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Hello guys,  If you also want to learn Google Cloud Platform in 2024 and are looking for some free online Google Cloud training courses and materials to start your GCP journey, you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best Google certification courses. Today, I will share free online courses from Udemy and Coursera, which you can learn from the Google Cloud Platform. If you don't know, Google Cloud Platform is the massive Cloud platform for Google, one of the three biggest public cloud platforms along with AWS and Microsoft Azure.  There is a huge demand for Google Cloud Professionals, but there are few in the market; hence more and more people are learning about Google Cloud and getting certified.

This article contains free Google cloud courses from sites like Udemy, Coursera, and Pluralsight, which you can use to learn Google cloud from scratch. These Cloud services provide great help to the technical world, easing up the tasks, remote access, and security features. People are taking their business online, and the market is growing at a steady rate.

We have to keep up with the trend; if you’re a business enthusiast, you know how much importance our words hold. To provide you with knowledge of the cloud and how to work with them, we have picked up a few courses that you can access for free and make your way in the market with new technology available.

We have tried to provide you all the free Google cloud courses that can satisfy your curiosity and help you attain your goal whether you’re a developer or just looking to gain some Cloud computing skills. We specifically focused on providing you with the best kind of teaching that doesn’t waste much of your time and can make learning easy for you.

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6 Best Free Online Courses to Learn Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in 2024

Here is the list of the best free courses you can access online to learn the Google Cloud Platform or GCP. These courses cover the platform details and get you familiar with essential GCP services and features.

1. Google Cloud Platform Concepts (GCP) [FREE]

This is one of the best available courses on Udemy. To begin this course, you need to have little knowledge of IT. Since the Google cloud platform is the fastest growing cloud service globally, people are taking their businesses online and enhancing them with services the cloud has to provide.

If you are looking to be in the developer section of the industry, this course will help you a lot.

Content of Course:
  • Networking service
  • Platform interface
  • Computer services
  • Storage and database services
  • Big Data solution
  • Cloud platform for AI

This course focuses on providing you with a deep understanding of google cloud concepts and working. You’ll be learning a lot about its applications in different segments of this course. Also, big data concepts and machine learning concepts are introduced recently.

5 Free Courses to learn Google Cloud Platform - Best of Lot

2. Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure [FREE]

This is one of the best free courses to learn Google Cloud Platform, and it's offered by none other than Google Cloud on Coursera. You can access the course to learn it all from their official website as well. They have sincerely categorized and provided concept-wise learning, distributed among topics.

All the new technology and its functioning can be accessed on the official website if you have a learner id. This course is also part of multiple Coursera specializations like Developing Application with Google Cloud, and completing this course counts towards getting the certification.

The real-time practice is going to provide you a detailed understanding of cloud services and functions. You can interact with other users following the same course as well. There are other premium courses suggested by Google as well.

All the topics are covered with examples. It is a theoretical way to teach, so you have to be patient while you learn and apply concepts. Doubts can be easily addressed in the query section.

Content of Course:
  • Basics 
  • Infrastructure
  • Application development
  • Data and machine learning.
  • Recovery, security, and backup
Overall a great course to learn key GCP concepts and services like Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine,  Google Cloud Storage, Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Cloud SQL, and BigQuery, etc.

free Coursera course to learn Google Cloud Platform

By the way, if you find Coursera Platform useful because they have learning material provided by reputed companies and universities around the world, I suggest you join the Coursera Plus, a subscription plan from Coursera which gives you unlimited access to their most popular courses, specialization, professional certificate, and guided projects. It cost around $399/year but its complete worth of your money as you get unlimited certificates.

3. Ultimate Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer 2024 [FREE]

If you’re looking to get Cloud Developer certification, this course can help you gain all the required skills. To start this course, you should have a little experience with coding or software development. Also, the basic knowledge of the cloud would provide you a better understanding.

You will be getting a lot of theory and hands-on to prepare you for a bigger platform. Also, you’ll be practicing in real-time with concepts.

Course Content:
  • Cloud basics
  • Creating cloud-native applications
  • Testing application
  • Integrating google cloud platform
  • Tweaking with application performance monitor system

With all this help, you will be able to have a deep understanding of the concept. Practice questions are also introduced in the course recently to give you extra confidence in your skills. For all those looking to gain application development skills in this course, focus on that too.

It will take you from the process of creation to deployment and management as well.

free course to pass Google Cloud Developer Certification

4. Google Cloud Fundamentals for AWS Professionals [Free Trial]

Google Cloud has many courses on Pluralsight, and this is one of them. Pluralsight uses effective tutorial learning to provide critical cloud skills. Even they’ll teach you how to operate on hybrid as well as in multi-cloud computing. 

You’ll be able to arrange and understand the way digital information works in the cloud. Pluralsight has teamed up with Google to provide you with the essential skillset to make your career in the cloud.

This is designed for AWS professionals like AWS developers, solution architects, and sysops administrators who are already familiar with essential cloud computing concepts and have prior experience with AWS.

They start from basic, and the course takes you through all the important topics that need to be learned.

Content of Course:
  • Google recommends this course, and it will take you from basic to the latest updates in the services.
  • You’ll be dealing with the latest services of the cloud in real-time learning.

Google has mentioned the Pluralsight courses on its official website for cloud computing as well. This course is personally recommended by Google and since the website doesn’t support free access for a longer time, make sure you get to the learning as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can also use Pluralsight 10-day-free-trail to access this course for FREE.

free Pluralsight course to learn Google Cloud

5. Google Cloud Platform for Beginners [FREE Udemy Course]

This is one of the best free Udemy courses available online to learn Google Cloud Platform concepts, plus learners have provided it near-perfect ratings to learn. One thing that would be beneficial is that you don’t need to learn anything to begin this course; you can even start right now.

If you are willing to learn the basics of google cloud and cloud computing, this is the course for you.

Content of Course:
  • Introduction to cloud
  • Cloud services
  • The global infrastructure of google cloud

This course has a goal to provide you with a simple conceptual introduction to cloud services and computing. There is not much technical information to remember; this course will help you have the perspective if you start from scratch.

Plus, if you choose to learn from this course, you’re going to get Linux Academy’s Hands-On lab, and maybe you’ll get flashcards.

Free Udemy course to learn Google Cloud platform

6. Google Cloud Platform MasterClass : 4 GCP Certification in 1 (Free)

The "Google Cloud Platform MasterClass: 4 GCP Certification in 1" is an invaluable free resource for individuals looking to master Google Cloud technologies and earn multiple certifications. 

With a commendable 4.1 out of 5 rating from 103 participants and an impressive enrollment of 7,310 students, this course is created by Cloud99, an expert in Jenkins, DevOps, Kubernetes, Terraform, and Ansible. This masterclass covers Google Cloud Certified Associate Engineer, Google Cloud Professional Architect, and GCP Cloud Data & Security Engineer certifications. 

What sets this course apart is its offering of 52 minutes of on-demand video content for free, providing a concise yet comprehensive overview of Google Cloud Platform. The course includes sections on Google Network Infrastructure, Marketplace with Deployment Manager, Google Cloud Shell, and hands-on labs like creating a Cloud SQL DB. 

With a current price tag of free, this masterclass is an excellent opportunity to prepare for Google Cloud Certifications, making it accessible to a broad audience seeking to understand GCP from the fundamentals to advanced topics.

That's all about the best free courses to learn Google Cloud Platform or GCP in 2024. Google cloud is the fastest growing cloud service in the world. Hope you found these courses useful to help you learn the new technology and implementation. We would recommend you to visit each course personally to have a better insight.

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P. S. - If you don't mind spending a few bucks learning a valuable skill like Google Cloud and looking for more comprehensive online training courses, I highly recommend you check out Ultimate Google Cloud Certifications: All in One Bundle(4) by Google Cloud Platforms Gurus on Udemy. This course has more than 32 hours of content and enough to pass the 4 most popular GCP certifications, and you can buy this for just $10 on Udemy.


  1. Which is the best Google certification for beginners to target in 2024?

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  3. For beginners, I recommend going for Cloud Engineer certification and for developers, there is equivalent of Azure Developer certification too.


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