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Review - Pluralsight vs Coursera Plus? Which is better for Programmers in 2024?

Online learning is probably the best and most innovative idea in this age because it allows people worldwide to access content and learn new skills from their homes and on their schedules without spending money on college. You can learn almost anything you want from the comfort of your own, and the same goes for any technical and programming skills. But, when it comes to learning technical skills, two of the best platforms are Coursera Plus and Pluralsight. And this article will show you a comparison between them. 

If you want to learn new technical skills or level up your core programming skills, you should join one of these platforms. The USP of Coursera is that it allows you to learn from top companies and the best university experts.

Specialization and Professional Certificates like the Google IT Support Professional Certificate are designed and created by companies like Google, one of the best technology companies globally. Coursera has many such courses, professional certificates, and learning programs from AWS, IBM, Facebook, etc. 

Coursera courses are also taught at university. You can say that the content taught in top universities like Duke University and Stamford are available on Coursera for you to checkout. 

On the other hand, Pluralsight brings many more courses from different verticals and experts like many Java champions who have created Java courses.  In this article, I will show you what you can get in Pluralsight and Coursera and compare both platforms on pricing and advantage to make a smart decision to start 2024 on a strong note. 

Pluralsight vs. Cousrea Plus? Which is better for Software Engineers and Developers?

Now that we know the importance of online learning for acquiring technical skills let's review whether Pluralsight membership is better than Coursera Plus or vice versa. 

Points Coursera Plus Pluralsight
Number of Courses3000+   7500+
Price $59 per month   $29 per month
Annual price$399   $299
Professional Certification   YES   NO
Projects  YES      YES

1. Coursera Plus

Most people have heard of a great online learning platform called Coursera. It has thousands of courses and specializations, a set of courses to complete created by top universities and companies worldwide in different categories like business, IT, programming, marketing, history, and more.

You can get these courses for free, but you need to pay the course price if you want a certificate. What if you want to take many courses and specializations that mean a lot to you? You need to know about a program offered by Coursera called Coursera Plus.

Coursera Plus is a program where you can pay a monthly fee of around $59 or a yearly plan of $399 and get access to thousands of courses created by top universities and companies.

For students who are serious about learning new topics and need to have a job in their field, Coursera Plus will be an excellent option to learn as much as you can without keeping spending on every course. 

If you are wondering which courses you can join using Coursera Plus, then here is a list of the best Coursera courses and specializations available on Coursera Plus:

Also, you get a completion certificate which you can put on your resume or LinkedIn and shows your employee you are serious about your learning and have higher skills in this field.

Pluralsight membership vs. Coursera Plus Subscription? Which is better for Developers?

In this plan, you will access the courses, specializations, guided projects, and professional certificates, but it won't provide access to the Degrees, MasterTrack. But some professional certificates are excluded from the program.

Suppose you are already subscribed to one of the specializations and have purchased Coursera Plus. In that case, you need to cancel the subscription of that specialization so Coursera won't charge you twice for them. 

When you pay monthly in Coursera Plus, you can get a refund for the first seven days of the trial. If you are subscribing for a year, you can cancel after 14 days trial, but you can't compensate anymore if you earned a certificate during these 14 days.

2. Is Pluralsight worth It for Programmers?

Pluralsight is an American company's online education platform founded in 2004. It offers a variety of courses related to the information technology industry, such as programming, web development, mobile development, networking, security, and more. 

Experts in their industry create these courses, and anyone can be a tutor on this platform, but he should be a professional and have experience in his industry. It's very different than Udemy as it's not a marketplace, and instructors are often recognized experts in their field like many Java champions have created Java courses on Pluralsight. 

The platform offers a variety of plans for individuals and organizations. Individuals, they can choose between two plans. Are the standard starts at $199 per year and will give you access to 7500 most popular online courses with some other features such as offline access to classes so you can learn anytime, anywhere, earn badges, and get helpful resources while you know and more.

The other plan for individuals, called premium, starts at $299 per year. It will give you access to the entire platform, which has over 7000 courses that include more advanced courses if you attend to learn more profound in your field. 

If you are wondering which Pluralsight courses to join, then here is a list of the best Pluralsight courses for Java developers:

Pluralsight vs Coursera Plus

It has all of the features of the standard plan but with some extra such as certification practice exams, interactive courses, and projects. Both of the previous programs for the individuals can be free for ten days, and then you can see whether it is worth paying for the platform or choosing another alternative.

The other program is for the organizations where they can have a program for all of the team starting from $399 per user/year, and it has all of the features of the standard plan of the individual program.

The other plan for a team called professional, which starts at $579 per user/year and has all of the premium plans of the individual program, and lastly which is the enterprise plan which starts at $779 per user/year and has more features than all of the previous ones.

Pluralsight courses are high quality since they only accept people with good experience to share their knowledge with students. The videos are of good quality, so for me, it is worth trying at least the free courses. 

Then you can see whether to complete subscribe to the platform or choose an alternative. They are also offering a 33% discount on their annual membership which means you can save almost $100 on their annual plan. 

Coursera Plus vs Pluralsight

That's all about Coursera Plus vs. Pluralsight Review in 2024. Both platforms are good for learning new skills, and it entirely depends on your desire. From programmer's and Software developer's perspectives, learning Tech skills and soft skills is most important. Both platforms have an excellent collection of online courses, projects, and career paths to learn in-demand tech skills. 

If you want to learn from universities professors, you can choose Coursera Plus, and if you're going to learn skills needed in your job, you may need to choose Pluralsight.

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