Top 10 Java Web Service Interview question answers

Java Web Services Questions and Answers
Web Services interview questions are part of J2EE interviews for jobs which are looking some experience in Java web services Space. Most of the Web services questions come from two different way of implementing Web Services e.g. SOAP and REST. SOAP is an standard and mature way of calling Web Services which uses XML while REST is a new way of implementing Web Services which is based on HTTP protocol. In fact REST Web Service interview questions are getting more and more popular on web services interviews in Java, So if you are going for any Java J2EE interview which require some web service experience, be prepare with both SOAP and REST Web services questions.

Following is list of Java web services interview questions which I have prepared for practice. Answers of these web services questions can be easily found in many places on Internet and I will update this list whenever I have new web services interview question. If you guys find any interesting tricky or tough Java web service question asked in Interviews then please share with us :

Frequently asked Java webservice interview questions

Java Web Service Interview Question and Answers SOAP RESTHere is my list of frequently asked interview question on Java web service in any Core Java Interview. As SOAP is an standard way of making web service call which uses XML, good knowledge of XML and Java is expected from you and Interviewer may ask some XML interview questions as well.

What is Web Service ?

What is SOAP ?

What is REST Web Service ?

What is difference between REST Web Service and SOAP web service ?

Can a Java client can talk to C++ Server using Web Service ?

What is WSDL?

What is UDDI?

Does Web Service call is synchronous or asynchronous ?

How do you handle errors in Web Service call ?

What is JAX-RPC ?

Have you worked on Spring and Web-services ?

What is WebServiceTemplate etc

What is the difference between RMI and Web Services

This list is not complete and I have started collecting more and more web services questions as part of my preparation. I will be updating this list whenever I have good web services questions from Java interviews.

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