Top 10 Oracle Database and PL/SQL Courses for Beginners in 2024 - Best of Lot [UPDATED]

Hello folks, if you are learning Oracle database and want to learn PL/SQL programming language and looking for the best resources like books, online courses, tutorials and articles then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared the best free SQL and database courses, PL/SQL books, and a few free Oracle courses, and this article will introduce you to the Oracle SQL database and how they work as well as the PL language and how you can use its commands to interact with the oracle SQL database in 2024. 

This is a powerful programming language and also an in-demand skill given the popularity of the Oracle database. You can join one of these courses to learn both Oracle database and PL/SQL in-depth and add a valuable skill to your resume. It's useful for both DBAs and backend developers. 

when you hear the word SQL most people know that it is a popular language to interact with the database and execute commands to extract some data and then perform processing and so on. But PL not much of you really knows what is it exactly. 

PL stands for a procedural language and is considered like any other language having the condition statement and loops and the good thing is the SQL commands are included in this language and that is what makes this programming language different than the other languages and also provides a comprehensive solution to work with the oracle database.

10 Best Course to Learn Oracle Database and PL/SQL in 2024

Here is a list of the best online courses you to learn Oracle database and PL/SQL in 2024. These are the collection of the best PL/SQL courses from sites like Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight, and others. You can join one or more of these course to learn Oracle Database and PL/SQL development in 2024. 

1. Oracle PL/SQL Fundamentals

If you are a software designer and developer and you want to learn the Oracle PL/SQL database then this course is the right for you starting by learning the fundamentals of PL/SQL language such as data types and variables as well as SQL functions then moving to an advanced topic like executing PL/SQL language and its commands.

Top 10 Oracle PL/SQL Courses for Beginners to learn

2. The Complete PL/SQL Bootcamp

This course is also for beginners starts with you with an introduction of the PL/SQL language and software installation then move to learn this language such as variables and beginner stuff then moving to use SQL in PL/SQL language and functions as well as executing commands to the database and more.

Best Udemy course to learn PL/SQL

3. Oracle PL/SQL Fundamentals

A beginner guide to learn the fundamentals of the PL/SQL language in Pluralsight starting with an introduction about this language like why you would learn it then learn anonymous block and different data types such as floats then loop as well as conditions execution and finally learn debugging.

Best Pluralsight course to learn PL/SQL

4. Oracle PL/SQL is My Game

If you have some previous knowledge of the SQL language and you want to move on to the PL/SQL programming language then you are in the right place and this course starts by learning the variables and beginner stuff as well as then moving to write executable statements creating procedure and functions as well as triggers and much more.

Best Online course to learn PL/SQL

5. Oracle PL/SQL Fundamentals & Database Design

The ultimate course to learn PL/SQL language as well as database design starting with this language PL/SQL and learn its syntax and data types, variables, statement, and so on then moving to some advanced techniques such as using PL/SQL packages to interact with the database and finally learn how to design complex database.

best Oracle course on Udemy

6. Learn Oracle PL/SQL

A comprehensive training course to learn the Oracle PL/SQL language starts as a beginner such as a block structure and objects and data types then moving to a complex data structure such as nested tables then learn the flow control and expectation handling and packages and trigger and more.

best Oracle SQL course on Udemy

7. Oracle SQL PLSQL Training

Another good training course to learn SQL query language as well as the PL/SQL programming language starting as a beginner in the SQL commands such as DDL and join commands then moving to the PL/SQL language and its data types as well as loops and functions and packages and much more.

best online course to learn Oracle SQL

8. Oracle Database For Beginners

A small but comprehensive course about the SQL language and PL/SQL as well and you will start by learning the SQL and how to use its commands then moving to the other language PL/SQL and learning its syntax like using loops and cursor handling and database triggers and much more.

best course to learn Oracle Database


9. PL /SQL For Beginners

A very small course to learn the PL/SQL language and with prior experience in using databases and SQL language starting by installing the environment and learning the simple syntax of Oracle PL/SQL language such as executing commands and creating a simple PL/SQL procedure.

best course to learn PL/SQL for Beginners

10. PL/SQL Programming with Real-World Examples

Another good practical course is to learn Oracle PL/SQL language starting by understanding the fundamentals of the PL/SQL language and how to use it to interact with the Oracle database then moving to use this language in creating real-world examples of PL/SQL programs and components.

best Oracle and PL/SQL Course for Beginners

That's all about the best Database and Oracle PL/SQL courses to learn in 2024. The Oracle database has become popular database technology nowadays and many big-name companies such as Samsung and Amazon that means it becomes worthy of learning how to use this database and maybe have a career in this industry.

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P. S. - If you are new to Oracle and PL/SQL Programming and looking for a free online training course to learn Oracle database fundamentals, then you can also check out this Oracle SQL - A Complete Introduction course on Udemy. It's completely free, and you just need a free Udemy account to join this course. 

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