How to prepare for Google Cloud Machine Learning Engineer Exam?

Hello guys, if you are preparing for Google Cloud Machine Learning Engineer Certification Exam and looking for a guide then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared a guide for the Google Cloud Security Engineer exam, and in this article, I will share my tips, process, and resources to prepare for the Google Cloud Machine Learning Engineer exam. The Professional Machine Learning Engineer certification test is regarded as one of the most difficult GCP certifications because More than one accurate answer is provided for almost every question; nevertheless, just one is considered the best one. 

The exam covers how to address business issues using Machine Learning methods and how to utilize the best available solutions in a certain scenario. It's crucial to know what the exam covers so that you can concentrate your attention on the relevant material while viewing courses.

1. Why Google Cloud machine learning engineer exam Exam?

A Professional Machine Learning Engineer uses Google Cloud technology and an in-depth understanding of established ML models and methodologies to develop, create, and produce ML models to address business issues.

 Throughout the ML development process, the ML Engineer analyzes responsible AI and works closely with other job categories to guarantee that models have long-term success. The ML Engineer should be able to handle all elements of model design, data pipeline interaction, and metric interpretation.

The ML Engineer must be well-versed in the fundamentals of application development, infrastructure management, data engineering, and data governance in order to be effective. As an ML Engineer, you'll build and implement scalable solutions for optimum performance via knowledge of deploying, retraining, training, and monitoring models.

How to prepare for Google Cloud Machine Learning Engineer Exam

2. Here is the blueprint of the topics covered under this certification

You will be judged on your ability to: take the Professional Machine Learning Engineer test and pass it.
  • Problems with Modeling Languages
  • An ML solution architect
  • Systematize the creation of data preparation and processing systems
  • Work on ML models.
  • ML pipeline automation and orchestration
  • Optimize, monitor, and maintain machine learning systems.

Format of the Exam

  • Total time is given to attempt the exam: 2 Hours
  • A fee of Registration: $200 (plus tax where applicable)
  • Language: English
  • Eligibility criteria: Anyone who has complete knowledge and looks forward to making a career in this field shall appear in this exam.
  •  Exam pattern/format: Multiple choice questions (MCQs)
  • Total No. of Questions: 50
  • Methods to attempt the exam: Can be an online-proctored exam from a remote location or an onsite-proctored exam at the testing center
  • Certificate’s Validity: 2 years
  • Result Criteria: No percentage system, only pass or fail

3. Points to Consider When Getting a Google Cloud Architect Certification

There are a few things you should remember before giving it your all, and here are a few of them.

It is in the interest of Google Cloud to not make the test too difficult. They're hoping that people will just walk right by them. In the end, the certificate's only function is to advertise the Google Cloud service provider. Consequently, it is doubtful that they will raise difficult questions. Quit if you find yourself tearing your hair out or obsessing over a question's "clever clues." Stop and take a breather. Perhaps you've gone too far.

First and foremost, Google Cloud wants its clients to succeed. "You're an ML engineer at X firm who wants to work on Y," is a common theme in the interview questions. Put yourself in the shoes of a Google Cloud ML user and see what it's like to utilize it.

Make your decision based on your own technical intuition. Good engineering methods apply here as well, such as understanding the business concerns, starting with something basic, iterating quickly, building strong pipelines, ensuring high-quality control and production cleanliness, and optimizing expenditure.

Thirdly, Google Cloud provides a wide range of machine learning services and tools. The goal is to use as many GCP-managed services and tools as possible. Because you don't have to deal with a lot of boilerplates, it's easier for you.

It's also excellent for Google Cloud since the more Google Cloud can do for you, the better it is for their company. It's easy to do sentiment analysis on common statements using the Cloud Natural Language API. If you have a small dataset with custom labels and wish to up-train from Google Cloud's image models, use AutoML Image Classification.

When your data is already in BigQuery, use BigQuery ML to do basic logistic regression. Run hyperparameter experiments using Hypertune's AI platform instead of starting and maintaining several training jobs manually. Consider using Google Cloud Kubernetes Engineer with Google Cloud VM when you need to lift and shift from on-premises systems.

Last but not least the exam checks for general machine learning skills like precision/recall, training/test split, classification versus regression, missing data, how to manage imbalance datasets, and some very basic Tensorflow API. There is no need to panic if you think this is your weak point. Remind yourself that the test is for ML practitioners, not researchers. With some exposure to such locations, you'll be OK. However, many of the questions may be addressed by using common sense and statistics.

Prepare yourself for the online-proctor
For the time being, this is a remote test, so make sure there are no notes, books, or other distractions in the room. Make sure there are no interruptions or diversions by having a robust internet connection. If you have some spare time, attempt to put some of the principles into practice. As the last step, utilize logical reasoning to remove any incorrect responses and carefully study the questions to aid you with multiple choice answers.

4. Get ready for the Google Professional Machine Learning Engineer Certification.

It is possible to study in a variety of methods in order to pass this test. Google provided a list of preparatory actions that should be completed in sequence before the certification test so that you may have a thorough understanding of the material.

As per Google's instructions, you should do the following:
  • Experience the actual world: To get a deeper knowledge of machine learning technology and terminology via hands-on experience with machine learning projects in the real world.
  • In order to help you study more efficiently, we have previously covered this subject in the preceding section.
  • Take a look at these questions: If you want to practice for an upcoming exam, Google already has a site where you can look at a sample question from the exam and answer some of the model problems or mock tests.
  • Training is a great way to enhance your abilities: To get a deeper knowledge and practical experience with Google cloud machine learning, it is recommended that you use all of the available services.
  • Make an appointment for a test: Once you've completed the above procedures and are ready to schedule a test, you're all set.

5. How many years of professional experience are required to pass the exam?

At least two years of general GCP experience are required to sit for the test. As for hands-on experience with machine learning, To be honest, it's hard to say; if you know your stuff, you should be OK. Some have passed after just six months of work. 

A year of experience generating solutions in the market, rather than merely studying theory, would be beneficial. Having a certification in data engineering is a plus, but not a need.

6. What sections of the test do you think are the most difficult?

You can't use a pen or paper since the exam is online-proctored owing to COVID-19. As it's all in your brain, it's challenging. As a Beta test, the math questions may not be included in the final edition. Nonetheless.

There may have been no changes to the function or concept, but documentation and the names of concepts may have been changed.

Finally, the software development side might be challenging, particularly in terms of strong design principles and continuous processes. So review those details.

7. Frequently Asked Questions

7.1 Can I receive my money back if I am unable to take the exam?

Refunds are only given in certain circumstances. If you need it, you must contact Google prior to the start of the test. Even so, there are rare scenarios that shall qualify you for it. They are as follows:
  • You or a family member has a medical emergency.
  • Extreme weather conditions or Natural disasters are two examples.
  • There might be travel restrictions or strong security alerts within 72 hours of the exam. 

7.2 What is the deadline for recertifying?

This test is valid for two years only. So, you'll have to recertify after that period. You will receive email reminders 60 and 30 days before your certification gets overdated. You'll get the email on the same email address that was used to register for the exam.

7.3 What is a Google Cloud Certification, and what does it demand?

If you work on the Google Cloud Platform, you can have your technical abilities recognized via the Google Cloud certification program. These tests are open to all ranging from typical users, customers to technical partners. Google is one of the world's largest tech corporations, and it uses a multiple-choice exam to gauge a person's degree of proficiency.

7.4 Why haven't I secured any comments or a score after giving my exam?

The examinations are meant to assess cloud computing professionals' knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform. You don't need to see whether the parts of the test were better or worse as long as you are able to get a good grade. Furthermore, the aim of certification is to certify that you know enough about Google Cloud, not to certify that you are excellent at it.

7.5 How long will the Google Cloud Cloud machine learning exam test take me to complete?

Exam duration varies according to the curriculum. The standard time to complete the Cloud Architect test is decided to be 2 hours in total.

8. Best Courses for Google Cloud Cloud machine learning exam

8.1 Getting ready to appear for Google Cloud Certification: Machine Learning Engineer Professional Certificate

This course introduces you to the big data operations of the Google Cloud. It gives the five phrases of converting driven by machine learning. This guides you to mitigate the common errors and functions in machine learning.


8.2 Google Professional Machine Learning Engineer Exam A-Z Preparation

Get a basic understanding of progress and Phyton code. If ever you're not in an idea to take this exam, this course will act as a base for your common understanding. It covers Monitor, optimizing, and maintaining machine learning solutions, Automates, and orchestrating machine learning pipelines.


9. Books for google Cloud Cloud machine learning Exam

9.1 Google Cloud Machine Learning Engineer

Throughout the learning process, the book contexts ensure long-term success, irrespective of what the exam is. The wide range of topics are:
  1. Framing ML problems
  2. Architecting ML solutions
  3. Designing data preparation and processing systems
  4. Developing ML models
  5. Automating and orchestrating ML pipelines

9.2 Google Professional Machine Learning Engineer Exam Practice Questions & Dumps: Exam Practice & Review Questions for Google Professional Machine Learning Engineer

Check out the concepts with previous year's questions. It is more important and useful for those leading or participating in projects. Take these questions as a challenge, So you don't have to face any problems in facing your question paper later on.


10. Practice Tests for google cloud machine learning engineer

10.1 Professional Machine Learning Engineer

Get familiar with the exam using the official test page. In order to solve the doubts in question type, Google adds a sample of practice tests. Check it out with the given link


10.2 Google Cloud Certified Professional Machine Learning Engineer

Take free 25 questions, check out your concept grasping level. If you've gone through the given resources of books, courses, etc.. these questions are piece of cake. Go through the questions so you could understand the exam format and type of questions.



Wrapping up

I hope this article and its referred resources are really helpful for your study. Avoid considering these resources as a to-do list, and please add them as a supplement to your preparation path. Precisely, it takes continuously 20 days for the on-track person to clear this exam. 
With the experience of previous question papers, you would learn to solve debugging and metrics-based questions to crack the Google Cloud Certified Professional Machine Learning Engineer exam on the first attempt. Congratulations on your upcoming test. 
Always go back to the exam's guiding concepts if you get lost in it. This is what we outlined in our blog article. Their assistance will be invaluable when it comes to answering test questions correctly. 

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