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Saturday, March 26, 2022

How to Prepare for Google Cloud Security Engineer Exam in 2023

The world is changing, so does the studying procedure. In today's world, everything is before us, any course, any certificate can be accomplished using a single gadget. But, maximum of us are deluded by assigning unmerited & boring courses, which lack in quality. In the path of this article, I'll be directing you to some splendiferous resources that would help you undoubtedly. To succeed in this target, I've vetted a tracing of tactics. In this plan, I've fractioned the sketch into three parts – accumulating wisdom via courses & books, and evaluating your gained wisdom into practice tests. Let's buckle down into the details of the Google Cloud Security Engineer Exam and analyze this exam, strategies, what it is to pass this exam in 2023. 

1. All About Google Cloud Security Engineer Exam 

As with other private and government exams, this exam is developed to fill the positions of Google Cloud security engineer. As security engineers, their work of them is embedded by maintaining, building, securing, developing, innovating the Google Cloud Platform and cloud-based line of approach. 

If you've decided to take this exam, it's mandatory to know its exam-based information with syllabus patterns and guidelines. 

2. How Google Cloud Security Engineer certificate helps in your job?

You'll be validated in terms of both knowledge and experience in your job with this certification. The certification gives people a unique look and makes you stand out from the common-man crowd. 

On the current data, Google Cloud certifications have become a victory flag to increase reliability and reputation. 

There are also so many certifications in Google Cloud. You just have to pick a suitable certification based on your work, learn hard, practice well, earn a certificate, de-code interview questions, and finally get your high-paid dream job.

Unquestionably, attaining this certification will boost an in-addition beauty to your CV and give rise to a delicacy to your LinkedIn profile. 

3. Format of the Exam

A glimpse of the information is given below ↓

Exam duration: 2 hours

Languages: English only

Cost of registration: $200 (including all taxes).

Question format: Multiple choice ( i.e,. Choose the best answer).

Prerequisite: None

Validity of the certificate: 2 years. 

[NOTE: Candidates should re-take the exam by cracking the passing score to renew the certificate and to be re-certified]

Mode of exam: online mode. The candidates should locate an exam center nearby. 

Requirements before the exam
→ Installation of Sentinel Software in the personal computer. 
→ Web camera
→ Good internet speed
→ Proper working of microphone

Candidates can fulfill all the requirements with the help of the “Webassessor” site.

4. Take a look at the syllabus 

• Automation of lifecycle management process. 

• Password creating process.

• Cruz infrastructure, better networking, connectivity, security supervision.

• Understand the difference between IAM and ACLs in cloud storage. 

You can find the complete details with the link given here https://cloud.google.com/certification/guides/cloud-security-engineer

The blueprint of the exam is given below. ↓

5. Is Google Cloud Security Engineer Exam hard?

After going through all the syllabus and mandatory stuff, the question that sparks upon humans is “is this exam hard? Can I crack it?” 

I have the answer. The answer is Yes! All it requires is to have some fundamental knowledge to learn before the candidate takes the exam. 

6. Details on Google Cloud Security Engineer Exam

It's really hard for beginners to clear Google Cloud Security Engineer Exam on the first attempt with very less knowledge of it. But, if you have a well-guided preparation route, it's quite simple even for beginners. 

There are so many Google Cloud Security Engineer Exam guides available out there to clear it in the first try for beginners. 

6.1. Online Courses for Google Cloud Security Engineer Exam in 2023

The first and foremost way to spark your certification expedition is to engage yourself in first-class courses. Goodness graciously, we have high-caliber resources available from the best universities in the world. I've some dominant outstanding courses, which is specially hand-picked by me. Beneath proposed are the ultimate 3 courses to clear Google Cloud Security Engineer Exam. 

The courses we brought for you has,

→ Demo classes with the practical lab in real-life dilemmas.

→ Molds you with assessments. 

→ These courses are a portion of food to your cloud-learning brain.

#1. Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer Certification - Udemy

Udemy provides you full-time access and downloads the resources with one-time enrolment. The optimistic feedback given by the enrolled students depicts the detailed & explicit explication, illustrations, speed review. Ankit Mistry is a professor, who has triumphed IIT, with a broad knowledge of AI. Thus, you're on quick-witted hands.

#2.  Preparing for Google Cloud Certification: Cloud Security Engineer Professional Certificate - Coursera

Coursera brings you a chargeless offer provided by Google Cloud to learn its cloud security. You'll reap an opportunity to comprehend to access Googles' subnets, VPC.

#3. Google Cloud Certified Professional Security Engineer - Pluralsight

Pluralsight is always my learning partner in most of my skills. The instructors of this arena are well-trained to feed you with up-to-date knowledge. Unlike the other two courses, it has high-level quizzes and exercise sessions. 

To sum up, by exploring the above-mentioned courses, you'll gain 50% of the total knowledge to become an expert. Well! What about the remaining 50%? Here comes the old but gold one – Books. 

6.2. Best Books for Google Cloud Security Engineer Exam

I love Books. Who doesn't?! Being a learner of anything, everyone must develop of reading. If you don't possess a reading habit, it's time to think about it. Books are fortunate to learn many things, specifically, in tenures of certification courses. Amazon has many promising books to crack your Google Cloud Security Engineering Exam. 

It is meaningful to remember that as technology develops, the previous edition of books turns outdated. Hence, it's mandatory to stay up-to-date. 

I've hand-picked manually, 3 best books to read & learn once you've completed the above-mentioned 3 courses. All the 3 books hitherto are available on Amazon. 

#1. Google Cloud Security Engineer

Google Cloud Security Engineer book was published on June 13th, 2021 written by Saransh Paliwal. This book wraps the prominent chapters of data protection, data security, network security, operating cloud systems. You can also get an available sample of this book before you buy the book completely. 

#2. Google Cloud for DevOps Engineers: A practical guide to SRE and achieving Google's Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer certification

The best book to expand your insight about Google Cloud subject. This marvelous book was written by Sandeep Madamanchi published on 2nd July 2021 (publisher - Packt publishing limited). Explore the uniqueness of this book, which has Logs, Metrics, coding, that prepares you to get prepared for the credential exam with mock tests and quizzes. 

#3. Google Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer: +100 Exam Practice Questions with detailed explanations and reference links - First Edition - 2021.

Books by IP Specialists are particularly designed to boost aspirants in preparing for the certification exam published recently on December 14th,  2021. It has a query bank of previous exams. It not only concentrate on the frequently asked questions but also mandatory questions for better knowledge of the learner.

To sum up, reading and revising these books will aid you to amass the knowledge of 25%. 
What about the left 25%? Generously, here arrives the answer. 

The saying goes like this – Practice Makes A Man Perfect! Though we read many books, enroll a bunch of courses, at last, what matters the extensively in practice. 

6.3. Best Provokers for Google Cloud Security Engineer Exam

Put yourself into tests!

It is mandatory to put ourselves into tests before footing into the exam hall. Given below are the top 3 practice sessions to check your grasping power. Practice tests may sound simple, but makes a big difference in your exam performance. 

The three best things with quizzes are
• Boosts your time management. 
• Assists in recollecting and prompting your mind. 
• Helps you know which part you're weak in. 

1 – Google Cloud Security Engineer Certification Practice Exams

Designed by Ready2Pass Academy. These 5 practice exam sections are created based on accessing the cloud, network security, managing cloud, data security & management, vault compliance. The answers are also available with detailed explanations, leading to documents to comprehend more. 

2 - Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer Certification

Book for all grades of pupils - from beginners to advanced learners. 

3 - Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer Practice Exams

A backbreaking challenging practice test to answer correctly. This course has only questions, without answers back and explanations. In this practice test, you would be able to eliminate any two options based on their irrelevance, and the accurate answer would be among the remaining two. So, it's all about your understanding. Put on a try!!!

To sum up, by practicing these courses, you'll get ready 100% to face the exam. The average approving score in Google Cloud Security Engineer Certification Exam is approximately 72%. Yet, you've to keep practicing using the practice tests until you can score 95%. 

7. Helpful Resources for Google Cloud Security Engineer Exam

Though we've come across books and courses, a better understanding can be gained by the exam itself. Courses and a list of books are not enough and sufficient to clear Google Cloud Security Engineer Exam. Therefore, Google Cloud Security Engineer Exam itself has given us an array of useful documents. 

These whitepapers are useful papers in better condition of the exams. Get - whitepapers

8. Common Doubts in Google Cloud Security Engineer Exam

You may have some doubts and questions about the Google Cloud Security Engineer Exam related to this exam such as how to apply, where to apply for the exam! Not only this, so many questions will arise and spark in your mind, specifically, if this is the first time to take this exam. 

Well! So who to ask? How to apply? Who's there to answer all your questions? The answer is that Google Cloud itself can clear your doubts. The Google Cloud has arranged a series of commonly or frequently asked questions to answer all your certification exam questions. 

Click on this link to get answers for all your doubts and for further helps too! Get - FAQ 

Wrapping Up: 

In the nutshell, it may be said that courses help you earn a certificate. Yet, overall practice builds the foundation of your learning. So, the protocol to get victory in this exam is to “study from courses, examine books, practice from tests, quizzes, exams.”

Once you earn the certificate, uploading it in your CVs will grab the attention of big IT companies and you'll be noticed by top companies with assurable high payment. 

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