Can you take training after passing OCMJEA 6 Exam (1Z0-897), Assignment(1Z0-865) and Essay (1Z0-866)?

Yes, you can take the training after passing the OCMJEA exam. Even though the training is a must to obtain the certification, You do not have to complete it before you give an exam. It is just listed as the first step to prepare well for your exam. If you have decent experience in core Java and enterprise Java, you can always complete the training when you are comfortable about it, but you must complete it to become an Oracle Certified Java Architect. In the last step of the exam, you need to submit a form containing the training detail to obtain credits for training.

The Oracle Certified Master- Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect exam is one of the complex and toughest Java certifications available in the market. Since it is one of the most prestigious certifications, keeping the requirement high is obvious.

Since you need to pass multiple exams to become an Oracle certified Java architect, many Java programmers, even experienced developers, who are preparing for exams often get confused about certification structure.

One of the most frequently asked questions is about training. Since training is mandatory to come an Oracle Certified Master - Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect, many candidates get confused about when to take the training.

The confusion also prevails becuase of the cost of training, which is quite high, especially for Java developers from India. I often receive questions like, is training is mandatory? Can I take training later, once I pass the multiple-choice exam (1Z0-807), project assignment (1Z0-865), and essay (1Z0-866)? I'll try to answer these questions in this article.

Is Training must for Oracle Certified Master - Java EE 6 Enterprise Exam?

Training is not a must for any exam but it is a requirement to obtain the certification. In order to become an Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect you must pass the new Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Exam(1Z0807), Java Enterprise Architect Certified Master Assignment (1Z0-865), the Java Enterprise Architect Certified Master Essay exams.

Can you take the training after passing the OCMJEA6 Exam?
Even though the training is mentioned as the first step in the certification path, training>exam>assignment>essay>course form, you can take the training anytime when you wish, but you must complete the training in one of the recommended course to get the certification. When you submit the course form, you get the credit for your training.

Does the self-study counts as a training requirement?
So, self-study courses don't count as valid training requirements for Oracle Certified Master - Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Exam. As per Oracle's certification website "Courses can be instructor-led in-class (ILT), a live virtual class (LVC), training on demand (TOD), or Unlimited Learning Subscription. Self-study CD and online courses are great preparation tools but do not fulfill the training requirement. The course must be delivered by Oracle University Training Center, Oracle Authorized Education Center, Oracle Authorized Partner Oracle Academy, or Oracle Workforce Development Program."

How much is the cost of training?
Training is no doubt expensive and costs you a lot more than the exam fees itself. The cost of training depends upon which one you will choose and which location you will take the training e.g. it would be cheaper in India than in the US. For example, one of the cheapest training Java SE 7 Programming will cost you around Rs 36500 if you opt for training on demand for 5 days, 40500 for 5 days classroom training, and 38750 INR for 5 days live virtual classes, you can check the pricing of various training courses here.

Can you take training after passing OCMJEA Exam (1Z0-897), Assignment(1Z0-865) and Essay (1Z0-866)?

What is the total cost of this certification?
The total cost of the certification includes fees for each exam like multiple choice OCMJEA exam (1Z0-807), Assignment (1Z0-865), and Essay (1Z0-866) plus the cost of training. The cost of these exams varies depending upon your country. Similarly, the cost of training varies depending upon which training you chose and which location you want to take those training.

Is it mandatory to complete the training before appearing for the certification exam? Can you take the exam, without taking the training?
Although it is strongly recommended, it is not required to take training before passing an exam. However, in certification paths that require training, you will need to complete the training before certification will be awarded.

How long the training will remain valid OCMJEA certification? (answer)
If you take the training now but not prepare for the actual certification exams, assignments, and essays and concerned about how long the training will be valid, then you have come to the right place. The training will be valid toward this version of the certification for as long as the certification is available. If a new version of the certification is released, it is possible that the training you took will not count toward the new certification, but it will continue to count toward the EE 6 version.

Does the training package include exam prices? (answer)
The exam price is not included in the training cost. Training is required for this certification. The total cost of certification depends on the cost of the training you choose. There are 3 exams (assignment, essay, and exam) and one training course required for certification.

Is there any requirement in terms of time after we pass the exam in step 2 and completing the assignment and essay in steps 3 and 4?
The assignment and essay must both be completed within 6 months of purchasing the assignment.

When will you receive a certificate?
You will receive the eCertificate when all these requirements have been completed. It means, if you just pass the I have passed the exam 1z0-807, I could able to see my score in preview and status is a pass. But I didn't get a certificate.

Any pre-exams we need to pass?
You do not need to pass any pre-exams before taking this exam, but the certification will only be granted when you've completed all the certification path requirements

How soon do I need to take the training after the Essay 1Z0-866(6 months or 12 months is OK) to obtain certification?
There is no deadline for completing the training.

I have OCPJP in 2012 and 3 years of work experience in Java EE. Am I eligible for Oracle Certificate Master, Enterprise Architect?
Yes, You are certainly eligible to take the Java EE OCM exams. Have a look at this page to see what the certification requirements are:

I have completed the SCJP 5 long back. Am I eligible for Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Certified Master 1Z0-807?
Yes, you are eligible to take this exam.

How to register for this exam?
You could go to to register for the exam online.

That's all about whether you can take training after the OCMJEA exam, assignment, and essay or not. Yes, you can do that and I think it's better to complete the certification path in that order i.e. Give exam, do assignment and essay, and final step to go for training to learn something you are not comfortable with e.g. web-service/JSF course to complete the certification path.

Many experienced Java developers, who want to become Java Certified Enterprise Architect take the Master Architect exam, finish Assignment and Essay and when all the results are positive they go for Training Classes.

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