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5 Advanced Books for Experienced Java, C++, Python, Ruby and JavaScript Developers

It's one thing to know about the syntax and semantics of a programming language and other things to use it effectively. If you are a programmer and want to take your programming skill to next level in your choice of programming language, and looking for the best resources then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best online courses to learn Python, Java, JavaScript, and C++, and today, I am going to share advanced programming books for experienced Java, C++, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript developers. To be honest, there are several books that will be taught you about the syntax and grammar of a programming language, but there are really few books that will teach you the customary and effective ways to use it, also known as idiom and usages.

Difference between GET and POST Request in HTTP and REST APIs

HTTP Protocol supports many methods to retrieve data from the server or perform any operation on the server, like upload data, delete the file, etc. In total, the HTTP protocol supports the following methods, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, DELETE, OPTIONS, and TRACE, and the HTTP 1.1 reserves technique called CONNECT for future use.  GET, and POST is two of the most common HTTP methods you would hear or work on the web. Though both can be used to send and receive data from client to server, there are some crucial differences between the GET and POST in HTTP, which will help you to understand when you should use GET vs. POST while writing your client and server application.

Is it Possible to take Spring Professional v5.0 Certification without the Official Training course?

Just a couple of years ago, It wasn't possible to take Spring Professional certification without a mandatory expensive training course from Pivotal, but from 10th May 2017 onwards, you can take Spring Certification without a training course. Yes, you read it correctly, it's now possible to become Spring certified developer without spending USD 3200 on mandatory Spring training, like the Core Spring training. For years, Pivotal, the company behind the Spring framework (now Vmware) ensured that a Java developer can only get a Spring Professional certification by first going into a 4-day training run by Pivotal and its partner around the world.

How to Prepare for Java Certifications like OCAJP, OCPJP, or Java SE 11 Developer?

No doubt that Oracle's Java certification is one of the most valuable certifications for the IT industry and helps you to get a better job, better pay, and a better rise in your current salary. It also improves your recognition and job prospects because many big clients demands certified Java programmers for their mission-critical applications. Because of enormous popularity and usefulness, many Java developers and computer science graduates aspire for Java certifications. I often receive queries like, what is the best way to prepare for Java certifications like OCAJP or OCPJP?

Top 5 Books for Java 8 Certifications - 1Z0-808 (OCA) and 1Z0-809 (OCP)

If you are preparing for Oracle's Java SE 8 certification then you may know that in order to become a Java 8 Certified developer, you need to pass two exams, the OCAJP 8 exam with code 1Z0-808 and the OCPJP8 exam with code 1Z0-809. You will not be a Java SE 8 certified programmer if you just pass the OCAJP8 exam. In order to prepare for both these exams, you need to choose an excellent study guide, a couple of quality online courses, and a unique mock exam simulator, apart from writing programs on a daily basis. This is the perfect recipe to crack Oracle's Java certification in the first attempt. It requires a lot of hard work but it's worth it. 

Top 5 Books to Learn Groovy and Grails for Java Programmers - Best of Lot

If you want to learn Groovy and Grails and looking for the best resources then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared some of the must-read Groovy books, and today, I'll share some of the best books to learn Grails for Java developers. Grails is a web application development framework completely written in Groovy. The Grails and Gradle framework are built using the Groovy language. Grails is the framework to develop a web application using Groovy. The concepts within Grails, like interceptors, tag libs, and Groovy Server Pages (GSP) are very similar to what we have in Java.

How to Print all leaf Nodes of a Binary tree in Java [ Coding Interview Questions]

This is another interesting coding problem that is based on a binary tree and mostly asked beginner programmers. If you have some experience in solving binary tree-based problems then it's rather easy to solve because, like many other binary tree algorithms, you can use recursion to print all leaf nodes of a binary tree in Java. Since the tree is a recursive data structure, you can apply the same algorithm to both the left and right subtree. In order to solve this problem, the first thing you should know is what is a leaf node because if you don't know that then you won't be able to solve the problem. Well, a leaf node is the one whose left and right child nodes are null.