Top 5 Programming languages for Backend development

Hello folks, if you are wondering what are the best programming language for backend development then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best programming languages for beginners and today, I am going to share best programming language for backend development. My choices are based upon my own experience as well as what I have seen in job markets and other companies. To end the suspense, Java is the best programming language for backend development. It is used by both big and small companies for creating solid and scalable backend which can withstand high volume. I have seen Java used heavily on Investment banks in all kind of projects and most of the server side projects are done using either Java or .NET and C#, the second most popular programming language for backend development.

When it comes to choosing a programming language to create your backend, mostly sever side code you would like to choose the language which is mature and have all kind of libraries you need to connect to databased, create APIs, monitor health of application as well which can scale well and provide consistent performance.

Yes, Performance and Scalability is the two most important criterion while choosing a backend programming language, but at the same time development experience and numbers of software developer practicing those languages are also important. 

You don't want to create you backend in a fancy programming language like Haskel even if it can give you better performance because its hard to find Haskell developers.

For the same reason, I have also not included Scala which is another great programming language, but things are improving on Scala's favor and more and more Java developers are learning Scala, so hopefully it can capture a sizable market share from backend programming language in near future.


5 Best Programming Language for Backend Development

Anyway, now that we have got the background of what are main criterion to choose backend programming language let's see my list of top 5 programming programming language for Backend development. 

1. Java

As I said, Java is the one of the best backend programming language because it has mature community, lots of jobs, stable JVM, and new releases every 6 month. 

2. .NET + C#

If you are not using Java then .NET is the next best programming language for Microsoft lovers and C# developers.

3. C++

If you have got team of really good C++ Developer then you can consider C++ to write your backend app. It will give you best performance and lowest latency.

4. JavaScript

If you are creating backend of a web application then JavaScript is the best choice with node.js, express.js and many other backend frameworks available for you to start with. 

5. Golang/Scala

These two are relatively newer programming language which are getting foot hold on backend development. If you want to look for future, performance and developer productivity, you can try these two. 

And, if you need more choices, you can also look at Python which has Django, PHP which has Laravel,  and Ruby which has Rails for creating backend applications.

Top 5 Programming languages for Backend development

That's all about the best backend programming languages to learn. I am a Java developer, so you may thing that I am biased towards Java but in reality I am not, Java is the king of backend development just like JavaScript is the kind of frontend development. Some of you may ask where is Python and Ruby, two of the most beloved programming language. 

They definitely feature on top 10 backend programming language but not on top 5, at least in my opinion. Same goes for Rust, which can be a modern alternative of C++ programming language.

 I would love to see what is your list of top 5 backend programming language and what have you see in your career. If you have any suggestion or programming language which needs attention feel free to drop, both me and our readers will love it. 

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