String Rotation in Java - How to check if strings are rotations of each other or not

String-based algorithmic questions are very popular in Java interviews e.g. checking if two String is the anagram of each other (see), or checking if given String is a palindrome (see), or just finding permutations of given String (see). One of such popular String-based interview questions is about to check if two Strings are a rotation of each other in Java. In order to solve this question, you should know what is String rotation? Well, A string is made of characters and you just rotate the String around any character like "programming" will become "ingprogramm" if we rotate the String on trailing character 3 times.

How to do Inter process communication in Java? Example Tutorial

Hello guys, in the past, I have shown you how to do inter-thread communication in Java using wait-notify, and today, I will teach you how to do inter-process communication in Java. There are many ways to do inter-process communication Java, you can use Sockets, both TCP and UDP, you can use RMI, you can use web services, or you can use the memory-mapped file. The socket is the most common way of achieving inter-process communication if two processes are in two different hosts and connected via a network. RMI and WebService can also be used for similar purposes, but the last one, inter-process communication using memory-mapped files, is particularly useful if you are communicating with other processes in the same host, sharing the same memory and file system.

Top 40 Perl Programming and Scripting Interview Questions and Answers for Programmers

Hello guys, if you have been working as a professional Software developer then you may have heard about Perl, one of the most powerful scripting languages. Perl is really great when it comes to creating reports, write scripts to analyze text, and connect to DB, load data and generate reports. Perl is even more important for support professionals, business analysts, and IT professionals who need to work in the field of operations. That's why Perl questions are quite common during Software developer and IT support interview, especially if the Job description mention Perl or you have added Perl as a skill in your resume or LinkedIn Profile.

10 Must Read Books for Experienced Programmers and Software Engineers

Hello guys, In this article, I am going to share some good books for the experienced programmer which can help them to become an expert. Learning never stops but once you become a professional programmer and spent a couple of years doing professional programming, you need to make some effort to reach the next level i.e. to become an expert programmer. Continuously doing the same stuff and not analyzing will not make you better. This is where these books can help you.

How to deal with Connection reset Exception in Java

Hello guys, from the past few months, I have been writing about different socket related errors on Java application, and today I am going to talk about another common socket related exception in Java - Connection reset Exception. There is no difference between exceptions thrown by the client and server. This is also very similar to the Failed to read from SocketChannel: Connection reset by a peer but there is some subtle difference. The difference between connection reset and connection reset by peer is that the first means that your side reset the connection, the second means the peer did it. Nothing to do with clients and servers whatsoever

5 Ways to implement Singleton Design Pattern in Java

This article introduces the singleton design pattern and its 5 implementation variations in Java You will learn different ways to implement a singleton pattern and also understand the challenges with creating a singleton class like thread-safety issues and serialization issues.

At most one instance of a class must be created in an application.

That class (singleton) is defined including its own instance, and the constructor must be private.

Nth Highest Salary Example in MySQL and SQL Server - LeetCode Solution

Nth Highest Salary in MySQL and SQL Server - LeetCode Solution
Write a SQL query to get the nth highest salary from the Employee table.

| Id | Salary |
| 1  | 100    |
| 2  | 200    |
| 3  | 300    |

For example, given the above Employee table, the nth highest salary where n = 2 is 200. If there is no nth highest salary, then the query should return null.