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Monday, April 4, 2022

How to Prepare for Google Collaboration Engineer Exam in 2023? Tips and Resources

Just before 2 months of 2023, I've cleared the Google Collaboration Engineer Exam, and now working as a cloud solutions engineer. Throughout my journey of Google Collaboration Engineer Exam preparation, the greatest challenge was the lack of materials and sources. I found it hard to find out the materials for this exam. I'm here to list out some important materials which I found helpful in clearing this Google Collaboration Engineer Exam. 

How to Prepare for Google Collaboration Engineer Exam in 2023

Google Collaboration Engineer Exam is a famous exam with the least resources available. One can clear this exam only with hands-on experience. It makes you decide between the almost correct answer and the correct answer.

1. Why Google Collaboration Engineer Exam? 

The viability of the Collaboration Engineer is to transform the business's missions into patterned configurations, integrations, and ensure security. The Collaboration Engineer avails the opportunity of working with highly complicated sequences effectively and meticulously. 

The mindset of the Collaboration Engineers has to be heavily solution-oriented and engineered. 

Google Collaboration Engineer certification helps to gauge your skillset and lifts your overall professional development.

2. Blueprint of the topics covered under the Google Collaboration Engineer Exam

Your ability will be tested in a hardcore way to take Google Collaboration Engineer Exam and clear it. 
  • Object supervision. 
  • Configure and organize Google enterprises.
  • Data assessment and authentication. 
  • Import and export data. 
  • Manage drive
  • Planning and implementing Google Workspace authorization
  • Mail management. 
  • Advancement in Google Workspace adoption and collaboration
  • Managing endpoint access.

Some important areas to prepare:

  • App Scripts and API access
  • Chrome device enrollment
  • Routing & Compliance
  • Vault
  • Troubleshooting

3. Format of the Google Collaboration Engineer Exam

  • Exam Name: Professional Collaboration Engineer
  • Exam Code: Professional-Collaboration-Engineer
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Registration cost: $200 
  • Total questions: 80
  • Language: English
  • Eligibility: Anyone who's interested.
  • Question Pattern: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). 
  • Exam Type: Proctored Exam
  • Validity: 2 years
  • Result: No percentage. Just pass or fail info. 

4. Exam Preparation Steps

4.1- Know the Exam

Gather as much information as possible. The official website gives you a basic sense of the idea. At the time of the exam, It's not how much you've learned, it's about how much you know and remember. To take an exam, you must know what the exam is all about. This link will take you to the official page. 

4.2- Go through the materials

A single browse can help you discover hundreds of sources to learn. Yet, very few resources are available to help the purpose of candidates. At a point in time, 100 sources are not equal to one complete source. At the same time, just relying upon one source isn't a good idea. I've listed down those excellent resources in this further article. 

4.3- Real-world experience

I would suggest you get real-world hands-on experience when it comes to this course. Because this exam is specially designated for individuals who can demonstrate the learned skills. Remember, the certificate is just a piece of paper. When you get into this collaboration engineer job, not your certification, but only your learned practical skills can solve the issues. Therefore, put yourself into assessments and practice tests to score better. 

4.4- Make notes

Take notes of what you learn from all the sources. Write down everything you've learnt throughout the learning process. Revise it often. This would help you as an assistant in a quick recap. 

5. Resources to learn for Google Collaboration Engineer Exam

So now, we're onto the resources such as courses, books, tests, etc. Use all these mentioned resources as supplements to assist you.

5.1. Top 3 Courses for Google Collaboration Engineer Exam

The courses I've mentioned are based on real-time application and practice. 

#1- Google Professional Collaboration Engineer for Workspace Professional Certificate

This course is developed to establish and maintain Google Workspace, admin, access, and navigate the accounts. You'll be taught to explore provisions, protect data of the users, single sign-in options, email compliance, and safeguard your data from malware attacks and spam. 

Moreover, you'll learn to create a Google workspace account, and manage its admin console. Set up the calendar, Gmail compliance, implement vital services.

Before enrolling in the course, you've to make sure if 3 points

→ you've to provide your credit card details. Because as your free trial completes, it's required as per the terms and conditions. 

→ you've to purchase a new domain or you can also use the domain if you already have one. The domain had nothing to do with Google workspace. 

→ you're suggested to learn via Chrome browser.

Link: https://www.coursera.org/professional-certificates/g-suite-administration

#2- Cloud Certifications: Google Professional Collaboration Engineer

The provided class deals with tools like Google's Gmail compliance, video meet conference, spreadsheets. With this, you can convert the objectives into the mission. 

What else... You'll get to experience of implementing all these.

Link: https://www.pluralsight.com/guides/cloud-certifications:-google-professional-collaboration-engineer

#3- Practice Exams - Professional Collaboration Engineer

After you've gone through the above courses, you'll have practice sessions in this course. 

It checks your leverage on mails routing and identity infrastructure. 

These 78 practice questions will be a clutch to crack this exam. 

Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/google-cloud-professional-collaboration-engineer_practice-exams/

Must watch videos/sessions

• Becoming a certified professional collaboration Engineer

Link: https://youtu.be/RLrt2v1RCgE

• Introduction to Google Collaboration Engineer

Link: https://youtu.be/3xfsq63dJJE

• Google Workspace

Link: https://youtube.com/c/googleworkspace

5.2. Top 3 books for Google Collaboration Engineer Exam

Make sure to take a look at a few pages. So that, you leave no stones unturned. 

#1- Google Cloud Professional Collaboration Engineer Exam Practice Questions & Dumps: Exam Study Guide for Professional Collaboration Engineer Exam Prep Latest Version

It has recently edited previous year question papers. Unlike other stimulators, this helps you revise and recall page wise. So you can simply rely on throughout your learning.

With total of 30 pages paperback format, is available in only English for the time being.

Link: https://www.amazon.in/gp/aw/d/B08KH2L9FK/

#2- Google Cloud Professional Collaboration Engineer (GCP): Exam Practice & Review Questions For Professional Collaboration Engineer LATEST VERSION

You'll get a crystal clear idea of topics. It has a very good defined set of questions. Some of the important topics are mentioned below

• Program and implement G Suite approval and entry

• Organize user, resource, and Team Drive lifecycles

• Organize mail

• Regulate and configure G Suite services

• Configure and manage endpoint access

• Regulate organizational operations

Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/56141186-google-cloud-professional-collaboration-engineer-gcp

#3- GOOGLE CLOUD PROFESSIONAL COLLABORATION ENGINEER (GCP): Detailed Exam Practice & Review Questions For Professional Collaboration Engineer

The practice questions help you revise well. 

It has well-versed questions on the format a Google Workspace account, admission and navigation of admin console. The key properties of the Google directory, and administrative structure to be used to facilitate user and service management, groups and calendar resources in Google Workspace, and undertake common user management tasks, types of admin roles available in Google Workspace are also covered well. 

Link: https://www.amazon.in/gp/aw/d/B09JJ9D727

5.3. Useful Practice Test for Google Collaboration Engineer Exam

In terms of practice tests, they're only a few quality tests worthy available. Yet, being unable to attend a maximum number of practice questions shouldn't be a problem. All it takes is a practical experience scenario. For instance, imagine that you're the main admin in a big business company. Then, the daily routine would be your questions. 

Click on the link to explore the sample questions.

Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfdLA0hTTzsKnw5Mt23yL-jH06xNzV_f-s32nEBc9ZKAIFYLA/viewform

#1- Google Professional Collaboration Engineer (GCP) Free Practice Test

This test prep training has nearly 10 questions under the topic of MISC Questions. 

One of the questions is mentioned below. Check your preparation level by trying to answer it. 

»“What is accessible to collaborators in G Suite for a suspended user?

a). User's email
b). User's calendars
c). Shared documents
d). User's documents”«

I heavily suggest you to take this test. Unless you score 90%+ in practice tests, you've to keep practicing.

Link: https://www.testpreptraining.com/google-professional-collaboration-engineer-gcp-free-practice-test

#2- Free Professional-Collaboration-Engineer Exam Questions - Google Professional-Collaboration-Engineer Exam

Don't miss out these 75 questions. You might be bewildered with the Google exam question type and formats. Taking this test, would clear your doubts. 

This test would be helpful in certain ways as follows

→ it helps you understand the actual question pattern.

→ it provides you a effective and efficient study plan.

→ it helps you manage your time period. 

Link: https://www.study4exam.com/google/free-professional-collaboration-engineer-questions

#3- Google Professional Collaboration Engineer Exam

It contains 2 practical test slabs with 72 questions. Passing this test ensures a high possibility of clearing the exam. 

It checks your ability in 6 various domains are as follows

• Strategy and implement Google Workspace approval and entry.

• Organize user, resource, and shared drive life cycles

• Management and configure Google Workspace services

• Configure and organize endpoint access

• Survey organizational systems

• Progress Google Workspace adoption and confederation

Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/google-professional-collaboration-engineer-exam/

5.4. Targetted concise topics with resources:

These are the most important topics you must cover.

#1- User security controls
  • 2 step authentication
  • Password creating
Link https://support.google.com/a/answer/9176657?hl=en

#2- Configuring third-party SSO for G Suite 
  • Set up single sign-on 
  • Enable SSO
  • Integrating with the third party 
  • Automate user provisioning



#3- Automate user provisioning across cloud apps

• Granting API access
• Control third-party & internal apps from accessing G Suite data



#4- Managing user, resource, and Shared Drive lifecycles

• Implications of current G Suite APIs to development efforts
• Modifying OU policies





6. Other helpful resources for Google Collaboration Engineer Exam

Most of the information is covered, yet, if you're in the idea of studying specific topics, make use of the additional resources provided. 

• Make use of the guide

Link https://cloud.google.com/certification/guides/collaboration-engineer/

• G Suite Learning Center - Helps you learn to survive in extreme hybrid work environments. 

Link https://support.google.com/a/users/#topic=9247638

• Google Collaboration Engineer Exam's cheat sheet. 

Link https://github.com/sathishvj/awesome-gcp-certifications/blob/master/professional-collaboration-engineer.md

• Cloud Identity Cloud Connect Community

Link https://www.cloudconnectcommunity.com/login?r=%2F&error=CUSTOMER_DISABLED

• Whitepapers

Link https://cloud.google.com/security/overview/whitepaper

• Use the links to train yourself for the exam and make sure you succeed!

Links https://cloud.google.com/training/workspace#workspace-business-user-learning-path


7. Tips and Tactics to consider for Google Collaboration Engineer Exam

  • Time is what is important the most. Spend no more than 2 minutes on every question. 
  • Make sure you answer with full awareness and don't skip any. 
  • Allocate some time to revise what you've learned before taking the exam. 
  • Mark the answers you've chosen for future reference. 
  • Among the 4 options, two are irrelevant. While the remaining 2 are, amongst the correct answer and correct answer. Make sure you choose the correct answer. 
  • Take plenty of practice tests as possible. 
  • Complete your studies the day before the exam. Make sure you don't stress yourself in preparing on the day of the exam. 

8. Frequently Asked Questions (doubts)

8.1. How can I prepare for the exam?

It's recommended to have hands-on experience to demonstrate one's skill to prove the eligibility. 

8.2. Are remotely proctored exam open-book ones?

No, you cannot use or place any items except your computer while you take the exam. Your background has to be clear without unauthorized items and voices. If you're caught for any unauthorized or malpractices, it would lead to misconduct and you'll be red-flagged & barred from taking any Google certification exams. 

8.3. What's the age limit to take this exam?

The candidates have to be 18+ to take any GCP certification exam. 

8.4. Do you receive any score or feedback after you submit the exam?

The exam checks whether a candidate reaches the minimum passing standard or not. It's not designated to diagnose the candidates' scale of ability.

8.5. Can I retake the exam after a failed attempt?

Yes, if you fail the exam for the first time, you can take your second attempt after 14 days. If you don't pass the second attempt, you will have to wait for 60 days for your third attempt. If you miss out on the third try, you can only take it after a long wait of one year. 

The candidates can take multiple attempts but the waiting period elongates. 

For further queries, check out here 

10. Wrapping up: 

Google Cloud certifications are designed for users to demonstrate and immense their technological skills, which helps their candidates access the variety of vigorously designated jobs. This is all we've covered under the article Google Collaboration Engineer Exam. 

Moreover, use all the resources provided here and crack this hard nut. In the process of your study, it would feel like “materials have no end” and you would not feel like you're fully prepared. Still, make sure to go through all the resources we've provided l which give you a wide and deep knowledge of what you need. All the best for your examination journey. 

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