7 Free 1Z0-803 and 1Z0-804 Sample Questions - OCAJP 7 and OCPJP 7 Mock Exams (Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 7 Programmer 1 and 2 )

In this article, I am going to share some OCAJP 7 or 1Z0-803 exam and OCPJP 7 or 1Z0-804 certification sample questions and mock exam for practice which are completely free and available online. The sample questions are not good enough for thorough practice but you can use these mock tests to get an idea of what to expect in the actual exam. Many of the free mock questions are actually the samples questions provided by professional certification exam simulator provided e.g. Whizlabs, Enthuware, MyExamCloud etc, which are samples of their full-length exam simulators. As I have said many times in this blog that in order to succeed and do well on Java certification you must need a good study guide and a good exam simulator to practice well.

Hence, If you are serious about getting a good score on OCAJP I strongly suggest you buy Whizlabs and/or Entuware Mock exams. They are not very costly and worth of every penny. They not only give you real exam like practice but also they make you aware of the format of the actual exam. They also provide excellent learning experience via explanation if you care to review incorrect answers and why they are incorrect.

Anyway, before buying any exam simulator, you should first get a trial most popular ones e.g. Whizlabs, Entuwhare, and MyExamCloud, which is available on this list. I have also included the official list of sample questions provided by Oracle as well, that is also good to check the difficulty level of real exam.

Why OCAJP 7 If OCAJP 8 is available?

Even though Java SE 8 certifications are out, there is no shortage of Java programmers giving OCAJP 7 or exam code 1Zo-803 exam. One reason of this is urgent need of Java certification to get an edge over other candidates while looking for a job, which I guess is perfectly valid as well.

If you want a Java certification to give you a better shot in job hunting, you rather want to go for OCAJP 7 than OCAJP 8 because it's easier and you will need less time to prepare for this exam than OCAJP 8 (1Z0-808).

Though I am a strong supporter of always giving the latest exam, there is always an exception to rule. If your goal is to become a Java certified developer, this is the easiest step you can take without going further back and giving Java SE 6 certification. If you are still not convinced, I suggest you read this article, which will help you to make a decision.

Basic information OCAJP 7 Exam
Certification Name : Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer
Exam Code : 1Z0-803
Duration of Exam : 150 minutes
Number of Questions : 90 (Multiple Choice)
Passing score : 63 % (57 out of 90)
Pre-requisite : None

OCAJP and OCPJP Free Practice Questions (1Z0-803 and 1Z0-804) 

Following is a list of some of the free samples and practice questions, other than free mock exams from vendors.

1) Whizlabs OCAJP 7 (1Z0-803) Free Mock Exam (15 questions)
This is an excellent mock question, albeit less number of questions but its FREE and format are like the actual exam. It's also available online, just enter your name and email to start with a free test. If you like the quality of the test, you can always buy their paid version for OCAJP7, which contains 450 question. They also have an online course and live training if you are interested. It's good if you are in hurry and don't have enough time for self-study or don't have prior Java working experience.

2) Whizlabs OCPJP 7  (1Z0-803) Free Mock Exam (15 questions)
The full version of this exam simulator contains 7 FulFull-length exams, which is approximately 750 unique questions. It also contains  Objective based practice tests and detailed explanation with every question, which is very valuable to fill gaps in your knowledge. You will also have access to several Tips & Tricks and reports to assess your strengths & weaknesses topic-wise. Btw, you can get 25% discount if you buy both OCAJP and OCPJP simulator together, just use the "JAVACOMBO2" code as shown below:

7 Free 1Z0-803 and 1Z0-804 Sample Questions

2) Enthuware JA+ V7 for Oracle Certified Associate - Java SE7 Programmer I (trial version)
Enthuware provides best mock exams for OCAJP 7 and other Java certification. You can download their trial version to get access to some sample questions, but if you can buy their full version, it doesn't cost much, just around 10$ but worth of every penny. Their paid version contains 6 Mock Exams of 500+ Questions with detailed explanations for exam code - 1Z0-803.

3) MyExamCloud Free 1Z0-803 Java SE 7 Programmer I Practice Mock Exam (16 Questions)
The MyExamCloud OCAJP 7 1Z0-803 online practice tests cover real exam topics for Java SE 7 Programmer I exam (1Z0-803).  It contains 16 practice questions and it is part of the MyExamCloud's OCAJP 7 (1Z0-803) Exam Practice Tests Study Plan. This mock exam was created by Java experts to help Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer aspirants. You can also take OCAJP 7 1Z0-803 online exam from any devices including Smart Phones and Tablets.

 OCAJP 7 and OCPJP 7 Mock Exams

4) EPractize Labs Free Mock Exam (15 Questions)
This is again a good practice test which contains 15 free practice question for OCAJP exam, or 1Z0-803 exam topics.

5) SCJA Mini Mock Exam from ejavaGuru (10 questions)
This is not exactly for OCAJP 7 but it's pretty basic question with answers, which is actually written by Mala Gupta, author of OCA Certification for OCAJP 7 book. Sample questions are free and accessible online.

6) Java SE 7 Programmer I - Sample Questions from Oracle7 questions)
This is another free list of sample questions available online but most importantly this is the official sample questions i.e. it comes from Oracle itself. This link contains 7 sample questions for OCAJP 7, exam code 1ZO-803 with answers. The number of question is not enough for practice but its good to get an idea of what kind of questions you can face in the real exam.

7) Java SE 7 Programmer II - Sample Questions (8 Questions)
This is sample questions from Oracle itself. Though it just contains 8 questions which is not enough for any practice, it will give you a good idea of difficulty level and style of questions you can expect in the real exam.

Unfortunately, there are not many free resources and mock exams available for OCAJP 7, you will find lot many if you are willing to try the older version of SCJP and OCJP questions, which are also not bad but many programmers get confused with that. IMHO, best and simplest approach is to buy Enthuware and Whizlabs Practice test and put all your effort there to make most of that. Spending 50 USD for an exam costing almost 260 USD is definitely worth it. Nobody wants to spend another 260 USD to try again.

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Thanks for reading this article, if you like these practice questions then please share with your friends and colleagues. If you have any question or feedback then please drop a comment.

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