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How to prepare Oracle Certified Master Java EE Enterprise Architect (1z0-807, 1Z0-865, 1Z0-866) - OCMJEA6 Exam

The OCMJEA 6 certification is one of the most difficult, time-consuming, and tiresome Java certifications. Still, it was also the one that made me learn and grow professionally. This certification consists of 5 phases:

Phase 1: Compulsory Course

At this point, the candidate is required to take at least one official Oracle course from Java at any partner company. You can complete this course during certification - before, during, or after.

If you already have experience in Java and architecture, leave to take the course at the end. If not, use the classes to gain knowledge for the test by doing them before. There is a complete grid of Java courses for the candidate to acquire the necessary know-how for this certification.

Phase 2: Java Enterprise Architect Certified Master Exam

At this stage, the candidate has to pass an exam of 64 questions with a minimum score of 57%. The content of the review covers knowledge in design principles, software architectures, integrations between solutions, messaging, Java specifications and technologies, project standards, and security.

Study books:

1. Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java EE Study Guide (Exam 310-051) Paul Allen, Joseph Bambara
2.Oracle Certified Master, Java EE Enterprise Architect Practice Guide by Amritendu De

These are the two most recommended books for this prestigious certification, you can read any of these books depending upon which one you like. They almost cover most of the topics except a few for which you need to read the official exam guide and some white paper to cover it.

How to prepare Oracle Certified Master Java EE Enterprise Architect (1z0-807, 1Z0-865, 1Z0-866) - OCMJEA6 Exam

Practice tests

Whizlabs OCMJEA (Part I) Exam Simulator
There is a lot of free and paid test for these exams over the web, but almost all of them are out of date. The only thing that was sufficient and that was worth it anyway, was this one from whizlabs.

Here is the link to join Whizlab's OCMJEA tests:

1. OCMJEA 6 Free Test
2. OCMJEA 6 Full Practice Test

How to prepare Oracle Certified Master Java EE Enterprise Architect exam

Phase 3: Java Enterprise Architect Certified Master Assignment

At this stage, the candidate is responsible for developing a complete project based on a requirements document. This document describes the business scenario of the corporation, the requirements of the product to be developed, and that you are being hired to be the architect responsible for the preparation and creation of this new solution. As with any project, the architect needs to analyze the corporate landscape as well as its requirements and make the design decisions.

Books on Design Decisions

My first tip is related to the books you can read to learn which are the most common design decisions in enterprise solutions and what are the pros and cons of each. Follow the books:

1. Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin Fowler
This book is best suited for phase two of certification, where Martin Fowler describes in detail every design decision within a corporate solution accompanying its pros and cons.

2. Domain-Driven Design by Erick Evans 
This book addresses the main design of today's building and documenting object-oriented solutions without generating moorings with technologies or platforms. In it, Erick Vans teaches you to visualize and build a purely oriented solution and objects, regardless of platform or technology.

3. Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software 
This book contains the catalog of the most basic patterns of the object-oriented paradigm that you absolutely need to solve the structures of the classes / Components in the solution.

4. Real-World Patterns Rethinking Practices by Adan Bien
This book builds on the study done by Adan Bien that re-adjusts and retires the old J2EE standards for the most current versions of JEE 6+. In it, you will learn how and what patterns to continue using and those that no longer need to be used.

Each book offers you knowledge that is part of the certification solution, and ideally, the candidate would invest in reading these books before facing the proof since the delivery time of the second phase is only six months.  You should also read some case studies to learn how to apply the concepts you learned.

Phase 4: Java Enterprise Architect Certified Master Exam Essay Exam

In the last phase of the test, the candidate needs to answer 8 questions related to the project developed. My tip here is this: answer questions about architectures during the design phase; at the same time, you produce the decision document.
Following are some examples of questions you may be asked:

How does your design handle availability? Why did you choose it? Pros and cons of your approach?
How does your design handle reliability? Why did you choose it? Pros and cons of your approach?

Do not let yourself think and elaborate on these answers at the time of the test because you will not have the time to do it. Responding to them in advance will help you get the last check well prepared and even show errors that you made during the design of the project, causing you to refactor something.

Phase 5: Course Submission Form

After completing the required course and passing the three exams that make up the certification, at this stage, the candidate will enter the VUE tool to send the confirmation of the course needed to the Oracle system in order to notify that the candidate has finalized the grade Certification. As a result, Oracle had subsequently sent the Java Architect Professional Credential Kit. For all information, access the official grid of the event.

That's all about how to prepare for the OCMJEA6 exam. It is one of the toughest but most prestigious Java certification exams, and experienced Java developers can pass this exam for career advancements and better opportunities.

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