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Top 6 Online Courses to Learn CSS, Flexbox, Grid, and Sass in 2024 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, Along with HTML and JavaScript, CSS is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web (WWW) and critical skills for anyone who wants to start their career in web design and web development. No website in the modern world is complete without CSS, and it is safe to say, no one can become a complete web developer without CSS. If you want to learn advanced CSS concepts like Flexbox, Grid, and SaaS and looking for the best online courses, then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared some free courses to learn CSS basics and Bootstrap, one of the most popular CSS frameworks for styling web pages, and today I will share advanced CSS courses to learn Flexbox and Grid.

If you don't know, CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is used to define the presentation of a web page. It allows you to create attractive and beautiful web pages.

This might sound a little blunt, but you cannot become a full-stack web developer if you do not understand CSS. It's one of the most important skills for a front-end developer and useful for full-stack and backend developers.

Generally, CSS is not as tough as JavaScript, and at the same time, it is as easy as HTML. The basics of CSS are easy, and it does not take time to understand how CSS works. But as you proceed to the advanced stages, CSS becomes more and more complex.

Today, you can access websites on different screens such as desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. The screen size can vary, and the website should also adapt itself according to it. Here comes the concept of responsiveness. A website should be responsive.

Bootstrap is a CSS framework that is used to create responsive web applications. So along with CSS, It is always a good choice to learn Bootstrap. This article will list the top 5 courses to learn CSS, advanced CSS, and Bootstrap.

7 Best CSS Courses to learn Flexbox, Grid, and Sass in 2024

Without wasting any more of your time, here are the best online training courses to learn advanced CSS skills like Flexbox, Grid, Sass, and Animations. If you are looking to build your career in web design and web development, learning these skills can boost your career and make your CV more attractive to prospective employers and clients.

1. Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations, and More!

If you are familiar with CSS basics, then "Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More!" is one of the best courses to learn advanced CSS concepts. This course is huge as it covers over twenty hours. It is worth choosing this course because it has everything you need to learn advanced CSS despite the length.

This course was created by my favorite Udemy instructor Jonas Schmedtmann and author of The Complete JavaScript course 2024: Build Real projects, one of the best JavaScript courses on Udemy.

This is also one of the best CSS courses on Udemy, and over ninety-seven thousand students have enrolled in this course.

  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • This course is not for beginners.
It has tons of CSS techniques that are used for effects and designs. It also covers advanced animations, flexbox layouts, grid layouts, and Sass. Moreover, you will also find advanced-level knowledge for responsive web designing.

Top 5 courses to learn advanced CSS - Flexbox, Grid, and Sass

2. Advanced Styling with Responsive Design - Coursera

Created by Colleen van Lent and Colleen van Lent of the University of Michigan, "Advanced Styling with Responsive Design" is a course for those who want to learn advanced CSS and bootstrap.

It covers the basics of CSS3 and then advanced-level topics such as media queries, wireframes, fluid design, and the use of existing styling paradigms such as Bootstrap. Responsive design is another main target of this course.

This course is also part of Coursera's popular Web Design for Everybody: Basics of Web Development & Coding Specialization, which means completing this course will also count towards that specialization completion. 

  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS.
It is a paid course, but if you have financial problems, you can always choose the financial aid option offered by Coursera to enroll without cost. You can also join this course for free if you just want to learn and don't need access to quizzes or assessments. Alternatively, you can also join Coursera Plus to get access to more than 7000+ Coursera courses with unlimited specialization and certificate access. 

best course to learn CSS in Coursera

3. CSS - The Complete Guide 2024 (incl. Flexbox, Grid & Sass)

This is another great Udemy course to learn advanced CSS concepts. The "CSS - The Complete Guide 2024 (incl. Flexbox, Grid & Sass)" was created by one of the most popular instructors Maximilian Schwarzm├╝ller who has created many great online courses Udemy.

Having attended his React - The Complete Guide course, I was quick to join this one, and I must say I wasn't disappointed.

Although it is a beginner-level course, it has some of the advanced topics covered very nicely. If you are not a beginner, you can just skip the basics.

  • Basic knowledge of HTML.
  • No knowledge of CSS is required.
The course is divided into three tracks - Basics, Advanced, and Expert. It does not matter what your CSS level is; you can join this course. It covers everything from the basic level to the expert level.

best online course to learn Flexbox and Grid in CSS

4. Responsive In-Browser Web Page Design with HTML and CSS [Pluralsight]

This is an advanced-level CSS course available at Pluralsight. The instructor focused on building a website from scratch by prototyping directly into the browser throughout the course.

  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS.
The main goal of the course is to provide a proper understanding of CSS and responsiveness at the advanced level. This course is one of the highest-rated advanced-level CSS courses at Pluralsight.

By the way, you would need a Pluralsight membership to join this course which costs around $29 per month or $299 per year. Alternatively, you can also use their 10-day-free-trial to watch this course for free. 

best course to learn CSS in Pluralsight

5. Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 [Udemy]

This online training course on Responsive web design is regarded as the number 1 HTML5 and CSS3 course at Udemy. Nearly one hundred and eighty thousand students have enrolled in this course.

This course is for everyone. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a proper designer; this course has concepts for everyone.

  • No prior knowledge of HTML or CSS is necessary.
The main target of this course is to guide people about how to create real-world websites using HTML5 and CSS3. Of course, it covers basic concepts, but if you are already familiar with the basics, just skip them and move to the advanced topics.

best course to learn HTML 5 and CSS 3 in Udemy

6. The HTML & CSS Bootcamp 2024 Edition By Colt Steele

If you are looking for brand new and up-to-date course to learn HTML and CSS then you will be glad to know that Colt Steele, one of the popular Udemy instructor has launched a new HTML and CSS BootCamp course. 

This 37 hour course is one of the best CSS Course on Udemy with 262 downloadable resources and 1 articles. In this course, you will not only learn how to build reusable components, work with CSS variables, and write modern and clean CSS code but also improve your CSS knowledge by practicing with dozens of exercises, quizzes, and challenges.

You will also master tricky CSS concepts including the cascade, inheritance, and specificity and explore advanced concepts like Flexbox, CSS Grid, Animations, Responsive Design and More Overall a great course to learn CSS in 2024.

While not directly related to CSS, Flexbox and Grid, this is a great resource to learn UI and UX design in general. The Google UX Design Professional Certificate, offered on Coursera, serves as an accelerated path to a career in UX design, requiring no degree or prior experience. 

Taught in English by top instructors from Google Career Certificates, this comprehensive program boasts an enrollment of 912,726 learners and is included with Coursera Plus. With a 4.8 rating based on 70,565 reviews, the 7-course series is designed for beginners, requiring 6 months of dedication at 10 hours per week. 

Upon completion, you will receive a shareable certificate, adding credibility to their LinkedIn profiles. The program covers the entire UX design process, from empathizing with users to defining pain points, ideating solutions, creating wireframes and prototypes, to testing and iterating on designs. Skills gained include user experience design, prototyping, wireframing, usability testing, and proficiency in tools like Figma. 

The curriculum emphasizes practical application through a professional UX portfolio containing three end-to-end projects – a mobile app, a responsive website, and a cross-platform experience. Graduates are prepared for in-demand job titles such as User Experience (UX) Designer, UI Designer, and Interaction Designer, with a median U.S. salary for UX Design at $112,000. 

The program also  includes exclusive access to career resources, resume review, interview preparation, and connections with 150+ U.S. hiring organizations in Google’s Employer Consortium. The Applied Learning Project involves over 200 hours of instruction, hands-on activities, and assessments simulating real-world UX design scenarios, providing concrete skills that employers seek. 

The courses are also designed to be interactive, developed by Google employees with decades of UX design experience. Overall, the program prepares learners for the high-growth field of UX design with a proven track record of positive career outcomes. If you want to start your career in UI and UX Design, I highly recommend this program to you. 

Here is the link to join this certification - Google UX Design Professional Certification

best UI and UX certifications for web developers

By the way, If you are planning to join multiple Coursera courses or specializations, then consider taking a Coursera Plus subscription which provides you unlimited access to their most popular courses, specialization, professional certificate, and guided projects. It costs around $59/ per month but is worth it because you get access to more than 7000+ courses and projects, and you can also get unlimited certificates.

That's all about the best online courses to learn advanced CSS concepts for experienced web developers. In this article, you have seen courses to learn advanced CSS frameworks like Flexbox, Grid, and SaaS to design modern websites.

As mentioned in the starting, CSS is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web, and because of this, you will find a tremendous amount of courses online. But most of these courses just cover the basics of more or less intermediate concepts. You need advanced-level CSS to become a proper designer.

This article shows five brilliant courses for those who want to learn advanced-level CSS. Some of these courses also cover additional concepts such as Sass and bootstrap, which are necessary for designing the modern web.

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P. S. - If you are a beginner in CSS and looking for a free introductory course on Web design, I  highly recommend these free web design courses by Jonas Schmedtmann, one of the best introductory web design courses, which are also free on Udemy. All you need is to create an Udemy account to access the course.

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