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Thursday, March 9, 2023

Top 6 Online Courses to Learn Design Pattern in Java for Experienced Programmers in 2023 - Best of Lot

Hello Java programmers, if you want to learn Design patterns in 2023 and looking for the best resources like books, tutorials, and online courses then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best design pattern books, interview questions, and design pattern tutorials and in this article, I am going to share the best design pattern courses for Java developers. A design pattern is the tried and tested solution of classical software problems which is common during software development. Knowing design pattern not only help you to solve those problems quickly but also encouraged you to use tried and tested solution, thus overall improving the quality of the software application you are building. 

A lot of people ask me what is design patterns? do I really need to learn design pattern to become a Java developer? Does every program I will write will use design patterns etc etc. Well, these are quite important questions and I assume a lot of beginner Java developer has that in mind, so I will answer them one by one. 

Design pattern are nothing but a tried and tested solution of common Software problem. For example, Template pattern solve the problem of providing a custom hook into existing algorithm. It define steps and those are fixed but you are free to implement the steps on your own. 

Knowing design patterns help you to use a tried and tested code when you encounter those Software problems or scenarios in your application. It also server as common terminology to share ideas. For example, when you say that you need to write an Adapter to integrate a third party library, people will understand why you need that. 

Now coming back to more important question, do you really need to learn design patterns to become a Java developer? not at all. In fact, when you are starting with Java programming, I suggest forget about design pattern, just focus on coding basics, and object oriented programming.  You need a lot of coding experience to really understand design patterns, hence this is a topic for intermediate and experienced Java developer. 

Now, the last question, will you always use design patterns? No, you don't need to use design patterns for the sake of using it. In fact, the need of design pattern will arise when you will see the problem in your code. It often comes during design phase but also during coding and refactoring. Many of my programmer friend use design pattern during refactoring to make their code more flexible, cleaner, and readable. 

While design patterns have many benefit, its not easy to learn them. There are a few excellent resources like Head First Design Pattern book, whose second edition is also out now and I highly recommend that to every Java developer, but I also found that online courses can be real help to understand and use design pattern, and that's why I am sharing this list of best design pattern courses from Udemy and Coursera.  You can join one or more of these courses to learn design patterns in depth. 

6 Best Online courses to learn Design Patterns in Java in 2023

Without any further ado, let's look into the 5 best online courses to learn Design Pattern In Java. These are the best design pattern courses from popular websites like Udemy and suitable for both intermediate and experienced Java developers. You can join them in the order I have shared with my favorite course at the top of the list. 

This is simply the best online course I have found to learn design pattern in Java in 2023. Why? because it teaches you modern implementation of classical design pattern in Java, which is what you need. 

Java has changed a lot since Java SE 8 and the way we implement these patterns prior to Java 8 may not be the optimal way now and that's why even if you are an experienced Java programmer and know design patterns, you will learn something by joining this course. 

This 10.5 hour long online design pattern course not only covers GOF design patterns but also SOLID Design principles which are the basis of many object oriented design patterns like Decorator, Strategy, Adapter, Facade, Observer, Iterator, and Memento. 

You will not only learn about design patterns like what they are and how to implement them but also recognize and apply design patterns. You will also learn how to refactor existing designs to use design patterns. 

Talking about social proof, more than 42,000 students have joined this course and it has on average 4.3 rating which is great, I highly recommend this design pattern course to every Java developer who wants to learn patterns and become a better developer. 

Top 6 Courses to Learn Design Pattern in Java

Defining how to solve UI issues utilizing the Design patterns in Java, critical codes identification, and the design pattern tenets are not simple. This course will mold you to make this feasible.
It's assigned by the top University of Alberta, and the instructor is Kenny Wong
(Associate Professor Computing Science, from the Faculty of Science). You can enroll Free of the cost! 

The period of the course is nearly 15 hours (timing reset according to the learner's convenience) accessible in form of videos, assignments, quizzes are formulated for the intermediate stage learner, and the certificate is obtained when the learner gives money. This course is also part of  Software Design and Architecture Specialization and completing this course will count towards that certification. 

Here are the things you will learn in this course:
  • Design Pattern - Creational, Structural, and Behavioral Patterns, examples, Composite Pattern, Proxy Pattern, Decorator Pattern, Fa├žade Pattern, Adapter Pattern, assignment.
  • Template Method Pattern, Chain of Responsibility Pattern, State Pattern, Command Pattern, Observer Pattern.
  • tenets of Code Smells, Open/Closed Principle, Composing Objects, Interface Segregation, Dependency Inversion.
The course is divided into multiple weeks and in the final week, you'll take assignments, tests, etc. In short, this course covers nearly 95% of the domain's (design pattern in Java) syllabus. 

If you are looking for a free online course to learn design pattern in Java then you will love this free Udemy course on Java design patterns and Software architecture. Created by John Purcell, one of the popular Udemy instructor, this course will teach you what is design pattern, how to use design pattern and how they fit into Software architecture. 

What you require to know is essential Java knowledge.

What'll this tutorial course content cover?
The path is categorized into 3 parts – Methodology, Structural Patterns, Smaller Scale Patterns.
  • History of designing software.
  • Front end & back end development. 
  • Model-view-controller (concept & practice). 
  • Observer pattern (concept & real-time example). 
  • MVC
  • Adapter Pattern
  • Factory Pattern
  • Beans
  • DAO
In short, one of the best courses to learn design patterns in Java. It not only cover all the GOF design pattern but also MVC and DAO patterns which are quite important for Java developers. 

best free course to learn design pattern in Java

Develop your first specialized software using the design pattern in this Free-of-cost course offered to the learners by the University of Alberta, the world's overseeing social research and schooling-motive institute. It infuses you with countless techniques which use the tenets of design Patterns to suit a proper Java code writer. 

This arena is subdivided into 4 primary topics, in which, you'll learn how to compare diversified architectural styles by the usage of design pattern, Object-Oriented design, UML, design pattern (covers – inversion, open-closed, last knowledge, model-view-controller, code smells) with a highlighting project, database-centric, UML carton.

You'll also learn to identify, sue, and develop interfaces using REST (API design), BPEL, UDDI, WSDL (Web Services Description Language), and SOAP(Subject, Object, Assessment, and Plan) over HTTP. 

By the way, instead of joining these courses and specialization individually, you can also join the Coursera Plus, a subscription plan from Coursera which gives you unlimited access to their most popular courses, specialization, professional certificate, and guided projects. 

In this open course, you'll understand to develop Java applications. The lesson is developed by Google, hence you'll know to apply for Java programs in Google cloud utilizing the support of spring boot and spring cloud. 

The pedagogy is solidified on the integral database of Google cloud - Cloud SQL. To learn this course effectively, the learner must have the essential insight of Java language, Google cloud, a bit of experience in handling appliances like Gradle and Maven.

Many of the syllabi it covers are Pub/Sub, uploading, storing & formatting data on the cloud, debugging, and on and on. 

The entire passage of the course will help in boosting your Java skills and strengthening your coding ability. Though it is a paid course, it is worth enrolling in it! Why? If you're a fresher to design patterns, this course path will encourage you in understanding all fundamentals you need to proceed further.

The path is subdivided into 4 courses and IQ exercises to examine your observation of the lessons.  

This course has a staked pack of design pattern topics such as Creational pattern - the creation of patterns (incorporating basics of the factory method, prototype pattern, abstract, builder, object pool pattern), behavioral pattern - object's interaction (command, template, visitor, null object pattern, iterator pattern), structural pattern - how objects are identified & structured (flyweight, bridge, adaptor, decorator Pattern) expending Java 8.

The mentors Jose Paumard and Bryan Hansen, the well-experienced teachers enable you to understand the theories with no difficulties. Jose Paumard's teachings are highly relatable with the real-time application, while Bryan Hansen's teachings grab the attention of the learners.

In short, this path has online courses that cover every nook and corner of the domain of Java's design pattern. 

best design pattern course on Pluralsight

By the way, you would need a Pluralsight membership to join this course which costs around $29 per month or $299 per year (14% discount). I highly recommend this subscription to all programmers as it provides instant access to more than 7000+ online courses to learn any tech skill. Alternatively, you can also use their 10-day-free-pass to watch this course for FREE.

And, if you want to understand the relationship of design patterns here is a nice diagram to remember that:

That's all about the best design pattern online courses for Java developers in 2023. I hope this article will assist you in finding a suitable course for learning how to design patterns using Java. Not only patterns are good exercises to practice loop statements but, also help in job interviews. If you like this article please share it with your friends & colleagues.

Other Best Online Courses for Java Developers you may like to explore

Thanks for reading this article so far. If you find these best design pattern online courses useful for learning design patterns in Java please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P. S. - If you are serious about learning design patterns and improving your coding skill but looking for a free course to start with then you can also check out this Java Design Patterns and Architecture course from Udemy. This course is completely free and you just need a free Udemy account to join this course. 

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