Top 10 Web, Mobile, and Big Data Technologies Programmers should learn in 2018

Hello Guys, we are already in the second week of 2018 now and many of you have made your goals about what to learn in 2018, but if you haven't then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am sharing some of the best framework and libraries for web development, mobile app development, and big data, an application developer can learn in 2018. The New Year will be all about the mobile and next-generation web with a greater focus on big data technologies like Hadoop and Spark, but you can still learn the popular Java and Web development frameworks like React, Node.js, Spring Boot to take your career to next level. These frameworks are tried and tested and will be here for at least next 5 years to come.

I have always believed in full stack development which means a Programmer should know both front-end and back-end technologies and now it also includes mobile development technologies like Android or iOS.

My simple advice for Java programmer is to learn Android while for C++ programmer is to iOS so that you can create your own apps, do some freelancing and improve your chances of getting a job in lucrative mobile app development sector.

In this highly competitive world where technologies get out-dated very quickly the only thing which helps programmer is their learning ability. If you are a quick learner and can learn the technology which is in demand currently, you can always found the job and the interesting work you are looking.

10 Best Web, Mobile, and Big Data Technologies for Programmers

Here is my list of some of the best web, mobile, and big data technologies for a programmer to learn in 2018. These technologies will not only make your resume more attractive but also help you to take your career to next level in the same job. It's very important to keep moving forward because if you are stuck then you won't grow and learning a new and popular technology always help to break the shackles.

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It's declarative: React uses a declarative paradigm that makes it easier to reason about your application. It's efficient: React computes the minimal set of changes necessary to keep your DOM up-to-date. And it's flexible: React works with the libraries and frameworks. In short, A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. If you decide to learn React in 2018 then Modern React with Redux is a good place to start with.

How to learn React in 2018

Apache Hadoop is another open-source software framework used for distributed storage and processing of dataset of big data using the MapReduce programming model. It consists of computer clusters built from commodity hardware and used for distributed processing. If you are interested in an exciting career in Big Data world then learning Hadoop is a good option. If you decide to learn Hadoop,  The Ultimate Hands-On Hadoop - Tame your Big Data is a fantastic course to start with. It's currently available for just $10.99 on their flash sale.

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. It allows you to write a server-side application in JavaScript. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient. If you learn Node.js and React then you can write a client-server application in just one programming language, JavaScript. If you decide to learn Node.js in 2018 then I suggest checking out The complete Node.js Developer Course, one of the best course to start with.

How to learn Node.js in 2018

Apache Cordova is another mobile application development framework originally created by Nitobi. Adobe Systems purchased Nitobi in 2011, rebranded it as PhoneGap, and later released an open source version of the software called Apache Cordova. It allows you to use standard web technologies - HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for cross-platform development and one of the hot technology to learn in 2018. If you like to learn Cordova in 2018 then please check Build iOS & Android Apps with Angular and Cordova, one of the exciting course to learn Cordova.

.NET Core
ASP.NET Core is a free and open-source web framework, and the next generation of ASP.NET, developed by Microsoft and the community. It is a modular framework that runs on both the full .NET Framework, on Windows, and the cross-platform. If you are a Microsoft technology developer then this is what you should learn in 2018 and ASP NET CORE Crash Course is a good place to start with.

How to learn .NET Core in 2018

Apache Spark is an open-source cluster-computing framework. Apache Spark is one of the fast and general engines for big data processing, with built-in modules for streaming, SQL, machine learning, and graph processing it's quickly gaining market share from Hadoop and similar technologies. If you are looking for a new and exciting career in Big Data then I strongly suggest you learn Spark in 2018 and Apache Spark with Java is a good place to start with.

How to learn Apache Spark in 2018

Firebase is Google's mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality mobile apps and grow your business. You can choose Firebase as a backend for your Android or iOS application. If you are looking to move into the lucrative business of mobile application development in 2018 then learning Firebase is a very good idea and Advanced iOS and Firebase: Rideshare is a good place to start with.

How to learn Firebase in 2018

Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework, maintained by Google, that assists with running single-page applications. Its goal is to augment web-based applications with model–view–controller (MVC) capability, in an effort to make both development and testing easier. It's very different from its predecessor Angular JS which is outdated now, but learning Angular 2 or Angular 5 is still a great idea in 2018.  If you decide to learn Angular in 2018 then I suggest you to first check the Angular: Getting Started course from Pluarlsight, one of the best course to learn Angular.

How to learn Angular in 2018

Xamarin is a way to make mobile apps quickly for all platforms with a single, shared C# code base, build a custom native user interface for each platform, or use Xamarin.Forms to write a single shared user interface across platforms. It's owned by Microsoft and quickly becoming popular for creating mobile apps for C, C++, and C# developers. If you already know one of that C langauge and looking for a career in mobile app development then I strongly suggest you learn Xamarin in 2018 and Xamarin: Build Android and iOS Apps That Share C# Code is a good course to start with.

How to learn Xamarin in 2018

Spring Boot
Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applications that you can "just run". We take an opinionated view of the Spring platform and third-party libraries so you can get started with minimum fuss. If you are a Java developer working on web development then I strongly suggest you learn Spring Boot in 2018.

How to learn Spring Boot in 2018

Another good news to share with you guys that NetBeans has added support for Spring Boot, so it's now easier to learn and develop Java web application using Spring Boot 2. 0.

If you decide to learn Spring Boot in 2018 then Learn Spring Boot - Rapid Spring Application Development is a good place to start with.

It's currently available on almost 95% discount on Udemy until this week.

That's all about some of the popular web, mobile, and big data frameworks and libraries application developer should learn in 2018. I especially like to focus on next-generation technologies like Big Data and Machine Learning.

There is a lot of demand for Data Scientists and they are also getting a very good pay, on average $120,000 and that's the reason many of friends and colleagues are switching to Data Science Job. I'll talk about more in next article where I'll share my tips to become Data Science in 2018.

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