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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

How to prepare for Google Cloud Developer Certification exam in 2023? [Tips + Resources]

In the advent of an AI-based world, coding makes your life better both in terms of workplace and personal life. It helps you understand the developing world easier.  Every exam has its preparation strategy. Worthy things are never easy to get. One should put one's complete energy to clear what you want the most.  In this case, in the present day, this article is especially targeted to reach the hands of aspirants who wants to crack & possess the certificate of the most renowned exam. 

How to prepare for Google cloud developer exam in 2023

Before preparing for any exam, it's mandatory to know about the exam. In such a topic, the elements of the Google cloud developer exam is mandatory to take a look at. 

1. Is the Google cloud developer exam designated for you?

Google cloud developer exam is designated for anyone who wants to learn and for anyone interested in it. 

However, the Google cloud developer exam is specially designated for people who want to build, test, and deploy applications, managing and monitoring is performed. It is for people who have an undoubtedly quench to gain it.

2. All About Google cloud developer exam

The most prominent is

Duration of the exam: 2 hours

Exam fee: $200 (including all taxes)

Language: English and Japanese

Question format: multiple-choice questions

Total questions: 50

Prerequisite: none

Validity of the certificate: 2 years

Pass score: 80%

3. Why should you take Google cloud developer certification?

After all, why should you take this exam? What's the use of this certification? 

As Google puts it:

A Professional Cloud Developer builds scalable and highly available applications using Google-recommended practices and tools. This individual has experience with cloud-native applications, developer tools, managed services, and next-generation databases. A Professional Cloud Developer also has proficiency with at least one general-purpose programming language and is skilled at producing meaningful metrics and logs to debug and trace code.”

As Google puts it, it depicts how important this skill is, and for the further developing generations. It gives you a vibrational reputation in your work areas for sure. 

Moreover, 75% of IT and software companies need technically skilled employees, who can handle data, clouds immensely. 

For further acknowledgement, click on this link. 

Link: https://support.google.com/cloud-certification/answer/9437163?hl=en

4. What are the subjects to be covered in the Google cloud developer exam? 

Here's the syllabus, an important part.

• Designing APIs. 

• Securities

• Data management

• Building applications. 

To take a look at the complete syllabus, click on this link

Link: https://cloud.google.com/certification/guides/cloud-developer

5. Is the Google cloud developer exam tough? 

It's usual for freshers, who don't have any data engineering experience to get stuck with the hardness of the exam. 

Yet, Google offers you a lot of certification exams, firstly, you should pick up the right one for you. This would make the path a little easier. And, anyone can clear it for sure!

6. What do you need to crack the Google cloud developer exam?  

Whenever it comes to Google Cloud or AWS, people think that they must know complete coding to crack these exams. Yet, their thoughts are completely wrong. I've known friends of mine, who don't know the ABC of coding, and cleared the exam on the first try. 

Firstly, you don't need any software engineer or IT background. You just need to know - how coding works, how staging codes works, etc. Secondly, Google certifications are not a pick-and-go type. You should need to understand, memorize, and digest the topics. It's also important to learn practically, due to the case study format of the exams. Lastly, there Google has recommended having 3 years of experience to clear this exam, which isn't mandatory! All it takes is how you understand their concept and solve the problems. 

7. Start your Google cloud developer exam study: 

The common question on every mind of beginners is “where should I start?”. The starting problem is a big question mark. 

And to this question, this article will be a light to your path in guiding you through your journey. Google's examinations are one of the toughest exams of all time. This writing will be your handbook.

7.1. Online Course for Google cloud developer exam in 2023 

Get a qualified course that saves your time and interest than countless YouTube videos. A course is always crucial to teach you - what an aspect is about, reasons to learn it, ways to learn it, sectors of the profession, foundational bound explanation, practical application of theoretical points, bookish understanding into lab workshop. The course defines how and what your journey through the subject has to be. Presenting you three unshakable courses from top virtual teaching platforms.

#1 - Google Cloud Developer - GCP Professional Certification 

I've also taken off through the experience of being in the classes in GCP security engineer and cloud development, and I refer this course with my own experiences.

Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/google-cloud-certified-professional-cloud-developer/

#2 - Ultimate Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer 2020 

In 17 hours of on-demand video, you'll get to learn everything from comprehending this certification exam to security, privacy and observance. In every section, you'll get exam directions as bonus hits. 

Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/google-cloud-platform-professional-cloud-developer-certification/

#3 - Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer

Whizlabs  is a place where most of the certification training is best. I've heard from people who have cleared these exams to always recommend giving a glimpse of this site. Updated exam information with assessments, exam preparation tips, case studies, practical challenges in labs, machine learning, downloadable resources, and so on... Phew! What else can I say about this course?! No words to enunciate it. The educator's theoretical points nail the words in your hearts. It has video courses and also practice tests.

Link: https://www.whizlabs.com/google-cloud-certified-professional-cloud-developer/

7.2. Publications for Google cloud developer exam

Just watching the videos and getting into the exam hall with the mindset that you'll clear it in no time isn't the right thought. It takes a lot of knowledge, especially from books. 

#1 - Google Cloud Platform for Developers 

Link: https://www.amazon.in/Google-Cloud-Platform-Developers-solutions/dp/1788837673

#2 - Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer: Exam Cram Notes

Link: https://www.amazon.in/Google-Certified-Professional-Cloud-Developer-ebook/dp/B09K42VP5J/

#3 - Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer Exam Guide: Modernize your applications using cloud-native services and best practices

Link: https://www.amazon.in/Google-Cloud-Certified-Professional-Developer/dp/1800560990/

7.3. Additional Resources for Google Cloud Platform for Developers 

Here are cheatsheets, whitepapers, blogs that are very useful in preparing for the exam. 

• Cheatsheet of GitHub is very promising and also revamps the updated version of the exam. 

Link https://github.com/priyankavergadia/google-cloud-4-words

• Whitepapers are better ones and worth spending your spare time in it. Here are the whitepapers from the official site, which would give an idea. 

Link: https://cloud.google.com/whitepapers

7.4. Best Simulators for Google cloud developer exam  

Now, it's time for the test! Simulators are nothing but a series of practice tests to check your theory grasping power. It also helps you in time management by managing your time in the given period of hours. You must work on practice examinations before you encounter the real one. 

Here are some great series, which were helpful for me. 

• Find instant practice exam questions, tools and study materials. It has 138 outstanding questions with answers for free. 

Link: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.certification-questions.com/amp/google-exam/professional-cloud-developer-dumps.html

• Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer Practice Test. Comprises 117 questions with detailed explanations and reference links. 

Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/google-cloud-professional-cloud-developer-practice-test/

• GCP: Professional Google Cloud Developer Practice Test with 41 backbreaking questions. 

Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/gcp-professional-google-cloud-developer-practice-test/

Make sure you Practice these tests and quizzes wisely. You must score 90% in the practice tests to crack the real one. 

7.5. Official Practice Sessions

Link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfFeB8zBNi2q-ar0V7iIguhk2e6P-UkrJ8OJfg6n0k6HcYLDQ/viewform

You've to fill the form to take an official practice test, yet it's free. It's from the official Google Cloud page. It has a few questions which all are equal to the exam point of view. It's something like a mini-exam. I hope there were surplus questions in this. 

8. Common Doubts in Google Cloud Platform for Developer Exam

Doubts of registration, doubts in learning part, doubt in syllabus, and doubts in this, doubts in that, doubts doubts doubts. Every beginner's brain is flooded with so many questions when it comes to examination. 

Understanding your mind, Google has attached a FAQ part to its official page to clear all your doubts. You can view it just by clicking this link. 

Link: https://support.google.com/cloud-certification/#topic=9433215

You can just visit that site, describe your issue, and clear your doubts & queries. 

Wrapping up: 

The Google cloud developer exam has a wide range of applications in both terms of machine learning and data science. Hence, this certification adds color to your CV and to your life in acquiring your desired pay-check digit. 

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