How to Schedule Spring Professional Certification Exam (VMware EDU-1202) Online? [Guide]

Hello folks, even since Pivotal made the mandatory training optional for Spring certification, I have been writing a lot about Spring 5.0 Core Professional exam here. In the past, I have written about general preparation tips, books, coursesmock tests. So, after months of hard work and preparation, you are finally ready for the day. In order to schedule for the Spring certification exam, you first need to buy an exam voucher from Vmware's website. If you have taken their training course like the Core Spring training course, then you also receive a free voucher for 1 attempt.

Anyway, I assume you have already bought the voucher and ready for scheduling the exam, but if you haven't, you can follow my instructions given here to purchase the exam voucher first.

Unlike Oracle and Java certifications, which are provided by PersonVEU, Spring certifications are conducted by, which will be online only. This means you don't need to go to the exam center to take the exam.

Though you need to show your ID proof and need a web camera so that Spring guys can monitor you while doing the exam. This also means that you can take the Spring certification from any location in the world.

Btw, if you have just started preparation for Spring core certification (VMware EDU-1202)  then I suggest you follow my method of one book + one course + one practice test to prepare well for Vmware's Spring certification. If you need recommendations the I suggest you join the Spring Professional Certification Tutorial on Udemy for topic-wise preparation first.

5 Steps to Schedule Spring 5.0 Core Professional Certification Exam Online

Anyway, here are the steps to schedule a Spring  Developer certification exam online and become a certified Spring developer:

1. ExamLocal

Spring certification exams are conducted by ExamLocal, which means you need to go to to schedule your exam.

How to Schedule and Give Spring 5.0 Core Professional Certification Exam Online?

2. Register

If you don't have an existing account with ExamLocal then you need to register. Make sure you enter your details accurately like First Name, Last Name, Employer, Country as you need to give identify proof when you go for the exam.

how to register in examlocal for spring certification

3. Search for exam

Once you have your account created and logged in, you can search for the Spring certification you want to give; ExamlLocal will then display a Prometric center based upon that. You can go to and type the exam like typing Spring display Core Spring v5.0. You can choose your exam on this list.

how to give spring certification online

4. Choose the Location and Date

Now, you need to choose the Date, Time, and location for your exams like whether you want to give the exam at a Test center or online Proctored. In that, you can you need to have a laptop with a camera so that you can be monitored while giving an exam.

how to give spring certification online or test center

5. System Compatibility check

All Vmware's Spring certification exams are remotely proctored. You can take Vmware exams from any location in the world as long as you have a valid (unexpired) form of government-issued photo identification, and your computer meets basic system requirements. So, if you decide to take the exam online, you can do a system compatibility check prior to purchasing the exam.

Things to remember

Here is a summary of some of the important things to remember while scheduling Spring certifications  (VMware EDU-1202 on

1) You need a voucher to schedule the exam.

2) You can purchase the vouchers from the Vmware training website, or you get them for free if you take their training courses like the Core Spring certification course.

3) You can schedule the exam in 90 days in advance

4) Though you must schedule the exam at least 24 hours in advance.

5) Seats are not guaranteed until you schedule the exam.

6) You would need an exam local account to schedule the exam.

7) You can also take the Spring certification exam online, but you must do a system compatibility check before that.

That's all about how to schedule for the Spring certification exam. You can follow these steps to schedule exams irrespective of whichever certification you are giving like Spring Professional or other Vmware certification exams. Though, you should remember that exams must be scheduled with the exam provider at least 24 hours in advance.

Exam dates are not guaranteed until scheduled and are based upon proctor availability. You should schedule your exam as soon as you are ready for the exam. How do you know that? Well, if you consistently score over 80% in Spring mock tests like David Mayer's Core Spring 5.0  mock test, then you are ready for the exam.

How to Enroll and Give Spring 5.0 Core Professional Certification Exam Online?

Since Vmware exam vouchers are valid for 90 days, you are also allowed to schedule the exam 90 days in advance. Accordingly, please schedule your exam well in advance to ensure you are able to take your exam on your chosen date and, most importantly, before the voucher expired.

Spring Certification Resources for Java Programmers

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