than this, which will undoubtedly encourage you to learn this language. Still, some domains are not good, which are anything that requires a speed in the execution of the code, and you want the less possible consumption of the memory.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you want to become a Python developer then don't waste any ore time, its the best decision you can take to start your career in Software development, web development, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation as Python is widely used in these areas and learning Python can make you eligible for all those jobs in these areas where Python is listed as mandatory skill.

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